Rejected/Lost/Close Call CC TOs

Discussion in 'Archive' started by babayaga, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. babayaga

    babayaga New Member

    I'd like to compile a list of things that seemed to go wrong with the registration process for the CCs, for eventual forwarding to PUI with suggestions on how the situation could be improved for the future. I'd like to hear from TOs who submitted, but didn't get approved; TOs who submitted and never heard back; TOs who didn't hear but somehow got their information through and ended up with a CC; even TOs who successfully applied but have some comments about the process.

    Please Private Message Me
    I really don't want to keep coming back to the boards and reading about other locations' CCs. :( I'll compile the information and post the results back to the board and send to PUI. It will be anonymous except for me sticking my neck out.

    Send me what actions you took to apply, including initial application via website, any followup via email, snail mail or phone, results of followup; whether your application via web was received; end result (approval, denial, lonely silence).

    Also send any suggestions you have for improving the system, expectations that weren't met, comments.


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