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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ReploidX, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    I live in the US but I can ship overseas, if need be. Tell me what you want, and I'll check your list.

    Foil Basic Energies (except Fire)

    Crystal Guardians
    3x 8/100 Manectric
    1x 18/100 Fearow Delta
    2x 22/100 Kingler (1x with Gold name and stamped with CG logo)
    3x 23/100 Loudred (2x with Gold name and stamped with CG logo)
    1x 25.100 Medicam
    1x 28/100 Venusaur
    1x 30/100 Charmeleon Delta
    2x 36/100 Lairon
    2x 37/100 Lombre
    1x 38/100 Marshtomp
    1x 42/100 Wartortle
    1x 43/100 Wartortle
    2x 44/100 Aron
    1x 45/100 Bulbasaur
    1x 46/100 Bulbasaur
    1x 48/100 Charmander (1x Foil)
    1x 49/100 Charmander Delta
    1x 50/100 Diglett
    1x 51/100 Duskull
    1x 52/100 Electrike
    2x 53/100 Jigglypuff (1x Foil)
    2x 54/100 Krabby
    2x 55/100 Lotad
    2x 56/100 Meditite
    2x 57/100 Mudkip
    2x 59/100 Numel
    3x 60/100 Seedot
    1x 61/100 Spearow
    2x 63/100 Squirtle
    4x 66/100 Torchic
    2x 67/100 Treecko
    1x 68/100 Treecko Delta
    1x 69/100 Whismur
    1x 70/100 Wingull (1x Foil)
    1x 71/100 Bill's Maintenance
    2x 78/100 Dual Ball
    2x 80/100 Memory Berry
    1x 86/100 Energy Search

    Diamond and Pearl
    1x 2/130 Dusknoir (1x Reverse-foil)
    3x 5/130 Infernape (1x Reverse-foil)
    1x 6/130 Lucario
    3x 7/130 Luxray (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 8/130 Magnezone
    4x 9/130 Manaphy
    4x 10/130 Mismagius
    2x 11/130 Palkia (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 12/130 Rypherior (1x Reverse-foil)
    1x 13/130 Roserade
    2x 14/130 Shiftry (1x Reverse-foil)
    1x 15/130 Skuntank
    2x 16/130 Staraptor (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 17/130 Torterra
    3x 18/130 Azumarill
    3x 19/130 Beautifly (1x Reverse-foil)
    3x 20/130 Bibarel (1x Reverse-foil)
    4x 21/130 Carnivine (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 22/130 Clefable
    3x 23/130 Drapion
    2x 24/130 Drifblim
    5x 25/130 Dustox (2x Reverse-foil)
    6x 26/130 Floatzel (2x Reverse-foil)
    2x 27/130 Gengar (1 Reverse-foil)
    6x 28/130 Heracross (1x Reverse-foil)
    5x 29/130 Hippodown (2x Reverse-foil)
    4x 30/130 Lopunny (1x Reverse-foil)
    6x 31/130 Machamp (2x Reverse-foil)
    4x 32/130 Medicam
    5x 33/130 Munchlax (2x Reverse-foil)
    4x 34/130 Noctowl
    2x 35/130 Pachirisu
    3x 36/130 Purugly
    5x 37/130 Snorlax (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 38/130 Steelix
    4x 39/130 Vespiqueen (1x Reverse-foil)
    3x 40/130 Weavile
    4x 41/130 Wobuffet (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 42/130 Wynaut (1x Reverse-foil)
    8x 43/130 Budew (1x Reverse-foil)
    6x 44/130 Cascoon
    10x 45/130 Cherrim (1x Reverse-foil)
    9x 46/130 Drifloon (1x Reverse-foil)
    4x 47/130 Dusclops
    7x 48/130 Elekid (1x Reverse-foil)
    11x 49/130 Grotle (1x Reverse-foil)
    5x 50/130 Haunter
    13x 51/130 Hippopotas
    10x 52/130 Luxio (1x Reverse-foil)
    10x 53/130 Machoke (1x Reverse-foil)
    10x 54/130 Magneton (1x Reverse-foil)
    10x 55/130 Mantyke (1x Reverse-foil)
    12x 56/130 Monferno (1x Reverse-foil)
    11x 57/130 Nuzleaf
    11x 58/130 Prinplup
    10x 59/130 Rapidash
    7x 60/130 Rhydon (1x Reverse-foil)
    7x 61/130 Riolu
    8x 62/130 Seaking
    10x 63/130 Silcoon
    8x 64/130 Staravia
    9x 65/130 Unown A (1x Reverse-foil)
    7x 66/130 Unown B (1x Reverse-foil)
    12x 67/130 Unown C
    10x 68/130 Unown D
    6x 69/130 Azurill (1x Reverse-foil)
    15x 70/130 Bidoof (1x reverse-foil)
    11x 71/130 Bonsly
    18x 72/130 Buizel (3x Reverse-foil)
    14x 73/130 Bunery (2x Reverse-foil)
    15x 74/130 Chatot (1x Reverse-foil)
    13x 75/130 Cherubi (2x Reverse-foil)
    18x 76/130 Chimchar
    13x 77/130 Clefairy (1x Reverse-foil)
    13x 78/130 Cleffa
    17x 79/130 Combee
    14x 80/130 Duskull
    13x 81/130 Electabuzz (1x Reverse-foil)
    13x 82/130 Gastly
    11x 83/130 Glameow (1x Reverse-foil)
    15x 84/130 Goldeen (1x Reverse-foil)
    17x 85/130 Hoothoot
    14x 86/130 Machop
    16x 87/130 Magenmite (1x Reverse-foil)
    13x 88/130 Marill (1x Reverse-foil)
    10x 89/130 Meditite
    11x 90/130 Mime Jr. (1x Reverse-foil)
    15x 91/130 Misdreavus (2x Reverse-foil)
    15x 92/130 Onix (1x Reverse-foil)
    16x 93/130 Piplup
    16x 94/130 Ponyta (1x Reverse-foil)
    15x 95/130 Rhyhorn (1x Reverse-foil)
    12x 96/130 Roselia
    12x 97/130 Seedot (1x Reverse-foil)
    11x 98/130 Shinx (1x Reverse-foil)
    14x 99/130 Skorupi (2x Reverse-foil)
    16x 100/130 Sneasel (1x Reverse-foil)
    15x 101/130 Starly (1x Reverse-foil)
    18x 102/130 Stunky (1x Reverse-foil)
    18x 103/130 Turtwig
    14x 104/130 Wurmple (1x Reverse-foil)
    9x 105/130 Double Full Heal (2x Reverse-foil)
    9x 106/130 Emergy Restore (1x Reverse-foil)
    11x 107/130 Energy Switch (1x Reverse-foil)
    12x 108/130 Night Pokemon Center (1x Reverse-foil)
    12x 109/130 PlusPower (1x Reverse-foil)
    11x 110/130 Poke Ball (1x Reverse-foil)
    8x 111/130 Pokedex HANDY910s
    11x 112/130 Professor Rowan (3x Reverse-foil)
    12x 113/130 Rival (1x Reverse-foil)
    9x 114/130 Speed Stadium
    10x 115/130 Super Scoop Up
    7x 116/130 Warp Point (1x Reverse-foil)
    18x 117/130 Energy Search (2x Reverse-foil)
    21x 118/130 Potion
    9x 119/130 Switch
    1x 122/130 Torterra Lv.X
    11x 129/130 Basic Darkness Energy
    11x 130/130 Basic Metal Energy

    Mysterious Treasures
    1x 1/123 Aggron
    2x 2/123 Alakazam (1x Reverse-foil)
    1x 8/123 Feraligatr
    1x 11/123 Lumineon (Reverse-foil)
    3x 16/123 Typhlosion (2x Reverse-foil)
    1x 18/123 Uxie
    2x 20/123 Ariados
    1x 25/123 Glalie
    1x 26/123 Gyarados (Reverse-foil)
    3x 27/123 Kricketune
    1x 31/123 Nidoqueen
    1x 32/123 Ninetales
    1x 38/123 Urasring
    2x 43/123 Cranados
    1x 45/123 Dewgong
    1x 46/123 Dodrio
    1x 47/123 Dunsparce
    1x 48/123 Gabite
    1x 49/123 Girafarig
    1x 50/123 Golbat
    7x 51/123 Graveler (2x Reverse-foil)
    2x 53/123 Lairon
    5x 55/123 Masquerain
    1x 56/123 Nidorina
    1x 57/123 Octillery
    1x 58/123 Parsect
    1x 59/123 Pupitar
    5x 60/123 Quilava
    2x 61/123 Sandslash
    1x 65/123 Unown E
    1x 66/123 Unown M
    1x 69/123 Abra (Reverse-foil)
    2x 71/123 Aron
    1x 72/123 Barboach
    2x 73/123 Bidoof
    3x 75/123 Buizel
    2x 76/123 Chansey
    3x 77/123 Chikorita
    4x 79/123 Cyndaquil (1x Reverse-foil)
    2x 80/123 Doduo
    1x 82/123 Exeggcute
    1x 83/123 Finneon
    14x 84/123 Geodude (1x Reverse-foil)
    10x 86/123 Kricketot
    1x 88/123 Magby
    1x 89/123 Magikarp
    1x 90/123 Murkrow
    5x 91/123 Nidoran Female
    1x 92/123 Paras
    1x 93/123 Pichu
    1x 94/123 Pikachu (Reverse-foil)
    1x 95/123 Remoraid
    1x 96/123 Sandshrew
    1x 97/123 Seel
    2x 98/123 Shinx
    3x 99/123 Slakoth
    5x 100/123 Snorunt (1x Reverse-foil)
    8x 103/123 Spinarak
    8x 104/123 Surskit
    1x 105/123 Teddiursa
    2x 106/123 Totodile
    3x 107/123 Vulpix
    2x 108/123 Zubat
    5x 109/123 Bebe’s Search (2x Reverse-foil)
    2x 110/123 Dusk Ball
    4x 111/123 Fossil Excavator
    1x 113/123 Night Maintenance (Reverse-foil)
    1x 114/123 Quick Ball (1x Outgoing to yuyuman345)
    1x 115/123 Team Galactic’s Wager
    5x 117/123 Skull Fossil

    DP Promos
    2x DP01 Turtwig
    4x DP02 Chimchar
    1x DP03 Piplup
    1x DP10 Infernape Lv.X

    POP 4
    1x 10/17 Scramble Energy
    1x 16/17 Wobuffet

    Foil Energies
    25x Basic Fire
    4x Basic Lightning
    4x Basic Psychic

    1x PK 8/108 Delcatty
    1x HP 5/110 Deoxys Delta (1x Gold name and stamped with HP logo)
    1x HP 90/110 Rare Candy
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2007
  2. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    My 3 Rare Candy (SS-EM) and 1 Night Maintenance for your 2 Lucario DP? LMK, Thanks
  3. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    That is perfectly fine with me. I'll send a PM.
  4. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    4x Rare Candy (HP)
    1x 8/123 Feraligatr
    1x 11/123 Lumineon (Reverse-foil)
    1x 18/123 Uxie
  5. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the Holo Castaway.
  6. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i should have 2 candys for trade
    i liked these
    foil castaway
    4x 112/123 Lake Boundary (1x Reverse-foil)
    1x 114/123 Quick Ball
    1x 115/123 Team Galactic’s Wager
    lmk of a offer
    i want the offer to include the castaway if thats fine
  7. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    Epyon0015: Could you trade a Double Rainbow Energy instead of 2 or 3 Rare Candies?

    Cipher Admin: Can you trade 3 Team Galactic's Wager?

    Yuyuman345: Is that "dre" on your list a Double Rainbow Energy? If so, I would trade 4x LakeBoundary, 1x QuickBall, and 1x Team Galactic's Wager. I might be trading my foil Castaway to Cipher Admin, so is there anything else you wanted?
  8. Zapditto

    Zapditto New Member

    Im interested in your Castaway (Foil), PlusPower (foil), and Empoleon (DP). I have the Night Maintence and Team Galactic's Wager you need (I have 30+ of each)...Let me know if you still need them or if we can work something out.

    Edit: Also interested in Foil Night Maintence.
  9. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    Zapditto: I might be trading the Castaway, but I can trade the rest. I was wondering, though, if you had any Double Rainbow Energies you could part with.
  10. Zapditto

    Zapditto New Member

    No extra DRE - sorry. And Castaway was pretty much the main card I wanted so Id most likely only trade if it were part of the deal.
  11. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    No extras? I'll live. Sorry about the Castaway, though.
  12. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i dont have any more spairs plus
    thats the big reason i wannaq trade
    the castaway
    err mabye
    would you mabye put in a eletrivire (need thwm for a br)
    now i also have 3 glacticas if u wanna trade for them
  13. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    Yuyuman345: I think I'm trading the Reverse-foil Electivire to someone, so I can only offer the non-reverse version for now. How about the non-reverse Electivire, 4x Lake Boundary, and 1x Quick Ball for Double Rainbow Energies (2?)? Alternately, non-reverse Electivire and 4x Lake Boundary for 3x Team Galactic's Wager?
  14. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    just tell me is there any way i can get the foil castaway off you?
    pm me no matter
    im thinking about the alternate deal because i dont have any spair
    but lmk if there is a way to get the foil castaway
    mabye i can pick u up some and we can make a trade for 3 galaticas and 2 dre :thumb::biggrin:
    please pm me
  15. ReploidX

    ReploidX New Member

    Updated on 9/23/2007!
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