Report from Europe Professor Cup in Milano 2008/now update with pictures

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  1. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

    Our (the Danes) Professor Cup started with play-testing at one of the Poké Professors (Brian Nykjær). We had a lot of fun there, the only deck Me and my father brought was Wormadam and after some hours of play-testing Me (Steffen From) and my father (Michael From) decided to run the deck at the Cup.

    Here is me and my fathers list - Lars Andersen and Steffen Eriksen (aka Super E) also decided to play this deck, but with some minor changes (they played a 2-2 line of Donphan instead of Pokédex and I think one Unown Q).

    Pokémons: 16
    3 Unown Q
    4 Burmy (PoP7)
    2 Solrock
    2 Lunatone
    4 Wormadam (PoP7)
    1 Holon Castform

    Trainers: 29
    4 Roseann's Research
    3 Felicity's Drawing
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Pokédex
    4 Celio's Network
    1 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenance
    4 PlusPower
    2 Windstorm
    2 Great Ball

    Energies: 15
    3 Scramble Energy
    12 Fighting Energy


    Unown Q is used to attach to Burmy, so after your Pokémon has been KOed, you put out Burmy, use its power, attach Unown Q, retreat and out a new Burmy, which you will evolve into Wormadam.
    Also good to get your Solrock active at the beginning of the game.

    Holon Castform is brilliant to return your Scramble and fighting (to be used by Gravity Change) - and best you grab him with roseanne's.

    Every basic pokémon can do 20 by one energy so very effective starters and attackers (especially with PP).

    Some prefer to run Buffer Piece (and ER2), but with Unown in my deck I didn't see the room for these cards.

    PROFESSOR CUP. :pokeball:

    We were 52 players - set to play 6 rounds of swiss, cut with Top8 - prizes to Top16.
    I won't go into details with the rounds and play, as I can't recall every actions and names - I will just tell which I won and which I lost. :) (sorry)

    Round 1
    Woohooo I met my father (Mirror)- TOTAL walk-over :tongue:
    Okay he consided :biggrin:


    Michael From 0-1
    Super E 1-0
    Lars Andersen 1-0

    Round 2
    Yaks, a Mirror-match, but my Unown saved me.


    Michael From 1-1
    Super E 2-0
    Lars Andersen 2-0

    Round 3
    Against Lars Andersen - tough luck another Dane.
    Solrock + PlusPower = T2 KO Lunatone


    Michael From 2-1
    Super E 3-0
    Lars Andersen 2-1

    Round 4
    You gotta be kidding me - Against SuperE :eek:
    doh! I started with a lone unown, he shows a solrock and a PP before we even began, I had lost :lol:


    Michael From 3-1
    Super E 4-0
    Lars Andersen 3-1

    Round 5
    Henna my friend from Holland :) - known her since ????? the beginning of Pokémon
    She drew notheing but Pkmns so I won - Sorry Henna.


    Michael From 3-2 (mirror match and close)
    Super E 4-1
    Lars Andersen 4-1

    Last round (6th)
    Played a really nice guy (sorry can't remember your name) with a mirror.
    I won after a good match

    Michael From 4-2
    Super E 5-1 (against the guy with 5-0)
    Lars Andersen 5-1

    Unfortunally My father, Susanne and Brian did not make it to Top8, but they played well anyway props to them.

    1 Me 5-1 (DEN)
    2 Super E 5-1 (DEN)
    3 Lars A. 5-1 (DEN)
    4 Simone Soldo 5-1 (ITA)
    5 Andrea Ceolin 5-1 (ITA)
    6 Mauro Bianchi 5-1 (ITA)
    7 Alvaro D'Occhio 5-1 (ITA)
    8 Sirel Mathieu 4-2 (FRA)

    12 Michael From 4-2
    21 Susanne 3-3
    ?? Brian ?-? (I'll update this asap, but it is late and Brian is sleeping).

    Top8 was filled with Wormadam (7 of them LOL), and one Pelliper, which I would meet.

    I won and so did:
    Super E

    All wormadam semifinals, but hey 3 Danes :thumb:

    Lars and Super E should play each other, and I should play Andrea great guy by the way - nice to know you man :wink:
    Both semifinal games started 1-1, so we had to play the 3rd game.
    I won after a long, hard and great game - Lars won in the first turn (unown Vs. unown LOL).

    Me and Lars

    3rd-4th playoff
    Andrea and Super E

    There was a good energy at the tables and it was nice that we could joke and goof around a bit, which made the play more relaxed and fun for both the players and the crowd - AND the headjugde Mike L.

    Super E saw in the last game, that he could not recover, he played Unown Q under Unown Q, which he discarded to play under Donphan and afterwards discarded with windstorm :tongue:
    NICE play - we could all learn from this great guy - your are the best dude :cool:

    1. Lars Andersen
    2. ME
    3. Andrea
    4. Super E (with headache)

    So a long tournament, but also one of the best, eventhough so many played Wormadam. Thanks to the great pokémon Staff and also the wonderfull judges. My father will post pictures from the Cup under pictures later.

    Props: :thumb:
    WORMADAM for ruling
    3 Danes in Top4
    The great Danish team for nice teamspirit
    The Staff + Judges
    Nice Professors
    Pia Nielsen (because she is worth it and says so) :tongue:
    A great event
    great Pizzas
    Marcello DUDE
    Good jokes and great sports

    Slops: :nonono:
    Rain the other day
    not much sleep due to flight
    Unown Q start

    Thats all for now, hope you find this usefull and a great Professor Cup in the State :thumb:

    Steffen S. From
    2nd at Worlds
    2nd at National
    2nd at Professor Cup

    You can find the pictures here in PokéGym's gallery:
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  2. Bohn

    Bohn New Member

    great report, Steffen!

    another great day for you guys!

    major props to all of you.

    Anyway, see you in Orlando again buddy! (Einladung FTW! ;D)

    ps: you are my 2nd fav player, ROFL j/k

  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Wow...way to go, Steffen & congrats to the other Danes and Italians. :)

    Its nice to hear that your not the only one suffered the 2nd place curse since Worlds... The other one is Andrew C. 3rd place juniors finised 3rd at everything LOL... :p

    So hope to see you again at Worlds.
    (and hope for another great rematch)

    Jason :)
  4. SuperE

    SuperE New Member

    Yearh it was a super cool tourny :D
    About the changes in the deck lars played a 2-2 line and I only played 1-1, never really used it btw.
    To bad that i didnt win the last match, but headache/bad hand.... Andrea played really well :)
    Atleast I was in the photo holding candy :p lol..,
    btw. here my list I used for the cup.

    Pokemon: 18
    4 Burmy
    4 Wormadam
    1 Phanpy
    1 Donphan
    2 Solrock
    2 Lunatune
    3 Unown Q
    1 Castform

    Trainer: 27
    4 Celio
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Felicity
    2 Roseanne
    2 Mentor
    1 Steven
    4 PlusPower
    1 Warp Point
    2 Windstorms
    2 Great Ball
    2 Night

    Energy: 15
    12 Fighting
    3 Scramble
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  5. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    You also got some pretty sweet swag. Nearly a box of boosters, an Ipod Touch, and a(nother) DS, plus trophy.

    *hopes and prays that he can play in the US Prof Cup...*
  6. andceo

    andceo New Member

    Great day for me too!!

    It has been a very important experience, and i enjoyed to meet all the Europeans professor, Dave-Mike-Pete, and the Danish players too.

    I was going to play Primeape d/Monferno to counter Wormadam-Metang-Breelom-Venomoth, but after some tests with random decks the day before the Cup i saw it was too risky.
    Then i don't know why but i saw a Burmy and a Solrock on my desk and i tried to build a Wormadam F deck and it was pretty cool. Easy to play, very fast and all the decks i like more!
    I used a particular engine...Pokedex-Great B.-Quick B. and Lunatone to low my hand to 1-2 cards and then Birch to get my PlusPower-Er2.
    Er2 it was very good in this format i think (without energy acceleration it can give you an extra-turn sometimes) and the PlusPower were needed to do a big amount of damages the first turns.

    After the first game, i saw it was the choice also 60% of people had decided to play.

    Danish were playing Unown Q (i don't really know WHY i didn't played that, LOL), Scramble, Holon's Castform and Felicity/TV Reporter engine.
    Other italians went for a solid LunaRock line (like 4-2 Solrock-Lunatone?) and for Buffer Piece (really good IMHO).
    It was awesome to try to compare our different choices...i think my choice was speed and consistant (i could not easily get T1 loss while both Steffen could, and someone got it! LOL) but it suffered a lot late game (against Scramble and Buffer Piece for example).

    I didn't really remember the names of the people i met in Swiss...i want only to remember Oliver and Petra from Germany (really good people, too bad i didn't spend more time talking to them) and Steffen E. for my only loss in Swiss (but i misplayed a lot, LOL! He deserved to that).

    We did T4 with me against Denmark (LOL).
    It was a pleasure to play against Steffen F. in the semifinal and i think our match was exciting to see...i lost because i was under in prize when time was called after the 1-1 but i think we played a very awesome match, so it's very good anyway.

    The 3rd-4th match was very LOL, and i think we both were tired...but well, i saw Steffen E. was little more tired than me and i could play my way to get the win after two good games.
    I'm very satisfied for that because at least one italian took one of the top3 cups...LOL!

    Thanks again to all the people, especially the Danish players, for this fantastic journey.
    I'm sorry i could not spend more time to meet all the people on the field but we were in many and, especially for me, it was the first time i met some Europeans people!
    I'm really sorry about ProfDonphan because he could not defend his 2nd place...but well, i can say this year appeared to be more difficult than the previous one (even if i wasn't there).
    Congratulation to the other italians who got T8 (Alvaro, Simone and Mauro).

    And well...hey, i got a DS, an i-Pod and several MD boosters...really good!

    Now i have to go back to my studies and then i'll start the training for Worlds...i can't wait for that!

    See you in Orlando!
  7. Lars

    Lars New Member

    It was a really great tournament. Great Professor guys :smile:

    Well here's my list for those who are interested:

    Pokemon: 21
    4 Burmy
    4 Wormadam
    2 Phanpy
    2 Donphan
    3 Solrock
    2 Lunatune
    3 Unown Q (and not 1 as Steffen F. said :wink:)
    1 Castform

    Trainer: 24
    4 Celio
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Felicity
    2 Roseanne
    2 Mentor
    1 Steven
    4 PlusPower
    2 Warp Point
    2 Windstorms

    Energy: 15
    12 Fighting
    3 Scramble

    I don't think I'm gonna write a report since, Steffen told almost anything necessary :biggrin:

    I just have to mention in Semi against Steffen E. (Super E), we both started with Unown Q, I went first... LoL

    Great tourney, and very nice to meet everyone!

    Go Danes!

    Lars Andersen
  8. Van78

    Van78 New Member

    Hola ¡ Is this deck competitive against magomtar, Plox, empoleon and garchomp??? looks like a lot of fun to play it... thank you ¡¡¡
  9. SuperE

    SuperE New Member

    ehem if you dont know. the format for the professor cup was no rares!, that means no plox, magmortar, empolion and so on.
  10. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    This was my first Prof Cup and I really loved it.
    I made a deck with Solrock/Lunatone ............. but figured out it would be played much so I wanted something else.
    My son told me to go for the Delta build, should be able to handle all those pesky Wormadam/Venomoths.
    Well it didn't and I ended 3-3.
    Using Primeape d/ Exeggutor d

    Serious just like when I tried to play Flygon d or Metagross d, I only have a castform start when facing Fighting decks (which there were a lot of).
    I enjoyed the time around the tournament very much.
    Seeing a lot of familiar faces, talking to a lot of people I didn't see for a long time.
    Enjoying the very very very nice chocolat cake (what else do you need to be happy?)
    Enjoying the very very very nice Lemon cake (if you'are out of chocolat and loose, this also makes you happy!)

    I took Henna with me, who is disabled, not in a wheelchair but sometimes she is not even able to walk and using that special walking device.
    It's already an adventure to get her on and of the plane.
    We have experienced it's very hard to travel if you are disabled.
    But the best part of it:
    the Hotel didn't have any normal rooms who are accesible for disabled people. At least not with a step-in shower.
    So we got the presidential Suite, WOW>
    2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a living room with 2 large couches, 3 large flat screen tv's.
    that made it up for the bad travel experience (and the trip back was even worse).

    Great time and if we are able we will do it again.

    [email protected]

    Chocolat Cake
    Chocolat Cake
    Lemon Cake
    Lemon Cake
    OP team for the tournament
    Everybody for being there.
    Prof Donphan for bringing some bottles of Diet Coke for me
    Being 28 for one day again (thnx Dave)

    Prof Donphan, loosing against all females he had to play.
    Pia, for not bringing any Belgium Chocolat cake ( I fired her for this)
    Wormadam, ban it
    Airport workers who don't know how to handle "human luggage".
    Wormadam, if I can find a way to counter it I might show up at the USA prof cup.

    See you next year, we had a great time.
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  11. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Hey, what about Mothim (Majestic Dawn) for mirror matches? Is Call Energy (Majestic Dawn) good in this deck?
  12. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    That is surprisingly interesting. If only Wormy had Grass weakness. Though, I kinda like the ministrategy coming out of that thing. Something to think about...
  13. Leonners

    Leonners New Member

    Here my little report, i got 16th winning the last NDS, wich i use as present to a professor victim of the bad karma, lol.
    I wanted to carry a Metang pk+slowbro, i know of wormadam.
    I arrived at milan at 23.00 and go to friend's home and start playtesting. The deck sucks and i switch to a Wormadam deck, here is the list:

    4 Solrock
    2 Lunatone
    4 Burmy sand cloak
    4 wormadam sand cloak
    1 Unown Q

    4 Celio's network
    4 Roseanne's Research
    1 Holon Mentor
    3 Tv reporter
    2 Steven's advice
    2 Great Ball
    2 Castaway
    3 Buffer piece
    1 Strenght Charm
    3 Plus power
    2 Night Manteinance
    2 Warp point

    14 Fighting
    2 Scramble

    I started playtesting it, loosing every mirror match until 4.00. I won first than go home.
    The day after i went 4-2 losing to lars in a very intense mirror and at the first turn to a water spred deck due to my unown (q, lol) of the match. I benched some lol things and got spredded, had to waste all of my buffer piece and so.

    But i'm happy.

    I also donked 2 pop members on 3 (mike lost to my solrock, pete got donked too).

    Playing mat (O_O)
    Friends from italy and from europe!
    Dutch people
    Lia (i really loves her! LOL, we had a nice talk after the tournament)
    Mr. From (Steffen father), wich i respect a lot, and his nice sleeves (Oh, i love From Family's sleeves :O)

    Not winning the Ipod touch (but don't mind!)
    4 Italians in top 8 and 1 in top 4
    Nothing else

    I copied my report from the other thread.
    BTW, Steffen, you still own me a match! LOL!
  14. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Hey, you may not remember me, but we played in round five of worlds last year.

    Anyways, congrats on the nice finish. Good to see the Denmark gang shredding up Europe still. :thumb:
  15. SuperF

    SuperF New Member

    Sure I remember you John K. (Flygon mirror match). Hope to see you at worlds this year :cool:

    Got my own account - its a lot easier :lol:
  16. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    hi i just wanted to ask does the prof cup provide any invites to worlds? or would there be such an event for profs in worlds itself......?
  17. Leonners

    Leonners New Member

    Nope, non invite to worlds. There were invite i think in 2005
  18. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

    I think you have to go back to 2002/2003 to find an invite to the winner of the Professor cup. and the winner was......................

    Eskild Vestre aka Tego

    He got the travel and was woorking as a Judge at worlds 2003.
    That year the Professor cup was held in Amsterdam, Holland (for Europe).

    and no there will not be a Professor cup at Worlds.
  19. Fireborn

    Fireborn New Member

    Actually, in the first Prof Cup in Brussels in 2006 gave an invite and travel award to the winner to play in Worlds. It was won by a German player.

    Congrats on your second place Steffen! And to all the Danes for doing so well =D Hope to meet you in Orlando!
  20. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

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