Report from STP in Stavanger, Norway

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Hamster92, Mar 25, 2008.

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    At the Great Encounters prerelease i got Darkrai Lv.X in one of the boosters
    I got very excited and wanted to make a deck including Darkrai Lv.X
    But i didn't find any good combo with it, so I posted it on an internet site to get help
    The members there helped me finding a good combo, and i ended up with Weavile (SW) and Blissey (MT)
    I decided that this was the deck i wanted to use at the Regionals
    Some of my friends told me that it was too slow and i should not use it, but i was a jurk and didn't listen to them
    Now to the championship
    There were someone from Oslo also on this championship

    Match 1: Me Vs. Thor Henning (Rhyperior) from Stavanger
    I got into his trap and ended up with no cards in my hand
    But in the middle in this match, he was cheating!
    My Active pokémon were Darkrai Lv.X and his was Rhyperior
    Rhyperiors attack isn't affected by Weakness, Resistance or any other effects, but he knocked out my Darkrai Lv.X OHKO!
    After the match he told me, but then it was too late to report to the judges
    I saw something positive in this situation, to always look at your opponent's card and never trust anyone, don't matter if they are 15 or 41 years old
    Because of my opponent's cheating, i loosed this match

    Match 2: Me Vs. Wei (G&G/Absol/Cresselia Lv.X) from Stavanger
    He started with Absol (SW) as Active and discarded almost all card in my hand
    I can't believe that every time he plays Absol, I end up with 1 pokémon and 6 trainers in my hand
    Other words, he has 0/6 chance not picking a Trainer/Supporter
    His Absol destoyed everything and i loosed

    Match 3: Me Vs. Eldar (Magmortar/Typhlosion) from Stavanger
    What went wrong in this match? Actually I don't know..
    Could be that i didn't get the set up i wanted
    Anyway i loosed this match to

    Match 4: Me Vs. Live (Blissey/Darkrai/Weavile) from Oslo
    What went wrong here was that she get her set up full before me and i didn't get anything of what i needed
    She used the same deck as me, so the reason i loosed this match was bad luck
    Even my opponent said it

    I lost this time, but always thinks that I do it better next year! :)

    My grandma bought cookies
    I got Eldar's two boosters

    Cheat against me
    Lost all matches
    Burrow the prizes to the place were the championship was (heavy)
    Rainy day
    No promo cards
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