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  1. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    Hello everyone, Matt Dunford here reporting on the San Diego R/S Challenge.

    I arrived at the Holiday Inn at around 9:30 and met up with my group of friends. I helped out my freinds by providing them with leftovers and other such items to further thier chances of winning.

    Around 11:00 Trekiev and his group of friends from L.A. showed up, now we had some competion.

    After registering our teams with the judges we purchased our 6 packs and started making our decks. This the deck I managed to build.

    Rep's RS Challenge Draft Deck (Draft)



    1 Mewtwo EX (R/S)
    1 Poochyena G-32 (R/S)
    1 Poochyena H-12 (R/S)
    1 Mightyena G-33 (R/S)
    1 Skitty G-28 (R/S)
    2 Skitty G-29 (R/S)
    1 Delcatty G-30 (R/S)
    1 Aron G-34 (R/S)
    1 Aron G-35 (R/S)
    1 Lairon G-36 (R/S)
    1 Aggron (R/S)



    2 Switch (R/S)
    1 Energy Removal 2 (R/S)
    1 Professor Birch (R/S)
    1 Lady Outing (R/S)
    1 Oran Berry (R/S)
    1 Lum Berry (R/S)
    1 Poke Ball (R/S)



    1 Metal Energy (R/S)
    1 Darkness Energy (R/S)
    18 Psychic Energy (R/S)

    Round 1 Rep vs. Nick Eskey

    Nick is one of my main battling partners, Nick didn't really want to come to this event but I eventually convinced him. I started off with a Skitty and a Poochyena. Nick lead with a Treeckop and a benched EX Scyther. Nick won the flip and attached a grass energy to his Scyther and passed. I put a psychic energy on my Skitty and do 10 damage to his Treecko. Nick attaches another psychic energy to his Scyther and passed. I attach a psychic energy to my Skitty and use Lunge doing 30 damage to his Treecko. Nick uses switch and brings up Scyther and attaches another energy and KOs my Skitty. I bring up my Poochyena and attach a psychic energy to it and pass. Nick KOs my Poochyena and I lose.


    After that match it was time to put our cards away and show our skills in the GBA game. Here is my team.


    Item: Leftovers

    Ice Beam


    Item: Chesto Berry

    Ice Beam


    Item: Lum Berry

    Sliver Wind
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray

    I had only tested my team in the battle tower and I went 118-0 but I was eager to see how live players could deal with it.

    Round 2 Rep vs. Maverick Hunter Zero

    I Lead with Latios and he lead with Dusclops. I used psychic and took off about half of his health. He used confuse ray and recovered some health with leftovers. I used psychic again and got through confusion. He used double team and recovered some health with leftovers. I used psychic again and got through confusion and his double team KOing his Dusclops. He then brought out Camerupt. I used Psychic again and got though confusion and scored a critical hit and KOed his Camerupt. Next he sent out Latias. I used Ice Beam on it and brought it down to about half of its HP. He used surf and took 23 HP off my Latios, Leftovers kicked in and I recovered 10 HP. I used Ice Beam again and left his Latias with 3 HP. He used recover and got back half of his health. For several turns it was just Ice Beam and recover over and over again until I eventually scored a critical hit and KOed his Latios. All in all a nice game.


    Round 3 Rep vs. Kevin Cheng

    I had been helping Kevin design his team for the past week so I knew what to expect. I Lead with Latios he lead with Dusclops. I used pychic on and brought his dusclops down to about half its HP. He used destiny bond and recovered some HP. I used psychic on his Dusclops again and brought his health down to the red zone. He used toxic on me and recovered some HP with leftovers. I used psychic again and KOed his Dusclops. Then he brought out his Gardevoir. I used thunderbolt on it. He used calm mind. At this point I knew that my Latios was no longer going to be of use against a pokemon that can bring up its Special Defense so I switched out to Swampert. He used calm mind again. Then he used psychic and brought my swampert down to 65 HP. I used Earthquake on it and KOed his Gardevoir. Then he brought out his Machamp. I switched to Latios. He used Cross Chop. it did about 30 damage. I used Psychic and it was all over.


    At this point they gave us a lunch break so me and all of my friends went to Jack in the Box and talked about our matches. About 30 minutes later we all went back and resumed play.

    Round 4 Rep vs. Abraham Jimenez

    Now I had to play against another one of my friends. Abraham was so happy to hear that this round was going to be TCG, he knew that if he played me on GBA he would lose horribly. I won the coin flip. I lead with an EX Mewtwo, Abraham had a lone Carvanha. I attach a psychic energy to Mewtwo and pass. He puts a water energy on Carvanha and does 10 damage to me. I attach a psychic energy to Mewtwo and pass. He evolves his Carvanha into Sharpedo, attached a grass energy to it and passed. I attach a psychic energy to Mewtwo and do 60 to his Sharpedo and I take 20 from rough skin. Abraham puts a water energy on his sharpedo and does 40 damage to me. I do another 60 damage to him and win.


    Round 5 Rep vs. Glen

    I lead with Latios he leads with Hariyama. I use psychic on Hariyama and KO it. Glen brought out Mawile. I used thunderbolt on it and KOed it. Then he brought out Swampert. I used psychic on it and brought it down to about half its health. He used muddy water on me and it missed. I used psychic on it KOing him.


    Round 6 Rep vs. Luis

    I lead with Latios he leads with Swellow. I use thunderbolt on it and KO his Swellow. He brings out Flygon. I use Ice Beam and KO it. Next he brings out Wailord. I use thunderbolt on it leaving him with just a little below half of his HP. He uses water spout on me for about 20 damage. I use thunderbolt again and KO him.


    The rounds are now over, Nick went undefeated so he is the winner. But there was a problem, there was a tie for 2nd place. Chrisbo decided to flip a coin to see who would get second, but of course he was just joking around and he decided that battle would be a better way to get results.

    Tie Breaker Rep vs. Gary

    This was the moment everyone was waiting for SD vs. LA. Rep was representing San Diego and Gary East L.A. Chrisbo hooked us up to the Game Boy Player so everyone could watch our battle. And in front of a group of screaming spectators the battle began. I lead with Latios and he lead with Flygon. He used crunch on me and scored a critical hit bringing my health down to 61. I used Ice Beam on him and KOed his Flygon and recovered 10 HP with Leftovers. Next he brought out Heracross. I used psychic on it and brought it down to a quarter of it's HP. He used Take Down which brought both of our health totals way down. Leftovers brought up my health by 10 HP. I used recover. He used Take Down Again and KOed himself. Next he brought out Walrein. I used Thunderbolt on it and brought his health down halfway. He used Ice Beam on me and KOed my Latios. (He was the only guy who did) At this point I decided to be mean, so I brought out my Shedinja. The whole crowd went crazy because they knew that Gary had no chance now. I used confuse ray on him. His Walrien hit itself in confusion. I used Toxic on it. He hit himself in confusion again and took poision damage. At this point I decided that I had been mean enough so I used shadow ball and KOed it.

    2nd place.

    So in the end I walk away with a Medal, a box of cards, and Saphire version. (Yeah I can get more TMs now.)

    I would like to congradulate Nick for winning, but Nick knows that if it was a GBA battle he would have lost.

    And I would like to thank Crisbo for being such a great judge.
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  2. Trakix

    Trakix New Member

    "Around 11:00 Trekiev and his group of friends from L.A. showed up, now we had some competion."

    While before the match you may not have known that I would be any competition, you probably should have mentioned me. After all, I did beat all of the people from LA and SHOULD have beaten nick. And now I realize that if I had had leftovers on my registeel I would have won. His Latios was only doing 3-6 damage a turn and my registell had more hp. So now, I hate myself for not taking the time to get that important item. But yeah, anyway, just thought that I should mention that I resent your saying that you felt that I was competition (or didn't bother to include me for one reason or another.) Just so you know, I am now going to use a signature finish to end all posts. w00t. late.

    EDIT - I can't get the freakin' quotes to work.
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  3. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    WHOA: was he supposed to know you'd beaten all those people? Had he played you before? Should I be offended because he only mentioned Chrisbo as a judge at the Challenge, even though I was a secondary judge? ;) :lol:

    My impression of that comment was more in that there were finally enough players to have a decent number in the tourney...not that everyone else already there was 'unworthy' in some way. It was a fun event, and it was my impression everyone had a good time, despite the low let's not get personal in our posts, please. Saying that you WOULD have won had you given your Pokémon a certain item is no different than saying you would have won had you topdecked a certain card, rolled heads on a crucial flip, etc.; it's not exactly sporting nor respectful for one's opponents, IMHO...

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  4. Trakix

    Trakix New Member

    I'm not trying to say, "if only I had... then this would have turned out differently" because that makes me a bigger threat. I am saying this because I was complaining to all of them during lunch about how, just as I said, I've got this one as long as I don't get frozen, and the next attack froze me (karma karma karma). Also, why am I not allowed to be even the slightest bit offended because he dismissed me as any competetition at all? w00t. Late.
  5. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    I'm sorry Trakix I just forgot. And the competion quote is because that group from LA are our rivals.
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  6. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    How many players in each age division? Just curious?



    Anyone else report what teams were used??? For Gameeboy portion
  7. ilc

    ilc New Member

    REP atta curiosity did Nintendo send ne thing to ensure no one hacked their game?
  8. Trakix

    Trakix New Member

    Ah, now I understand. Rivalries are very different than competition. No hard feelings. w00t. late.
  9. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    They used a guide to make sure that all moves on a pokemon were obtained legally. Nothing else other than that.
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  10. ilc

    ilc New Member

    o_0 well I guess thats a start
  11. SolarPichu

    SolarPichu Member

    There were 16 people in 15+, 2 people in 11-14, and 3 people in 10-.

    Personally, I didn't do too well due to my horrible TCG matches. I drafted 5 Mudkip, 2 Marshtomp, 1 Swampert, a Carvanha, a Sharpedo, and 2 Lapras ex. The guy next to me was like "If you don't use Water, you're Stupid!". I agreed. Lucky me, I ended up playing a Grass Deck which was Resistant to me and a Lightning Deck :rolleyes: . I did manage to win 3/4 of the GameBoy Matches. You wouldn't believe how many people used Crawdaunt. It was kind of odd. I chose to use my favorite Pokemon for this event so I guess I'll list 'em below.

    Corsola~Soft Sand
    Ancient Power
    Mirror Coat

    Mightyena~Silk Scarf
    Yawn (You wouldn't believe how much this helped me!)
    Shadow Ball

    Wigglytuff~Quick Claw
    Sweet Kiss
    Fake Tears
    Body Slam

    I had some extremely close matches though, one against Chrisbo's daughter and the other against Pokemom's son. They are both great trainers.

    If you have the oppertunity, go to a R&S Challenge. Even though I didn't win anything, I still gained lots of experience and I can't wait for the next event!
  12. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Actually, there were 2 in -10 and 3 in 11-14, with the rest in 15+.

    It's really too bad the attendance was so small, but I guess that comes with being the first event scheduled; unfortunately there wasn't a lot of time to publicize the challenge. Hopefully the Sandstorm pre-release will have a much better turnout :)

    The format was a lot of fun for all, it seemed...especially with the 'featured match' on the TV for all to watch. The tiebreaker match for 2nd place was great; everyone had a lot of fun watching and cheering their favorite on!

  13. Darksight530

    Darksight530 New Member


    Hello ya'll!
    This is Nick here. Matt, one problem with your report was that YOU won the coin toss and went first, not me. Just to let you know. That's all I could see. And yes, you would have probably won if we did play game boy, but, that didn't happen so please stop raving about that. I was happy to see alot of familiar faces there. I saw pokemom, who I remember from every big event I went to, but sadly she did not remember me... (cry)
    But, I am surprised I won, and with a spotless record too. That match with my Latios against the Registeel was scary. Thanks Trakix for jynxing it and making my Ice Beam freeze you off. I hope you don't have nightmares of that like you said you would... So sorry. But, I am delighted on how I did, and I hope to see you all again. Out of all the pokemon people I know, I say everyone at this tournament were truly the best, and you all have become friends to me. I hope to see you all on Sept. 6 at the same spot. Byes!
  14. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    we are rivals now? i thought it was all just some friendly competition...
    also, the only guy that knocked out your Latios was named Jerry, not gary...
  15. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    :( :eek: Eeep...I'm really sorry Nick/Darksight...I'm just really bad with names/faces and matching them up with screen names. Guess that's what happens when you're this old...and when people aren't wearing nametags, like at SDCC.

    Hope to see all of you again next month at the Sandstorm prerelease; I'll be helping judge again and will hopefully have _both_ my boys there this time (#1 son had to leave THAT MORNING for Boy Scout camp...he's not going to be a happy camper ;) when he hears what little brother came home with...)

    But seriously: please take pity on the old lady ;) and be sure to introduce yourselves (...again :eek: ) next month! Thanks...

    'mom :)
  16. Strike

    Strike Member

    Hey Matt, glad you did well, same with Nick. Well I would have forefieted the GBA matches anyways cuz I don't have ruby/saphhire anyways =P. It comes as no surprise to me how many showed though. Anyways, since I'm not too good with time here, great job to everyone that did go and wow, like the prizes too.
  17. Trakix

    Trakix New Member

    Yes matt, I am having nightmares of it. Except not. REally though, I have been annoying many of my friends because of my continuous complaints about my luck. Did you see what I said about the left overs item? If I had been smart and taken the time to get it and give it to registeel like I intended, that would have been my match anyway because you were doing barely any damage and the left overs would have just kept bringing me up. Stupid move on my part but I didn't really think it would matter as much as it would have. Oh well. w00t. Late.
  18. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    Sorry, my mistake. And I think a rivalry would be good for us. SD Rules.
  19. Rep13

    Rep13 New Member

    And for the record. 2nd place had better prizes.
  20. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    And for the record. 2nd place had better prizes.
    I totally disagree. I came in first place for 11-14 and got a booster box, metal, and a $200 gift certificate (which I have not recieved yet). I thought that second place got a smaller amount of booster packs. Was there anything 2nd place got more of than 1st?

    Hope to see all of you again next month at the Sandstorm prerelease; I'll be helping judge again and will hopefully have _both_ my boys there this time (#1 son had to leave THAT MORNING for Boy Scout camp...he's not going to be a happy camper when he hears what little brother came home with...)
    Were you the Professor with the little boy with a Scizor on his shirt? If so, I was the first boy that battled him that couldn't shuffle his deck and that won the GBA SP.

    Overall, I thought that the tournament was a lot of fun, though I did not really know anyone. Maverick Hunter Zero was so nice to me and came up and introduced himself when I was all by myself with my dad who can't operate a digital camera. I especially liked that there were so many prizes available and that all of the tournament judges really were nice and tried to get to know you. My dad liked it so much that he is going to take me to the Sandstorm prerelease on Sep. 6. Now that I know some people and will be attending a league in Westminister, I will actually have people to talk to.
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