Revival- Evolution deck...Kinda

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by CCGdude, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. CCGdude

    CCGdude New Member

    Here is my Evolution deck I will be posting my general strategy at the bottom.


    Mew lv.23 (P8)
    Mr.Mime lv.28
    Chansey lv.55
    Machop ID:B-21-#
    Machoke ID: B-42-#
    Machamp ID: B-88-#
    Machamp lv. 67
    Drantini lv. 12
    Drantini lvl. 10
    Dark Dragonair (2)
    Dragonair lv.33
    Dragonite lv.45
    Charmander lv.9 (2)
    Dark Charmeleon (3)
    Ponyta lv.10 (2)
    Dark Rapidash (2)
    Rapidash lv.33
    Cyndaquil lv.21
    Magmar lv.24
    Moltres lv.35


    Switch (3)
    Potion (3)
    Super Potion (3)
    Full Heal (3)
    Bill (2)
    Energy Retrieval
    The Boss's Way (3)
    Clefairy Doll


    Rainbow Energy
    Full Heal Energy (2)
    Psychic Energy (3)
    Fire Energy (19)

    That's basically it. The point is really to get out Dragonair, being as he has an awesome attack. He's basically the reason I use The Boss's Way card. My strat is to get that card, evovle Drantint, use Dark Dragonair's PokePower and pull a Dragonite. You also might wonder why Machamp, Mew and Mr. Mime are in this deck, so i will tell you.

    Mew- a good card, not to mention my favorite. If I can manage to get Mew out, I can devovle the opposing Pokemon to give me a higher survival chance, especially seeing that Mew's Hp is so low.

    Mr. Mime- a good staple for any evolution deck.This is because most attacks will do more than 30 damage, and if Mr. Mime is your active pokemon you can prevent almost all damage.

    Machamp- Well, I use the Base Machamp just in case I want to get in extra shots before taking out Dragonite ( Machamps pokepower). I use the other one If I want to speed up my chances of getting the stages, being as it lets me look at the top 4 cards of my deck and rearrange them how I want.

    Then there is Chansey, which is in (or should be in) every evolution deck.

    Something I am trying to do is get Unknowns O,I, and N, because I have J, and his ability lets me search my deck for any base or stage 1 pokemon if I have Unknowns O, I and N.

    Tell me what you think. I did the best I can considering I haven't got a Pokemon pack in a couple of years. As of now my card game focuses are DBZ and the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho game, but every now and then I like to revisit the game that got me started :D
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Too many Pokemon, too many singles, too many types, too many Energy, and not enough Trainers. This deck is Unlimited -- my specialty. Mr. Mime is overlooked, but with a bunch of Berries (as opposed to Gold Berries), it could actually be a major annoyance. Pick at most one Stage 2 line -- since this is Unlimited, preferably stick to Basics and Stage 1's. Try to stick to one type plus Colorless/ Colorless costs only. Focus your Trainers on card drawing, deck searching, healing, and discard rescue. People tend to play around 14-20 Pokemon, 14-20 Energy, and 25-32 Trainers, I think. That's where I tend to be. Your Trainer engine is also way out of date -- other than Gold Berry, I see no cards newer than Team Rocket.
  3. CCGdude

    CCGdude New Member

    Like I said before, I have a limited amount of cards, because I dropped pokemon for yugioh (stupid idea)
    and I gave most of my spare cards to my cousin. But I will take most of you advice. I dont plan on buying anymore pokemon packs either. Thanks.
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