RH TV Reporter printing issue, did it/will it ever get fixed???

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Pablo, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    honestly, its been a long time since DR was out, the second print run for RS started like 2 months after its realease, DR was the most anticipated set and the second print run EITHER has NOT started yet OR has started, BUT the RH TV Reporter printing issue did not get fixed. I really think this was done on purpose to dramatically raise the value of the card, because if it had been an error it would've been fixed by now, I'd like to see what mtjimmer and other PUSA people have to say on this.

  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    You probably won't hear anything official on it.
    I don't see the point of choosing that card to have an "on-purpose" error.
    Outside of online active people, how many people would even realize that there was an error? Has it increased sales of the set?
    Would people buy extra boxes of cards to hunt for that final RH that they are missing?
  3. marril2k

    marril2k Member

    Now if there was to be one reverse holo league reprint... ;)

  4. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    This is only a rumor going around overhere.
    There should be more Rev TV Reporters, but after the mistake was made (never asked by yourselves why you get so much normal tv reporters?) there was also the "statement" that it's not going to be fixed.
    I don't believe rumors normally, but in this case it made sence.

    ON the other side this same person told that all Pokemoncards of the Dragonserie are printed in Belgium, shipped to the US and there put in boxes. But still that doesn't explain why we have some reverse tv reporters overhere and the US doesnt have any.

    Again these are rumors.
  5. IvesRountree

    IvesRountree New Member

    Actually it is strange, because I know there are none over there, but here in mexico there are some, I at least have one, and I know mudkip has three, so though it is scarce, i dont believe it to be that strange.

    I really wish theu wouls make a foil version professor only card... well, let me dream, OK?
  6. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I only know of the one in my area.
  7. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    I heard that Prof Dave said that this was a mistake that is way to late to correct except for those who got it in international shipments. So unless they get crazy later and make it some league promo with no decoratives, then you will most likely never see it.
  8. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    *cough**cough*..... Have Dragon EX boxes gone down in price? Anyone know of where i can get some "Not for Sale in North America" boxes?

    You have no idea how much this accident has "upset" me - either i have to spend $$$ for one (which i won't do) or trade Blex, Blazes, and Rays for them....

    I use "upset" as no i don't lay awake in bed wondering how i'm going to get them for the set. More like "wow 1st time since i started collecting that i have not completed a set before another came out. Isn't that just ducky." :/
  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    i dont either, but honestly my first thoughts would be that it would be corrected for collectors not to have such a hard time, I don't complain, i've got plenty, and half of mexico has promised me some but still, im not thinking only about me.

    Also, I don't think it is only a rumor, I've seen web pages that sell singles of all sets, and they sell the RH TV Reporters for $75 and above, and if they are selling singles of every card, one must think they hav opened up several boxes/cases to be able to offer singles of every card and complete sets, they must have realized how difficult it was to find them.

  10. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Well there is 9 I know of in flroida my friend has one,and this other guy has 8.

    I dont think they wil fix the error,since the new set has already bin released
  11. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    I also bought another sealed case of " For sale outside of North America and Japan"

    Zero reverse TV Reporters in that one, so it's not sure if you buy such a box you get one.
    Now I have some US boxes left, but I'm afraid I wont find any in them too.

    I opened around 60 boxes of Dragon and found only 3 TV Reporters.
    1 for my collection, 1 traded with someon in the US and one sold on ebay.

    Advice me, what should I do in case I really find one?
    As hobby I have a website were I sell single Pokemoncards and know 3 collectors missing that card.

    I better don't find one.
  12. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    and I'm glad I know someone in 'a little town in the Netherlands' ;)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2004
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