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  1. this is a nice ground deck that goes for heavy damage and lots of enemy discarding. It seems to do well, but I have not tested it on a lot of popular decks so I don't know how it would do in a big event like states.

    x1 rhyperior lv. x
    x2 rhyperior SV
    x2 rhydon SV
    x3 rhyhorn SV
    x1 hippowdon lv. x
    x2 hippowdon RR
    x3 hippopotas RR
    x3 trapinch RR
    x2 vibrava RR
    x2 flygon RR
    x1 flygon lv. x
    x1 whismur SV
    x1 exploud SV
    x3 premier ball
    x2 Roseanne's reasearch
    x2 engineer's adjustments
    x1 rare candy
    x2 fisherman
    x2 expert belt
    x4 bebe's search
    x20 :fighting: energy

    This deck uses hippowdon as its main source of damage with save sand and earthquake to do a lot, as well as rhyperior with deep scrap to deliver the finishing blow or when hippowdon is not around. Hippowdon lv. x's double shoot can be used to target the bench then save sand to bring back energies and for sand reset when in a tight spot. Flygon is there because of it's ability to grant hippowdon and rhyperior a free retreat cost and flygon x for taking out high-hp level xs and for wind erosion. Exploud is there to stop water pokemon from totally destroying hippowdon and rhyperior. the trainers are for getting things out quickly. Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
  2. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Hate to say it but Rosanne is no longer tournament legal. I recommend Uxies for draw (2), Broken Time Space (about 3) for speed, hand refreshers like PONT, lose a rhyhorn- pyramid lines are dangerous. Add another Hippo if you want it active the most, try warp points if Flygon is delayed, run 2 pokemon collector, keep the bebe as they are, add 2 pokemon communication and a luxury ball. Spiritomb AR is an ideal starter for stage two pokemon. 3 more rare candy will rock. Try junk arm- adds more useful discard

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    *dunno what happened there- my mobile played up whilst posting*
  3. what do you suggest I get rid of besides roseanne's and rhyhorn?
  4. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    A Trapinch and the whole Exploud line, because multiple stage 2 lines can become unstable and 2-2-2 lines are cleaner than pyramid lines. Exploud is a fine tech to have- if you want to keep it, I strongly suggest having one Azelf and max the rare candy.
  5. I don't have room to fit all of these. which do you think are the most important that I add?
  6. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Broken time space, rare candy and PONT. They are essential in decks that feature multiple evolutions such as this.
  7. thank you for the help

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    one last question. how many PONTs do you think I should have?
  8. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    3 is a good number.
  9. Frunket

    Frunket New Member

    If I say I can expect you to run 3 rare candy or 4 broken time space (or vice versa) the i would change the flygon line to 1-0-1-1.
  10. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    1-0-1-1 is suicidal without Azelf.
  11. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    wwwoooaahhh at this point i dont know what to put in for it but reduce the energy count by at least 4-6
  12. why would I take out energy?

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    it needs a lot for some big attacks.
  13. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    I really only see need for 16 energy. The most energy you need for attacks are 4 and you can get them back with your hippo so. . . I just think 20 energy is waay to much. That is just my opinion.
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