Richmond VA Regional Championship - Quinton, VA 4/16/11

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Feraligatr, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. NeverKnowDeath

    NeverKnowDeath New Member

    Just gonna say this now.. the Top 4 doesn't reflect the Meta for VA's Regionals at all. Vilegar/Blissey and Jumpluff/Vileplume as far as the eye can see.
  2. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    OK, so you had a deck that could stand up to the T4. What about the rest of the room?? Match ups are everything and you could have hit a fire deck or 2 early on and been sitting in the cheap seats all day. You never know. Next time, support your local PTO(s) vs fleeing to an "easier regional".

    Just sayin'

  3. Aardvarkvcg

    Aardvarkvcg New Member

    Excellent event! So glad to finally be back at the Mid Atlantic Regionals....

    Thanks to all the seniors for such a great job I enjoyed working with all of you.
    Thanks to Jeff and Toni for holding a strong well run event.. I never stop learning from you both.

    Dave I agree it is nice to have such a strong PTO relationship in the area!

    Thanks to Dave and Javier for all the collaboration during the event.

    Thanks to Martha could not have done it without you!

    I look forward to seeing everyone at NATS!!!!

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    You can claim all you want sir but your reality and real reality are not the same thing. Sorry to have missed you all in Richmond would have been nice to see you.

  4. ncpicachufan2000

    ncpicachufan2000 New Member

    Maybe next year you would like to put your money where your mouth is?
  5. Griff

    Griff Member

    Gratz to everyone, it was very nice to see everyone again. And I also enjoyed playing again for the first time in what seemed like forever. Making the top 16 cut was a very pleasant suprise for me. Once again gratz to all of the winners this past weekend.
  6. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Most of my league went to VA because they considered VA the "easier" regional. Were they wrong? The metagame in PA was really different compared to what they are used to.

    Yes. When I get them loaded, we'll work on that.
  7. @ Griff - Congratulations on making top cut with Blastgator, it really really really really really surprised me. I was impressed
  8. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    The metagame at the Richmond regional was nothing like MD or VA states either. At one point late in master's swiss I noticed nearly 50% of the matches at the top 10 or so tables involved a gengar on the field somewhere. The senior judges were flooded with pluffy mass attacking away.
    I think the NC players were not nearly as surprised by the resurgence of the purple people eater as I was. But, he was gone by top 4.
  9. Griff

    Griff Member

    TY very much. I definately enjoyed it. This was my first tournament in about a year, however I am going to get totally back into things. I will return to Nationals this year after missing the last 2.
  10. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    Congrats to the top 4 players in each age group (see main post).

    HUGE THANKS to our awesome staff that was just amazing and great to work with!!!
    The event was smooth (even with the scary weather, high winds, potential tornados, and flickering lights once).

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