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  1. Cuz I'm cool etc.
    Soooo Thursday me and my mom go to the airport to meet up with the one and only Gordon Coates eh?!?! We bring him home and I pack 4 copies of EVERY card (I have available anyways) to my bags. ;p Then we go to the airport and meet up with Paul Johnston. Flights blablabla. I had built Bansol which I liked but went 2-2 v. Luclutions. =(
    We get there and go down to the play area. I stay up late with Kettler and think about the play! But we don't know.

    Friday! The day of the GRINDER! Gordon is playing LucarioLutions and Paul is playing Ambush. Mikey is playing LucarioLutions as well, and Tyler is playing Bansol. Gordon gos 1-2 drop. ='( Paul gos like 4-0 and then finishes 5-3 I think. Mikey gos 6-2 and ALMOST makes it ugh! Why t5?!?!?! Ridiculous. =( Tyler had lost r1 to the japanese Ape/Dusknoir tech (lunasol counter yesss). I think he finished with a decent record. Yoneta, Drew, Mario kid, and 2 others I can't think of at the moment grinded in.
    So it gets later and I'm in Kant's room with Mikey, Chung, Yuen, and Kettler. Ketts/Kant/Me still don't know what to play. I built Bancario, as Lucario seems like it would work good with Ban and I think Ban is a GREAT card. By the time I leave I'm not convinced though. I make Gordon promise to test with me in the morning early.

    Saturdayyyy.... I wake up EARLY and make Gordon get up and play me games. Lucario just doesn't do much, plus it would lose to Ape prolly so I switch back to Lunasol last second and hope I'm just amazing (which I am). Ketts play Flygon ex LM/Delcatty. Kant plays Lucariolutions but without the 2nd Umbreon I advised (which wrecked him).

    Pokemon 14
    4 Shuppet
    3 Banette ex
    1 Banette CG
    2 Lunatone DX
    2 Solrock LM
    1 Solrock DX
    1 Holon's Magneton

    4 Holon Transceiver
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Holon Adventurer
    1 Holon Scientist
    2 PETM
    1 Energy Switch
    1 Warp Point
    3 Pokemon Reversal
    2 Castaway
    3 Buffer Piece
    1 Strength Charm
    1 Crystal Shard
    2 TVR
    2 Scott
    3 Crystal Beach
    1 Phoebe's Stadium

    Energy 15
    8 Psychic
    1 Fighting
    2 Cyclone
    4 Rainbow

    Round 1: v. Sebastion Rath w/ Ape
    This game was HORRIBLE. Starts out with him putting a basic down and I mulligan twice, and then he SWITCHES out his active basic pokemon! I call le judge and he says he puts down Monferno as a basic! Ugh! He claims he had Chimchar in his hand and made a mistake but I don't know that for sure. It all gets settled out and we start. I castaway for some stuff, and then he points out I didn't put out prizes! NO! I KNOW a game loss is coming. 'Mom comes over and we get a ton MORE judges over here and they give me a prize loss and i put down 6 prizes from the bottom. Reason it wasn't game loss is cuz of the Monferno accident. Yuck, I prolly would have been okay if the Monferno thing and all the judges hadn't distracted me. Anyways, I just get my Lunasol lock on his Cattys, have Buffers/Beach and he just can't do anything! I rickroll. 1-0

    Round 2: v. Akira Miyazaki w/ Empoleon Rush
    This matchup is so tough. We have MORE problems this game as he accidently put out 7 prizes and we forgot about my Crystal Beach. It's settled out though (good judges) and we continue fair play. Cursed Stone/Cess is just dominating me. I get rickrolled. 1-1

    I'm feeling pretty bad now... I have to go 3-1 at minimum and even then I might not make it.

    Round 3: v. Niki Kuusrainen w/ Ape/Dusknoir tech
    OMG he plays Dusknoir (soo good)! Doesn't do much though, as I just have Lunasol stopping his Cattys keeping my bench at 3 and Beach/Buffers dominate again. 2-1

    Round 4: v. Justin Catapang w/ Delta/Arbok d
    HARD match, but he doesn't get that much energy/setup. The cursed stones really hurt, but my Buffers/Beaches are good here also. Lunatone is an amazing attacker v. him. 4-1

    Round 5: v. Mikkel Lindheim w/ Kingdra ex d/Altaria ex d (this might have been Round5)
    Man. Banette CG. The play. This just runs through him, he has a Kingdra d though which causes problems. I have to play some tricks with Banette ex but once I take it out, it's an autowin game. 3-1

    Round 6: v. Ben Sauk w/ Bancham (with 2 Ban CG!)
    Ugh what a HARD match. He gos first (yuck!) and gets ban CG. This is tough, but I eventually use my power/buffers/charms to take out his Ban CG. He then gets the other one later, and takes out mine. =/// This is going to be hard, but I get my Banette ex up and if he attacks me I'll just use my 3 Ban ex to use their power and kill. So he's having to pass or he loses. Eventually I set him up and retreat for Solrock DX (such a good card) and BURN him! He flips tails yesss. I set him up and finally take it out. 5-1

    Thank god. 3rd seed. =p Intense day, 1st 11-14 top cut yess.

    Next day: Top Cut!
    T16: v. Ben Sauk w/ BanCham
    Great. =/ Game1: So yeah I'm going first sweet ascension and.... Ban CG prizes. Uber lame. =/ So I get Banex and he gets CG. I can't remember much but it takes a lot and I kill the CG guys with Ban ex's power/Solrock. I never get my Ban CG off prizes but I take it. 1-0
    Game2: BAN CG PRIZES AGAIN! ***?!?! This sucks so much, but I do my tricks and take out stuff.
    I get my Ban off the 2nd prize and once I lay it I sweep. 2-0
    6-1 (7-1)

    T8: v. Jeff Vernola w/ Speed Spread
    Everyone tells me I'm in for one tough match, and I'm sure I am. This turns out to be not as hard as I thought though. =/
    Game1: He uses his Umbreons to kill/lock stuff but my Lunatone takes stuff out with Charm/Banpower. He plays one, I take it out and it's easy. 1-0
    Game2: Oh yah he finds out he has THREE Eevee prized! Yes! This match was harder though. =/ The 1 eevee was easy to take out though, so I took the game. 2-0
    7-1 (9-1)

    I'm the only American in t4 for all age divisions lol.

    T4: v. Wataru Hasegawa w/ Ambush
    Yah it's Ambush not Empoleon Rush. It's still going to be tough though.
    Game1: Donkey! I do 60 with Ban ex to his Prinplup. Then, Solrock, tails = burn, he rolls tails, game. !!! I felt bad, and I though he'd be really sad but he laughed it off, so I felt a little better and I guess we tried not to get too serious about it, lol. 1-0
    Game2: Tougher, but I put him in some bad situations and just rush KO all the basics, Lunatone gets a Reversal t2 kill one a Cubone. After that the pressure is on and I take out stuff early. 2-0
    8-1 (11-1)

    Wow, Finals. I feel so great. =)
    Finals: v. Akira Miyazaki w/ Empoleon Rush
    This will be tough I know, he owned me in swiss. They put the game up on the screen, and our screen is the one where everyone is playing. Everyone tells me this match was intense to watch. ;p
    Game1: I just rush him really fast and he doesn't get to kill me. 1-0
    I'm sorry I only remember the 3rd match well. =( Everyone SCREAMS when I win 1-0 though, he felt kind of bad.
    Game2: This one he gets his stuff before I can kill, and all his 70-20s/40s early with Stone/Cess hurt. I concede with nothing. 1-1
    Game3: HERE WE GO! I start off good with t2, and I do damage. Later on, I reversal a Piplup for a kill. He starts Empoleon 70-20ing me and get this. He gets 6/7 heads on his Empoleon flips! =/ 6 straight heads in a row. If he gets 7th he wins as my Ban will have too much damage to Buffer off. I hit my 3 revresal flips to kill 3 Piplups though! I take out his 4th Empoleon and win. =DDDDD 2-1
    9-1 (13-2)

    YES! It was pretty wild. He cries so I feel bad, but it was an intense match and I'm just RELIEVED it's over and I won. I fill out papers sign tons of autographs, and after pictures and stuff just have fun.
    World champ yesssss Rambolt wins!

    I'll do more to the report later (like my decklist and names and props and slops) as I don't have much time left on this at the cafe).
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  2. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    I screamed after game 1. XD

    Great job winning
  3. Bolt

    Bolt New Member


    I love you man, I'm glad you went with the deck, obv it was the play...Congrats on the win. See you at Nats next year. Yessssssssss
  4. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    you're my hero, even though you called it bansol instead of rambolt1000. it's ok, ily.
  5. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Congrats, Jeremy. You've deserved it. I was rooting for both you and Bobby, but I'm happy at least one of you won it.

  6. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Very nice job. I didn't think Banette would be the deck take it home, but I was completely wrong! Very well done.
  7. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    Gj on winning if i had to lose to someone i was happy it was you the "WORLD CHAMP." See you next year i hope.
  8. superman123

    superman123 New Member

    great job man
  9. Tyranitar7

    Tyranitar7 New Member

    Congrats, Jeremy. WORLD CHAMP!!!

    Good Luck next year.
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  10. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 Active Member

    congrats man, i knew banette was the play, thanks for proving it :p
  11. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    ILY Jeremy. Good job winning
  12. Tadreth

    Tadreth New Member

    lol vernola pulled a wes in game 2 =P, gj man
  13. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Awesome job, Jeremy. You've changed a lot since we met at Worlds 04. :p Congratulations on an amazing season.
  14. Tego

    Tego New Member

    Congratulations! It was a pleasure to watch your matches.

    I had no idea that anything more happened to your game after the Monferno incident. I thought your game was OK then and walked over to the other part of Seniors. :S (I was the judge talking German to your Austrian opponent in that match)

    Your finals were intense, sorry for leaving my chair and walking off after the first game. :lol: The match was actually really exciting, so I'm glad I got to see almost the whole next game (from a distance) after returning.
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  15. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    Great job Jeremy! That was an INTENSE-looking last game. Course, I was watching the big screen.
  16. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    He Found The Truth!
    U S A U S A U S A
  17. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    WOOO gj!!!
  18. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    DOES IT!

    ily Jeremy

  19. psychicmaniac

    psychicmaniac New Member

    Great job Jeremy! We are all so proud of you.....(even Tigger, Pooh, & Piglet)
  20. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    That's the way to be ready for Worlds!:thumb:

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