Rock Polish Groudon, Viable in double battles?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Tengen Toppa Yak Laggan, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. So I am making a new team.

    It uses Ambipom to fakeout the threat (such as Kyogre)
    and Groudon Uses Rock Polish.

    Groudon begins to destroy with its massive power and newfound speed.
    Think it'll work?

    I also need Ideas on the other half of the team, preferrably Pokemon that wouldn't mind sun and Kyogre out of the way.


    I am playing in Pokemon TCG tournaments, not VGC.
    So the rules are double battle 4-6 pokemon
    2 specified legendaries
    no duplicate items
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  2. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    Like, what format? Cuz with the new rules in VGC, this is illegal you know.
  3. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Sounds like you're using last year's vgc rules...well, it could work. Though eh, Groudon is still pretty frail with his glaring weaknesses, and without Swords Dance, his attacks won't outright KO most other legendaries I dunno. As long as your opponent isn't also planning a Fake Out on Groudon, it could work fairly well, certainly more unexpected and compensates for his lack of Spe otherwise.
  4. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    It would seem like you would need to RP twice for it to be effective.
  5. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Shouldn't need to Rock Polish twice, assuming he's going with Jolly and 252 Spe EVs, 1 Rock Polish would be enough to outspeed most Pokemon, unless you run into oddball Base 95s with Scarf and the proper Natures/EVs into Spe in the uber environment.

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