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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by PokeMama, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Sat June 7th
    Tomorrow Is Yesterday
    5600 N. 2nd St
    Rockford, IL 61111

    affecting our Spring Battle Road only

    Well, I have some rather bad news. As you know, we were unable to rent the Women's Club because they raised their rates AGAIN, which put it just too far out of reach to use. I tried to get the library auditorium next door, and it was already booked. Tomorrow Is Yesterday will be undergoing some rearranging at the store, which during the interim would have given us more room to work with, about twice the size of the gameroom. But it doesn't look like that will be happening in time for our Battle Road, leaving us with only room for most likely a maximum of 42 players. In discussing this unfortunate situation with some fellow PTOs, we've come to the conclusion that the only way to do it to be the most fair will be to have our Battle Road on a first come, first serve basis, and given the rather large local player base we have, will most likely make it too uncertain for out of town travelers to risk a trip for, especially with gas prices as they are, it's just not worth it.

    I really hate to have to disappoint the many players who usually come and have a great time at our events, but for this particular BR event, the timing of things just has worked against us in being able to provide our usual day of fun. This is going to be pretty hard, because I'm used to having big events with lots of players joining us from all around, and as you all know, I love seeing all of you together for the Premier Events in Rockford. But on the bright side, Fall Battle Road will most likely be a different story, but for now, this will have to be the way it is for this one.

    The store opens at 9am, so first 42 in line will get in. The decklists will need to be turned in by 10:45am, and the tourney will begin at 11am sharp. I suggest you eat lunch before you come.

    We'll leave this topic here for a short time so people can be aware of the change and see my apologies, but then we'll most likely remove the topic so as not to cause any unnecessary confusion in having it advertised when it will most likely be filled by our local players alone. I've also been linking all the area Battle Road information on our website, to help you find another that's close to your location.

    Again, so sorry to all of you who won't be able to join us this time, but we'll look forward to seeing you at our next event for sure!
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  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    LMK if you need Judges. I'm there, no matter what. I'll check with the guys about who might be coming with me.
  3. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    Yeah I can judge too, not much for me personally to play for in BR's.
  4. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    I may just come on up there and play! Our BR is the next day in New Berlin, WI... :biggrin:
  5. Wood811

    Wood811 New Member

    Whats the max capacity?
  6. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    sign me up Camille :thumb:
  7. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    What's the max? Well.... funny story behind that... I might not have an exact number until later....could only be about 40 or so, or could be double that. TIY is supposed to be doing some remodeling, but personally I'm not sure it will be done in time. :frown: That's why Preregistered only. I'm worried it will be a small event this time. Not much I can do about it really. Sad but true.
  8. MetronOob

    MetronOob New Member

    Ill be there.
  9. ckiddrck

    ckiddrck New Member

    We'll be there for sure too Camille....maybe even New Berlin since its so close....can't wait
  10. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Just got the day off. I'll be there!
  11. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    I have updated the first post with some unfortunate changes to our Spring Battle Road. Please take a moment to read it if you had planned on joining us in Rockford.
  12. pokeirv

    pokeirv Member

    What time will you start taking registration?
  13. So is it a max cap. of 40 people total for this whole event or by age group?? I just want to get this all cleared up? There is no preregistration for this event any more is that correct as well, first come, first serve? I plan to attend this event and if it means coming in an hour before the event begins I will do it, because Camille organizes awesome events to play in. Its sad to hear the situation with this event but sometimes things happen.

  14. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Right, 40-42 max for the whole event total... :frown: We don't have the Women's Club where we usually are, we just have the space available at TIY, 34 in the gameroom + another table of 8 in the store. It's not ideal, but we've just got to make the best of it for this one. Registration will open at 9. But like I said, we have around 30 regular local players who come for our weekly tourneys every week as is, not to mention over 50 regulars in our League. I'd just hate to see a lot of people come from far away and end up not being able to get in to play, especially with gas prices the way they are. The situation already breaks my heart, you all know I LOVE to have everyone together for our big events... but this one will probably just end up being 'one of those things'.
  15. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    That is most unfortunate, Camielle. I was planning on bringing the gang down, but considering the circumstances, I will not come. That way, the great local players have more of an opportunity to be in your event. It will still be a great event with you running it, no matter what the situation. I guess if all else fails, you will have to send them to me.:lol::lol: We will miss you.:frown:
  16. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Ya, I know... I'll miss you guys so much! I was looking forward to having you as a PLAYER for a change! That would've been so fun! Well hey, just come down the night before and then you'll be first in line! ;)

    And if not, I'll be sure to send everyone up your way!! :thumb:
  17. Fantine

    Fantine New Member

    Masters Top 2:
    Greg S. vs. Emmanuel D. (Winner)

    Masters Top 4:
    Dustin N. vs. Emmanuel D.
    Casey S. vs Greg S.

    Seniors Top 2:
    Danyelle S. (Winner)
    Andrew G.

    Juniors Top 2:
    Josh S. (Winner)
    Ben M.
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  18. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Thanks Fantine! Yes we had a great tourney! Gotta say, it reminded us of the 'old days' when we got to the store about 8:45am to find a line along the building already! Filled to capacity of 42, but all went well, no problems. We had 21 Masters, 11 Seniors, and 10 Juniors.

    I'll add 3rd and 4th to the lists as (we gave 2 packs to 3rd and 4th as well):

    Masters (21)
    1st: Emmanuel D.
    2nd: Greg S.
    3rd: Dustin N.
    4th: Casey S.

    Seniors (11)
    1st: Danyelle S.
    2nd: Andrew G.
    3rd: Nick G.
    4th: Dan N.

    Juniors (10)
    1st: Josh S.
    2nd: Ben M.
    3rd: Jeremiah W.
    4th Jeremiah M.

    Geez, Cheryl's long trip down here with peeps from the LaCrosse and Minneapolis area proved to be pretty productive! Her kids took 1st in Jrs and Srs, and Greg and Emmanuel 1-2'd the Masters!
    Big Congrats to all our winners! Thanks to everyone who came to join us! Hope you all had a good time and enjoyed the brownies and sugar cookies! It was great having you there! Best of luck at your next events!
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  19. pokeirv

    pokeirv Member

    Another great tournament again with Camille!!! Kudos to you and your team!!! 2009 World Championships in Rockford????
  20. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Haha! Ya, we'll have it in the Gameroom at TIY, right? It'd be a bit of a squeeze, but we could pull it off! :thumb: Man, how many cookies and brownies would I need for that one!?!?!! :eek:
    Well anyway, thanks much! Glad you had a good time! Always wonderful to have your little family play with us!

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