Rockford IL City Championships Sun 12/16

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  1. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Rockford City Championships are almost here!!

    :biggrin:Time to kick it up a notch in Rockford again! :biggrin:
    Our Battle Road was full of talented people, and I'm sure our City Championships will have some of the greatest players of the area gathered together once again!

    Sunday, Dec 16th

    Mark your calendars, you WON'T want to miss this one!!

    This is a FREE event, everyone may enter,
    so be sure to bring all your friends and come join us in Rockford!

    Hosted by the best gaming and comic store in the area, Tomorrow Is Yesterday!

    At the North Suburban Women's Club 6320 N 2nd St. Rockford IL 61111

    It's about 4 blocks North of E.Riverside (Hwy 55)on N. 2nd St, which is Hwy 251.
    Here's a Mapquest link for you.
    From I90, I39, Hwy51, Hwy 55, or Hwy 11
    take the route 55 exit to the West (Exit 64 - E. Riverside Dr). Go left on Riverside if you're coming from the south or right if you're coming from the north. Then when you get to Hwy 251 (also called N. 2nd St ) go right. It's up the street on the left side, I think 4 more blocks, on the corner across from Big Lots mini-mall

    I'd suggest eating lunch before you come or bringing your lunch with you by 11:30 to eat while you fill out your decklists.
    (no eating on the game tables once the tourney starts please)
    I will be baking cookies for you, and there will be soda for $1, juice, water bottles, and chips for .50 each for sale there. There are also several fast food restaurants within walking distance, including Subway and Arby's.

    What time should we be there??

    Registration to open up at 10:30 through 11:45 with the tourney starting at promptly at Noon.
    Decklists turned in after 11:45 will miss Round 1 but be entered in Round 2.
    Due to the number of players we will likely have, the cut-off for entrance into Round 1 will be 11:45. Decklists will be required, so allow time to fill them out. Click here if you'd like to print out the Decklist (pdf format) ahead of time so you can have it all filled out before you arrive. If you haven't turned in your decklist by 11:45am you can still be entered into the tournament, but you'll start in Round 2, you'll miss the first Round.. We will not delay the tourney for latecomers as it's just not fair to those who get there on time. (So I suggest you come closer to 11:30, unless you already have your decklist all made out!) Bring your DS and your Diamond & Pearl Games, or even your GBAs! Once your decklist is turned in, you can participate in GameBoy battles, art contests, trivia contests, or any other activities we might have while you wait.
    Better too early than too late!

    Who may enter in the Tournament?
    Anyone who knows how to play the game may enter, you don't need to be a resident of the City of Rockford ... All are welcome, of all ages, from far away or right in Rockford! If you're new to the game and want to learn more about it, check out the Pokemon Organized Play website for instructions on how to play so you'll already know how when you get there, or stop by TIY on the 2 weeks prior to the 15th during our League time at 3:30.. we can teach you how to play. But for this event, you should at least know the basics of how to play.

    Format: Modified Constructed - Bring your own best HP-on Modified decks to play in this tournament.
    The sets legal in the Modified Format have been updated as of September 1, 2007. The New Modified format will be
    Holon Phantoms-on (HP-on). Players may not use cards from Pokémon sets prior to EX: Holon Phantoms (with the exception of basic Energy cards and cards that were reprinted in Modified legal sets)
    Please make sure you're ready with a legal deck, review the legal sets for the Modified Format here:
    Click here for more information on the New Modified Format

    Of course if you have any questions at all as to if your deck is Tourney ready or not, please feel free to stop in a little early and have us check over your deck for you.

    If you arrive and find that your deck is not legal to play in this tourney, don't worry, you will still be able to play. Starter decks are always available at the store to purchase, as well as card sleeves, dice, damage counters, booster packs, and many other accessories to make your gaming experience fun! We will also have a limited number of 'loaner' decks to borrow, on a first come, first serve basis, if your deck isn't legal for the tourney, you don't have money for a new one, or if you know how to play, but just don't have a deck.

    Keep in mind that the New Game Rules since the Release of Diamond & Pearl are now in effect!
    Click here to read all about them!

    Most likely will be Age Separated Swiss
    (everyone will play within their own age group in all the rounds, the number of rounds being determined by number of players in each age group)
    Age groups:
    Junior Division (born in 1997 or later)
    Senior Division (born in 1993, 1994, 1995, or 1996)
    Masters Division (born in 1992 or earlier)
    Also after the Swiss Rounds, in each of the 3 age groups we will have a Top Cut, with a maximum of a cut to Top 4. The Top Cut matches will be the best 2 out of 3 within a 1 hour time limit.

    Are there Prizes?
    YES! Of course there are!

    All participants will receive an exclusive City Championships promo card and a commemorative pin, while supplies last.

    Top 4 finishers in each of the three age categories receive the following prizes:

    1st Place
    18 Pokémon TCG booster packs
    A City Champion medal
    Prize kit containing cool Pokémon merchandise!

    2nd Place
    10 Pokémon booster packs

    3rd & 4th Place

    4 Pokémon TCG booster packs

    Are there Door Prizes?
    Sure! We'll have an assortment of various items for door prizes! All sorts of different items, including Booster Packs, TShirts, posters, Deck boxes, and other various Pokemon items will be randomly given out at various times to random players.

    Preregistration is encouraged if you know you'll be there.
    (You can email me with your name, ID # and BD or tell me if you are new) Decklists will be required and here's a link to the form so you can print it out ahead of time and fill it out if you like before you arrive. City Championships Decklist (pdf format) Also, make sure your Decklist is filled out correctly and so that we can read it, as there will be random Deck Checks throughout the day and penalties if your deck does not match your Decklist. If you have your decklist all filled out and ready to go, and you are already Preregistered, you don't have to arrive quite as early (unless of course you just want to join in on the fun beforehand)

    *********** Approximate Timetable ************

    This is an approximate timetable to give you a rough idea of what to expect for the Tournament. The number of rounds will depend on the number of players for each age group, players may play in all rounds, it is not elimination, and they are 30 minute rounds. The Finals matches will be best 2 out of 3 during an hour's time. This timetable will most likely be for the Masters Division, as they usually have the most players. The Junior and Senior Divisions will most likely finish up earlier, and, depending on the number of players in those groups, may have less rounds and may only have a Top 2 Finals match.

    Round 1 - 12:15 - 12:45
    Round 2 - 12:45 - 1:15
    Round 3 - 1:15 - 1:45
    Slight break until 2:00
    Round 4 - 2:00 - 2:30
    Round 5 - 2:30 - 3:00
    Round 6 - 3:15 - 3:45 (If needed)
    (Announcements of Junior/Senior winners as they finish their Top matches)
    Break until 4:30 while Deck Checks for Top 4
    4:30 - 5:30 Top 4
    5:30 - 6:30 Finals Top 2

    Remember, this is Title Premiere Event... so keep in mind the following rules and restrictions:

    Cards from the World's Championship Decks with the silver borders are NOT allowed in Tournaments.
    Modified Format includes cards from the Holon Phantoms set thru the Mysterious Treasures set. No sets prior to Holon Phantoms will be allowed. However, older cards reprinted in these legal sets will be allowed with the exception of the 10HP Mysterious Fossil, which will not). Click here to see the list.
    Sleeves must be single color with no artwork or holographic design, exceptions being the Japanese Pokeball or Pikachu Sleeves, or the US Pokemon Sleeves - (Nidoking art, Diamond & Pearl Lucario, Mysterious Treasures Electivire)
    Cards must be in uniform condition if unsleeved so as not to appear to be marked in any way.
    Cheating will be dealt with severly, so don't do it! Always play honorably and fair!

    Other things going on...

    We will also have some fun things to do before the event starts and during the day, just to keep it interesting. Feel free to bring along your DS with your Diamond and Pearl games so you can battle others there who bring theirs. We'll have a GameBoy area set up so you can gather there to play, either once you've turned in your Decklist or in between rounds, or after the main event is over. We'll also have an Art Corner for those of you who like to have fun with drawing and such. We'll have supplies there for young and old to participate in. 2 winners will be selected to each receive a prize.

    $5 Modified Side Event
    4pm (time approx after main event)
    Secret Wonders Prizes.
    1st - 6 packs
    2nd - 5 packs
    3rd - 4 packs
    4th - 3 packs
    5th - 2 packs
    (min 1 pack for everyone entered)

    FREE Modified Side Event
    4pm (time approx after main event)
    Secret Wonders Prizes.
    1st - 3 packs
    2nd - 2 packs
    3rd - 1 pack

    Mini Theme Deck Challenge

    $15 Entrance fee
    4pm (time approx after main event)
    Includes Theme Deck plus 2 Secret Wonders Booster Packs to jazz up your Theme Deck with.

    Don't miss out on one of the best events in the area! You'll always have fun at a Tomorrow Is Yesterday event!!
    So come join us for a full day of Pokemon fun with friends!
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  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Of course, the weekend that I jet down to San Antonio.........

    I have the most rotten luck in the world.
  3. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    bullados won't be there but we (the woods and I, possibly pooka and abe) will be there
  4. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    I will also be rounding up the usual suspects for this event. :thumb:
  5. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    I will be there for sure this time, I promise.
  6. Fantine

    Fantine New Member

    Chris you're a liar. Kyle NEVER attends Rockford events unless it is a state or regionals.
  7. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Hey we can always hope can't we! Never say NEVER! lol

    Can't wait to see you all there!
  8. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    thanks for the kind words, teammate :eek::confused::frown::redface::mad::nonono:. I'm going to try and coinvience Kyle to go just to prove you wrong.
  9. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Do it!!! It'd be great to have him come too! :thumb:
  10. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Also see if him and the Celios (and you, for that matter) want to come down to Urbana. Good times!
  11. Wood811

    Wood811 New Member

    As Chris already said, we're coming. Can't wait.
  12. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    I can't wait either! I've scheduled it for registration opening at 10:30 and to start at Noon, trying to be respectful of church times and travelers, since it's on a Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  13. BigRed

    BigRed New Member

    Seeing as Chris and Fantine are going i hope that me and Tglilly can figure it out in our schedules too ^^
  14. Wood811

    Wood811 New Member

    Well idk if Chriscobi is going, haven't heard from him and if he doesn't go, I can't go. But I imagine he'll probly be able to make it.
  15. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    ChrisCobi has said that he plans to go so yeah...most of us will be there ^^
  16. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    im going to PROTECT MY TITLE for ROCKFORD!!!!!!
  17. Yusuke Urameshi

    Yusuke Urameshi New Member

    I'll try and get there.
  18. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Maybe I'll take the weekend off and hit up both Brookfield and Rockford. I know 'Mamz, Dev, and Dusty would love that. ;)
  19. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Dude that would be so awesome!! Definitely you should try and do that! It'd be a blast!
  20. ckiddrck

    ckiddrck New Member

    Looking forward to it!! We will be there for sure. Just waiting for our boxes to arrive to make new decks. And then the chaos begins. :tongue:

    Let me know if you need help again! (it keeps me from hovering).
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2007

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