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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Politoed EX, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Politoed EX

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    I got there an hour and a half early, got my deck ready, wrote up my list, and had everything set to go. So a half an hour early, me and a few friends decided to go get something to eat, and one of my friends mom offered to drive us. We got to the drive-thru and had mas confusion on who was ordering what, and who was paying for what, amongst other things. On top of that, the food took forever to make, and we finally got back to the Womens Club, It was 11:50. Close Call since the tournament started at 12:00
    Anyways, I decided to play Blissy/Delcatty, in the senior division

    Vs. Girl Playling Infernape

    I had an excelent start, Chansey active, Mentor Blissy Delcatty and a couple energies (including a boost) Mentored for a couple Cats and another Chansey, T2 Had a Blissy and 2 Delcattys goin. She had a bad start and I never looked back.
    Win, 1-0

    Vs. Kid Playing a Walrein deck

    Not a great start, but thanks to the other kids bad start, I did well. He never got a Walrein out so all I had to do was knock out a couple of Spheal. Another easy win
    Win, 2-0

    Vs. (Another) Kid Playing Walrein

    I had an alright start, and it look like he did to. He T2 Walreined, but flipped both tails. I got T2 Blissy with 2 Delcatty on the bench, managed to KO Walrein in two shots. He brought up another one and KO'd my Blissy. Then I brought up Delcatty EX, constrained, Delta Drawed, and did 80-90 to his Walrein. He attacked, didnt KO Delcatty, I drew a boost and KOd Walrein, he didnt have a bench so
    Win, 3-0

    Vs. Girl playing Blissy/Delcatty

    I had an okay start, but bad draws, got blissy out slow, she got a few prizes, I got a late serge, but made A LOT of misplays, completely my fault, its something that I do a lot, ending up loosing, but it was a great game that took up almost the complete 30minutes.
    Lose 3-1

    Vs. My good friend, Toby, playing Empoleon Lucario

    Simple, win and I'm in. Holon FFs saved me in this game, a had an early lead, he had a bad start, or bad draws. I had drawn 4 Prizes by the time he got anything going, a couple of lucarios, but again, FFs helped me, and I pulled this one out.
    Win 4-1

    I was in, 3rd Place, We got a half hour break until top 4 started.

    TOP 4 Match One
    Vs. Again, Girl Playing Blissy/Delcatty

    I thought that if I didnt make the same mistakes and misplays that I did first time we played, I'd be okay. Well, again, first game was really good. Took almost 45 minutes, prize for prize the whole game, until she ended up KOing my Delcatty EX ftw
    Lose, Series: 0-1

    TOP 4 Match Two

    I was in a hurry this game b/c I had to win it in under 15 minutes. My rush and her slow turns, again, caused me to make some mistakes. I had a few Blissys going, she managed to KO them. Then I had no Blissys going, two skittys out, a horrid, small hand - 2 Windstorms and a lone Nidoqueen if I remember right, and she had 2 untouched Blissys out. On top of that the judge had called 5 minutes. I knew I couldnt when, so I threw in the towel.
    Lose, Series: 0-2/B]

    I knew I had beat myself, completely my own fault with no one else to blame
    Better luck next time eh?
    The season is still young xD

    Toby's Mom for driving us to the restaurant
    Good food
    Toby for loaning me a couple $
    Making Top4 (Since I Havent Played Since Regionals Last year)
    Having a good time
    Camille for doing the infamous 3rd Round rap

    Scott for loseing half his deck 2 minutes b4 round one
    slow drive-thru
    pulling 100% garbage in my packs

    Also hearing the Bucs clinch the NFC South by beating the Falcons 37-3 brightend my day, Michael Spurlock 90yd KR (first in team history) FTW
  2. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    Good report. We had a great time too. Bummer for me coming in 5th, though. Congrats on top 4 finish.:thumb:

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