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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by TSDMage, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. TSDMage

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    Well, I played something not called Magmortar or Gallade and did well (although my record doesn't indicate that), but the end result didn't look impressive. regardless, I had fun and it was an eventful day, so I'll report. I played Blissey/Bannete, a deck I had been set on playing. Unfortunately, even though I had the deck built well and it was flowing good, the last few days of testing I couldn't get Shuppet in my opening hand ONCE (I only run 9 basics) so I was worried. Now, unfortunately, I have a bad memory and didn't play against many familiar faces, so I can't record the names.

    Round 1
    My opponent is playing Empcario, something I hadn’t seen in a while. I opened with Shuppet but didn’t draw other basics for a while. For the first 3 turns I was in peril of losing. All he drew were Piplups for a while. Once I finally started drawing basics, he started evolving. Before long an Empoleon sniped a Shuppet on my bench. I quickly fell behind 6-3. But something that’s never happened to me before (somehow); Scramble Energy really made a difference. I attached one to a set up Blissey and started a run. I went on a 3-0 run and before long, it was a Blissey vs. Empoleon tied at 1-1. I made the winning move by deciding to play Cess Crystal for the **** of it even though I thought no powers would be played. It actually saved me as he brought out Emp Lv. X next turn when I had 2 cards in my hand, 1 of which was the energy needed for the knockout for game. Amazing win.


    Round 2
    My opponent is a nice older lady running a Machamp/Donphan variation. Luck goes my way. I T1 Banette and my opponent has a Machop, which next turn hits me for 20, negating the possibility of a Ghost Head Knockout. She had no supporters and fails to get a basic with her lone quick ball. I draw for my second turn, and have a Castaway. I made a very regretful announcement to her as I play Castaway that if I have my lone Strength Charm in my deck, I win. I do. The game ends in about 40 seconds.


    Round 3
    The pivotal game of the day by far. I play one of only 2 BlissKrai decks in the tourney (the other being run by my friend). It starts bad but ends up steady. It’s a battle the whole way until the last few turns. I have a Blissey that is loaded and Darkrai LV. X puts it to sleep and I roll double heads. Everyone goes crazy. But as a friend sitting next to me would later say, it went from a Miracle to a Nightmare on Elm Street. I go ahead and make my only misplay of the day, one that haunts me and foils an amazing 3-0 start. I Warp Point out his Lv. X to an empty regular Darkrai because I can knock it out in one hit. I do, but next turn, Blissey doesn’t wake up. In fact, I get double tails this time. Bummer. I could have almost certainly won the game if I had played the end better. Oh, well.


    Round 4
    I play against an old acquaintance who is new to the game. He’s running a (non-perfected) version of HoKiss. My only basic is a Minun and he sets up godly with 2 Togekiss and 2 fully loaded Ho-Oh’s. Nothing I can do. My hopes start to sink.


    Next, I play a Sceptile/Venusaur deck. What a funny match. I feel bad for the guy as I tortured him. My friend had earlier suggested me to fill my remaining 4 deck slots with Energy Removal 2’s. I did, and all four went off successfully in this game while he was attaching lone grass energies to his Venusaur while Sceptile was out. To make it worse, he was using Speed Stadium and I had all 3 Cess Crystals by turn 3 and shut down his powers the whole game. He only took one prize. A funny game.


    Now I’m hoping. My opponent, who I knew, was 4-1 and was down-paired against me. He was running Gallade. The catch was that he had just learned to play the game 36 hours ago (so he said). I knew I lost immediately as my sole basic was Lunatone. His was a sole Ralts. I eventually set up and so did he. A battle. Gardy LV. X knocked out my Banette while having 90 right before time. Another few turns and I could have easily won. Oh, well.


    The misplay earlier screwed everything up, but I learned from that mistake. Better luck next time. Hung around, won some prizes, pulled some good stuff, watched Jimmy Ballard have a blast with his new prototype deck, and had 2 friends of my group of friends (one of whom was driving all of us home the whole 2 hour trip), who had not slept in the last 2 days like me (staying at Jimmy’s house is fun, lol) have hallucinations of people running across the highway while we were doing 85 and the ground rising, and tornados and all kinds of other stuff and scared me half to death for almost a whole hour of the trip home (It was about 9:30 PM when we left).

    Ah, good fun! Better luck next time! At least I have a good deck I know I CAN win with that isn’t GG or Magmortar.

    Props to Chan to making top 8 and the good sir Nathan for just learning the game, conquering his bad playing habits, taking one of my decks that he had little knowledge of and making top 8 as well.

    Alvis and Ness both miss finals. Shocker.

    Until regionals, folks! Well, hopefully.
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    Yeah that car ride back to Jimmy's house was intense. Good report Matt, was detailed, honest, and respectful. I also like how its one of the few reports from states from a participant that didn't win the whole thing. Kinda sucked watching the defeat from turn 3, but I am sure it'll teach you an important lesson. I would like to add that it sucked for me to play against the only deck that had a good matchup on me in top and that was piloted very well by a dude I know,Justin(I hate you so much in a good way), just to see him have such bad luck vs another mortar deck in top 4.
  3. bullados

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    Was the guy in the first round wearing an army ROTC jacket? He might have been one of the guys I brought with me...
  4. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Yeah, I had too much fun and and the day was too eventful to not post a report. Thanks for everything, BTW.

    Yep. How did he fare?
  5. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    3-3, but it was his first big tourney and he learned a lot. Hopefully, he'll do better in St. Louis this week.

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