Rockville BR's 6-9-2013

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by nickseitler, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I'm sorry I'm late getting to post this, this was my first BR tournament in about 2 years and I have been astounded by how quickly the game is progressing. I have played since 2000 and have done well along the well, I've won battle roads Blue Bell before and wanted to try my hand with TDK vs the current players at Rockville, MD. I've been here once before and got swept (0-3)

    Not posting my list, but just know that I had 3 Thunderus and 2 Kyurem along with the typical stuff.

    Game 1 vs Amani from Fort Washington, MD.

    Amari and everyone else I fave today goes first. He's playing Landorus. I basically get no supporters all game and he attacks the heck outta my pokemon, I lose rather quickly and become discouraged. I had EVERYTHING I needed besides draw power, I get that, this game is a win for me.


    Game 2 vs Will Anderson (from D.C)

    He was playing Darkrai, but he couldn't get set. I made quick work of his pokemon with several Raiden Knuckles and Virbank gym/laser in play.


    Game 3 vs Brendan R (From PG County)

    Shouldn't have been as close as it was, he was playing Zapdos and Victini and Heatran together. He misplayed when he attached a DCE to active Heatran and then tried to pull it back. I told him no and he got all angry. I proceeded to ko his pokemon one by one starting with the greatest threat to my pokemon.


    Game 4 vs Francis L (From Bowie)

    I pummeled his dragonite/dratinis deck. All the while, he was setting up a benched Tornadus and prepping for a final strike. I ended up ko'ing one of his benched altaria's after a catcher and took the match.


    At this point, I had to leave to go my softball, but I was 3-1 at the time and in a good position to make the finals. I did not play any further than this, however, I have played and beaten Mike Pramawat before and its usually a close match (Mike Pramawat won the tournament from what I hear).

    A good tournament, I'm back into the competitive field so watch out Master's division, I know the game inside and out, have played since 2000 and top cut (top 8) at a 250+ person tournament back in 03 along with an 09 BR's undefeated tournament. I will be going to nationals 2014. I promise you that!

    Good luck to you all,

    Nick Seitler

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