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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Fox McCloud, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    I decide to play Blissey/Lucario because Blissey won all three age divisions at the Battle Road I went to yesterday and I think it works best with Lucario. I trade for/borrow 4 TV Reporters. Then one of my sleeves doesn't pass inspection so I borrow one of those too, only to have it rejected. The third sleeve I try passes, so on with the tournament.

    Masters Division
    Five Rounds
    Cut to top 4

    Round 1: Holden [Gardevoir ex/Infernape/Machamp(PK)]
    I mulligan once. He mulligans five times, then gets a bad start with no energy. So me and my ten card hand get a relatively fast win. During our game the people next to us had like 12 Rock, Paper, Scissors matches in a row.


    Lunch break: I go to Wendy's and pay $7.79 for a double cheeseburger, medium french fries and medium Coke. McDonald's has that same meal for $3.79.

    Round 2: David [Shiftry ex(PK)/Empoleon]
    I get a bodacious start with Happiny, Chansey and Blissey all in my hand. He starts with a lone Piplup. I knock the Piplup out quickly, but he gets a Shiftry ex out. He Skill Hacks twice, but can't get another basic out so I knock the Shiftry out ftw.


    Round 3: Pedro [Nidoqueen(MT)/Nidoking/Dusknoir)
    He gets a very slow start and I get a medium one. I decide to read Crystal Beach while searching my deck just for fun and realize that the energy doesn't have to provide every type to be reduced to one colorless. I play four Boost so I will have to play around that mistake for the rest of the tournament. Then I get a caution for taking Castaway back to my hand with the cards that I got with it. He eventually gets a Rare Candy and makes an impressive comeback. Time is called and we're tied in prizes. I'm able to knock his Nidoking out so I win.


    Round 4: Michael [Feraligatr (MT)/Magneton/Delcatty]

    I get an excellent start and he starts with a lone Totodile. I win T2. We play a fun match afterwards and I get no Chanseys/Supporters the whole game. It ends with him doing 280 damage to my Happiny.


    Round 5: Michael P. (Mirror)

    I start with Happiny and he starts with Riolu. I go first and Baby Evolution and attach to Chansey. He attaches a Buffer Piece to Riolu and Wild Kicks. Instead of attaching a Boost to Chansey and using Double Edge ftw I evolve to Blissey and use Happy Chance for the not win. He gets a Lucario and pulls ahead. I can't catch up and lose. That's definitely the worst misplay I've ever made.


    I make top cut and while waiting for Kevin to finish deck checks I watch Spencer, Michael, Luke, and Dan play a ferocious game of Candyland. In the end Dan wins and Michael gets second.

    Top 4


    Game 1
    This game lasts 40 minutes. I don't remember any details but I lose.

    Game 2
    He starts with Skull Fossil(Active) and Riolu. I start with Happiny. He discards the Skull Fossil and brings up his lone Riolu. I have an energy on Happiny and a Boost, TV Reporter, and a Mentor in my hand. I put my hand on TVR to try to draw the Chansey attach Boost ftw, then I realize I can Mentor for the Chansey so I do and get a T2 win.

    Game 3
    I don't remember any details about this game either, but I think i got a caution at some point in our three games. The third game goes into Sudden Death and I win.

    Top 2

    Michael P. (Mirror)

    Game 1
    I don't remember much but I win.

    Game 2
    I don't remember much but I lose.

    Kevin brings the prizes over and sets the eight packs and Victory Medal next to Michael and the three packs next to me, that meanie.

    Game 3
    I think he mulligans five times. This match goes into Sudden Death too, my third of the day. I think I'm going to lose because he'll level up and Close Combat my Lucario ftw, then I realize his Lucario only has one energy. I attack, he levels up. I level up. He can't knock my Lucario out, so I knock his out and win.

    Opening Electivire Level X
    Getting Victory Medal
    My parents for driving a combined three hours to take me to a Battle Road

    Expensive food
    Spilling my drink
    Overlooking my T2 win
    Me, for forgetting my opponent's names
    Me, for forgetting to return the reverse holo TVR and the sleeve(I'll mail them to you or Kevin if you want)
    Kevin, for forgetting to remind me to return the reverse holo TVR and the sleeve

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Honestly, I'm still not very sure who you are though I have an idea.

    I would have DQed you after the second sleeve rejection :tongue: . j/k.
    Really though, you guys think I give you a hard time for the fun of it at our tournaments (you could make a case for it but you can't prove anything :rolleyes:), but there are judges that make you think they've got some quota at the end of the month :/ .

    Funny, I just had the same thing for lunch today at Wendy's for about $6.70 :biggrin:

    Their Candyland skills make this pokeymanz thing look like child's play; I wish I was that good at Candyland :rolleyes:

    You stole someone's reverse holo TVR and are now trying to pin the blame on Kevin? *facepalms*


    It's a signature, in your User CP. Come to think of it, why isn't it showing my signature :confused:
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  3. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    Who do you think I am?

    At Wendy's, what did you tell them you wanted? I think it's less if it comes as a meal(I don't think mine did) and if I tell them I want a medium double cheeseburger meal I get one with lettuce and tomato and all that icky stuff.

    I didn't steal the reverse holo TVR, I borrowed it longer than planned. I will return that reverse holo TVR(It might be the wrong one, I have two) and the sleeve(It will probably be the wrong one, I know it's on a Chansey and I play four Chanseys) if it's the last thing I do. I didn't pin the entire blame on Kevin, just about 40% because I told him to remind me and he didn't.
  4. Ascension

    Ascension New Member

    Congrats on getting first, Tanner! You gonna go down at league! Actually, I hope we face each other on the 13th or the 14th! <-- you going to one of these?
  5. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Ascension already named you.

    At Wendy's, what did you tell them you wanted? I think it's less if it comes as a meal(I don't think mine did) and if I tell them I want a medium double cheeseburger meal I get one with lettuce and tomato and all that icky stuff.[/quote]
    But what you ordered is a meal and should have been charged as the meal price.
    If you don't want all the toppings, tell them to hold them.
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Crystal Beach + Boost Energy = Battle Road win? =D

    Nice job yesterday. Coming to Fairfax?
  7. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    Ascension-I'll be at Fairfax, and hopefully Mechanicsville, but it takes an hour to get there.:frown: I'm a master now, so we won't play each other in the tournament unless it's age modified.

    ShadowCard-You know who Ascension is, right? I just got back from McDonald's(got Marvin Gardens and Oriental Avenue if you want them, I won't do anything with them). They have the meal for $3.79(including tax), $3 less than Wendy's. Although Wendy's is much more filling I don't think I'll be doing what tastes right for a while.

    SuperWooper-Like I told Ascension, I'll be in Fairfax. Who are you?
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  8. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    I'm Spencer (one of the four kids playing Candyland you mention in your report ;x). I was sitting next to you in T4 yesterday, and I won in Gainesville the day before.
  9. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Carpools rock :thumb:

    Outlook cloudy :tongue:

    Crystal Beach + Boost Energy = secret tech? Reminds me of MetaNite with Battle Frontier.
  10. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    SuperWooper-I had a feeling you were Spencer. I know who you are, you did the math yesterday and I borrowed a Glacia's Stadium from you in Woodbridge, I just didn't know you were SuperWooper.

    ShadowCard-Ascension is Andriy! Come on Tim you should know that, I don't know how but you should. Carpools rock? Is that an offer to take me to Mechanicsville!?!:eek: I don't think it's a secret tech. It could work, just play Drake's or Windstorm before you Boost.
  11. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    Congrats on winning, but you won't be so lucky at Fairfax!
    Tim, if you are driving people to Mechanicsville I want to go too.
  12. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member


    The carpool thing was advice. Reports of my plans to attend Mechanicsville's BR are greatly exaggerated. I have to work.
  13. ninetales1234

    ninetales1234 <a href="

    Fox McCloud, congrats. And before anyone else says it: do a barrel roll!

    Wow, isn't it cool? Mechanicsville Spring BR had T2 mirror match (Fire Monkey), Lusby Autumn BR had T2 mirror match (BlissCatty) and Rockville Autumn BR had a T2 mirror...

  14. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I rather pay an extra 3-4 for Wendy's then eat MCD for that much cheaper. Wendy's is soooo much better IMO. WTG tho, :thumb:
  15. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    We'll see about that! (Who are you?) My guess would be Michael.

    Who is "TheDarkTwins"? I don't recognize the name Drew.:frown:
  16. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    1) No, that's not Michael.
    2) Drew lives in NY, he wasn't at the BR. But I don't think there's a law saying that people who didn't attend the tournament that your report pertains to can't post in your thread. Correct me if I'm wrong. ;p
  17. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    Doggonit!(got that word from you) You make Pokemon events way more fun, especially when I carpool with you.:lol:

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I bought some cards off of ebay from Drew! (Drew'sCardUniverse, right?) It's a small world.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2007
  18. drmario

    drmario New Member

    You played David and Michael are the people u can't remember. Michael is the son.
  19. merman

    merman New Member

    Ahh congrats on the win ^^
    Btw im pablo the one who lent you the tv reporter and you played my brother pedro with duskqueen (easy to mixup). You dont have to mail the tv reporter. I will probably see you soon at a tournament anyway.
  20. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    Thanks for the names, I'll edit the report.

    I'll give the TVR back in Fairfax.

    Oh, and one more thing:
    I NEED A BLISSEY!.... unless of course Timmy lets me borrow his again.*big teary eyes*

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