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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ShiftingDarkness, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    Not sure about this. I've used it in League without troubles, but got my can handed to me at the last tournament with it. Been calling in "Mind Grassp", but maybe my brain is the one not grasping things here. Here's the Deck List:

    Pokemon - 24
    4 - Roselia (UL61
    3 - Roserade (UL23)
    3 - Celebi Prime (TM92)
    3 - Grimer (UD50)
    3 - Muk (UD31)
    4 - Eevee (UD48)
    2 - Leafeon (UD17)
    2 - Espeon (CL4)

    Energy - 24
    12 - Basic Grass
    12 - Basic Psychic

    Supporters/Stadium/Trainers - 12
    2 - Emcee's Chatter
    2 - Professor Elm's Training Method
    2 - Flower Shop Lady
    2 - Team Rocket's Trickery
    2 - Interviewer's Questions
    2 - Miasma Valley

    I got hit with a lot of Slowking second sights, which has me thinking of putting it in. For the most part, I like the deck. I have doubts about Celebi Prime now, as he was paralyzed and/or asleep half my matche, which made him practically useless. I also have my doubts about the Eevee evolution's in here. I originally thought this was a conditions deck, with Roserade being my star. I probably have way to much energy but I used a lot to backload Roserade during the matches. 20X the number of energy cards attached can cause some decent damage against the right opponent. I like the Grimer/Muk combo as a stall tactic to build my bench. Really the only reason its there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. jk8971

    jk8971 New Member

    Sweet deck, I love this idea! I'm going to help you make it more consistant.

    4 Eevee
    4 Leafeon (UD17) (Main attacker, easy 100 damage for 1 energy)

    4 - Roselia (UL61
    4 - Roserade (UL23)

    2 - Uxie LA

    (add the muks back in if you like them, but try only a 2-2 line)


    4 rainbow (When you attach rainbow to roserade, they enemy pokemon get inflicted with BOTH statuses!)
    5-8 grass
    0-3 psy (if you add back in muk)


    4 pokemon collector
    4 bebe search
    4 Professor oak's new theory
    4 seeker
    2-3 Broken time space
    1 palmers
    1 luxury ball

    The rest is up to you!

    Hope this helps :)
  3. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    You don't need this much energy.

    Umm.... no miasma valley. Your eevees don't benefit from it.

    Since you didn't post a strategy, I'll use my all-not-so-consuming powers of common sense to decipher it.
    You're wanting to status condition from the bench... then hit w/ Muk, right?

    How about this:
    Take out the muk. It's stage 1, but has a clunky 3 energy... So... (my edits)
    -3-3 Muk
    -3 Celebi (i don't see it's point in here.... but if you want it, keep it. I think 2 uxie 1 mespirit/azelf is better.)
    -1 Roselia (3-3 is better)
    -1 Espeon (Switch it with Espy prime for a psy type miasma wind. it's boss, it also has an attack that HEALS.)
    -8 psychic energy
    -6 Grass enerty.
    + 4 RAINBOW ENERGY!!! (It acts as every energy at the same time, therefore 2 status conditions in 1 turn)
    +1 Leafeon (miasma wind is BEAST)
    +2 Uxie
    +1 Azelf (or mespirit... doesn't matter which. all pokemon lines are 3-3 or 4-4 except the Espeon... power spraying might come in handy from mespirit)
    + 3-4 Jirachi RR/Sableye for starts... it helps. Jirachi's free retreat is nice and lets you reuse a Bebe's or Twins or something nice.

    That last one brought me to my next point.
    Scratch your T/S/S line here. All of them can be replaced for better things.
    I'll copy and paste for this:

    2 - Emcee's Chatter............................... 2 Twins
    2 - Professor Elm's Training Method.... 4 Bebe's Search
    2 - Flower Shop Lady............................. 2 Palmer's Contribution
    2 - Team Rocket's Trickery.................. Uxie handles draw power. so... 4 Seeker
    2 - Interviewer's Questions................. 3 Cyrus's Conspiracy (searches for energy AND a supporter to reuse w/ jirachi)
    2 - Miasma Valley.................................. 3-4 BTS for replaying Roserades and reusing rainbow energy
    ................................................................ 4 Pokemon Collector
    ................................................................ 3 Expert Belts
    ................................................................ 2 VS Seeker
    ................................................................ 2 Junk Arm
    ................................................................ 1 Luxury Ball

    That would be my T/S/S line. (if i went over the space i had, you can take out a few more grass/psy energy.

    This is a more consistent, energy efficient build. you might want to tech in a Landmin lvX (taht'd be shaymin land forme lv x) for an extra 40 hp onto Leafeon ond Roserade... I'll stop ripping up your deck now. :) I'm only doing this because I like the concept. :)

    Hope I helped as much as i think i did lolz
  4. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    These 2 guys are probably your best bet, always love seeing posts like this :biggrin:

    They summed up about all the changes I would make.
  5. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    Thanks everyone. I love the suggestions. Don't mind the ripping as it was obviously inconsistant. Didn't do too hot with it at States. I've only been playing for a year, my son got me involved and we both are hooked now.

    So here's my idea of the new look on this after the suggestions

    3 -3 Roserade UL
    4 - Eevee UD48
    3 - Leafeon UD
    1 - Espeon Prime UD
    2 - Uxie LA
    1 - Mesprit LA
    3 - Jirachi RR
    1 - Shaymin UL
    1 - Shaymin LvX PL126 (Ground Form)

    4 - Psychic Energy
    6 - Grass Energy
    4 - Rainbow Energy

    3 - Bebe's
    2 - Palmer's Contribution
    3 - Seeker
    3- Cyrus's Conspiracy
    3 - Pokemon Collector
    3 - Expert Belts
    2- VS Seeker
    1 - Luxary Ball
    2 - Twins
    2 - Broken Time Space

    I could remove the Shaymin's and bump up a Jirachi and a BTS if needed. Thanks for all the advice. Keep it coming. Glad I joined here.
  6. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    I'm working on the same deck build for the last 5 months now. Trying to get a nice list together to be perfect against all meta decks.
  7. jk8971

    jk8971 New Member

    Your new list looks solid!

    Only thing I can think is to change the cyrus for Professor oaks new theory as you don't run any sp pokemon.
  8. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    List: Looks nice, except for a few things:

    1. Cyrus is, imo, better than PONT. imo.

    2. -1 VS Seeker +1 BTS.

    3. Use better Eevees.

    Great list!
  9. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Don't try to work for ALL meta. some you're just gonna have an autoloss... trying to tech against ALL meta will wreck your consistency... which Eevee decks (and all stage 1 decks) are fast, so if you have a SUPER consistently fast set-up, that may be perfect for all meta anyways. Don't try to make a different strategy for EVERY single meta deck... it's hopeless... :\

    ---------- Post added 03/17/2011 at 12:54 AM ----------

    And Cyrus's is for the energy, chances are you'll draw into rainbow by turn 3 (especially w/ uxie drops)... but if you don't, you can at least be hitting 50-70 by searching w/ cyrus's. PONT is needed as well, but not so much as Cyrus's IMO. :)
  10. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    So far my bad matchup is Luxchomp. Right now those games are about 40-60. What other deck are in the format right now.
  11. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    Dos, Lostgar, Vilegar, LostVileGar, Sablock, Dchomp, Donk Trio, others.
  12. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    1. Agree that Cyrus is better. Not Switching that.

    2. Not sure about this as I like the VS Seeker. I might drop something else down from a 3-2 to compensate for another BTS.

    3. What Eevee do you suggest? The reason I chose the one I did is "Call for Family". If i'm stuck at the beginning of the game with just 1 basic and it happens to be Eevee, Call for Family every time. Likely will be able to pair up something else that is in my hand that way. I'd rather have that then Bite or Tackle any game as Eevee isn't my attacker, its evolutions are.
  13. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

  14. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

  15. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    If you want to improve your LuxChomp matchup, could you possibly put in a promocroak? I know it's SP and stuff, but it would help w/ the Luxray KO. That, or if you REALLY wanted to tech specifically against LuxChomp (and all SP i guess...) Put in a 1-0-1 of Machamp SF (if you're running 4 candies) if not,
    1-1-1 (with your BTS). Your rainbow energy on Roserade can be seekered and put on Machamp when needed... Other than that, just try to outplay LuxChomp... it's a TOUGH deck, one of the best right now.. still, 40-60 is GREAT for a rougue deck against Lux... you're doing fine, just learn how to counter it a little better :)
  16. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    My main problem with the deck are the Power Sprays. During my testing, The sprays are what get me. My deck is really dependend on Poke Powers. I need a way to avoid it. I was thinking on trying a control version of the deck though or run Vileplume.
  17. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    No... I'd just put in some Looker's Investigation and/or some Judge in stead of PONT or something. That might help a bit... Do you have this list up on the gym? I'll look for it and move this discussion over to it... it's barraging this poor person's help thread. :\
    Sorry darkness for wasting YOUR time with helping Vaporeon. :p
  18. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    I don't have my list up. Still working on the list.
  19. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Oh haha. when you get it up (and if you want my help) PM me and i'll help out. I ran something like this for FOREVER... never got it perfected, but i had it pretty good....
    This status-style deck inspired my latest deck theory post. :p Flaming Gliscor. Check it out in the deck help forum if you want?
  20. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    Ok. Getting back to the Pokemon in this deck here, as a refresher:

    3 -3 Roserade UL
    4 - Eevee RR49
    3 - Leafeon UD
    1 - Espeon Prime UD
    2 - Uxie LA
    1 - Mesprit LA
    3 - Jirachi RR
    1 - Shaymin UL
    1 - Shaymin LvX PL126 (Ground Form)

    Another forum reminded me that we're going to be having a format change around September. Giving that its likely that LA is going to be dropped what would you recommend changing the Uxie and Mesprit/Azelf to? You'd think that they would have added those back in Call of "Legends" but obviously not. Also, I'm likely to take out the Shaymin as I discovered I don't really have the LvX that I'd like for this one. So, thats like 5 cards to play with there if I keep the same numbers here... Discuss away..
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