Round 4 Grinders Report (Masters+List)

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  1. Dual_Draw

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    A month ago I decided to play Reshiphlosion, I went through a couple list changes early on, as I was never able to get up Ninetales consistently (Despite running 2-3) so I dropped that in favor of less energy and more draw support. It worked well enough a couple of weeks ago at a local tourney so I just decided to continue to use it.

    Thursday I'm able to update some of my stuff, getting an Oshawott deck box, 2 sets of Cheren/Purloin sleeves a new binder and a Sneasel dice case. I have a bit of an issue with my deck as I proceed to go 0-X on the day with it. I decide to build Samurott/Magnezone and for whatever reason I god draw with it, Connor throws in Donphan so we have a semi legitimate magnezone counter and I walk out of the hilton prepared to play that the next day. However, we test more and I eventually just go down to Donphan/Samurott/Dragons. As I'm about to go to sleep I realize that I'm more comfortable with Reshi and that I should just stick with that. I make a few changes including taking Tyrogue out for a 3rd Plus Power and somehow fitting in a Zekrom in the off chance I play some Samurott as well as fitting a Judge.

    While in line I overhear Jason K talking about how the rounds are 45 mins +3, kinda odd to hear that in line as I expected it to be a full hour, this should of thing should have been announced earlier. He is also talking about Twins, and wow did I forget about this card. I mull it over in line and decide to drop Judge in favor of it, it just makes so much sense in a format where you are going to going second is such a disadvantage that it probably will cost you a prize especially in a 45 minute time limit where you might need to go off at any time... I register with my list looking like this.

    4 Reshiram
    1 Zekrom
    4 Cyndaquil
    2 Quilava
    4 Typhlosion
    1 Cleffa
    1 Elekid

    4 Pokemon Collector
    4 Professor Oak's New Theory
    3 Pokemon Reversal
    3 Professor Juniper
    3 Pokemon Communication
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Plus Power
    3 Junk Arm
    2 Defender
    1 Revive
    1 Switch
    1 Twins
    1 Pokemon Circulator(Used in almost every win)

    11 Fire

    We then proceed to wait for 2 and a half hours(seriously?) only to find that we all got byes.

    Round 1 vs BYE
    @Guy throwing his head back every time to tell your friends who their paired against...STOP, just look at your pairings and leave. If I didn't move my head back you would have bashed my face in...several times.

    Round 2 vs PrimeTime

    I see a kingdra and lightning while he was shuffling and look forward to a tight match. My opponent asks me if I play YuGiOh because I keep a Shooting Star Dragon in my deck box to which I awkwardly reply no.

    Game 1: I open Cleffa/Juniper/Fire/Candy/Typhlosion/Collector/Other Cards and go second. He comms for Tyrogue get the point.

    Game 2: I remember opening strong enough to get early kills on benched Magnemites. He eventually gets a Kingdra and Magnezone up but is forgetting to Spray Splash and is having to sac prizes to get the energy on the magnezone. The Magnezone didn't really matter to me as I had already set 20 on it via Elekid so he was probably wary of that as well. I eventually just power through his field.

    Game 3: He opens Jirachi and attach passes. I go switch Reshi into Elekid, juniper and 20 him, he attach passes again and I Collector for basics, he once again attaches/passes and I Blue Flare for the game. GG

    Oh hey, lunch break, thanks for that...


    Round 3 vs Stage 1 Box(Donphan/Cinccino/Zoroark/Noctowl)

    I saw him playing next to me the round before so I knew what he was running, and I knew it didn't include Yanmega. With that in mind, I know he must be running a thicker Zoroark line, which might give me trouble so I decide that Typhlosion is probably my best bet here as Zoroark can't really effectively copy it and I'll eventually remove all his energies...

    Game 1: I go first and am able to set up with 1 Typhlosion by turn 3, he gets a much stronger board but I'm able to hit some key reversal flips to grab Outrage KOs on Zoruas. He gets back into it by KOing a couple Reshis with Cinccinos and then I go in with Typhlosions and just Flare Destroy his energy which led to a couple of missed drops on his part which led to me being able to come back into this game. Eventually I get a couple of Reshis up and take my last few prizes through those.

    Game 2: This game was odd, he took a couple of early prizes through Tyrogue and Donphan, and had a pretty set up field by T3. At one point I was down 6-4 and he had 4 energies on the board, so I figure I was pretty much out of it, I decide to Juniper in hopes of getting a Typhlosion up(I had a Quilava and 2 Cyndaquil on the board) and top decks Twins, which I use next turn to go into 3 Typhlosion, I then Flare Destroy for the next 5 turns and he misses more energy drops. After his Zoroarks are KO'd I sweep hard with Reshi and take the game. GG.

    Round 4 vs Stage 1 Box (Yanmega/Zoroark/Donphan)

    Obviously I'm feeling pretty confident after winning with Typhlosion in those last two matches. However, Yanmega adds a different element to this match in that in can consistently hit my bench. Obviously I have Reshi for that but T2 Yanmega is still a huge pest to deal with especially when you aren't drawing into Typhlosions.

    Game 1: He set up fairly well by T3, and I was mostly dead drawing. I'm able to take a couple prizes via manually powered Blue Flares but it makes no difference as he is too far ahead for me to catch up when I eventually get my 1 Typhlosion and I scoop when he has his last prize on board.

    Game 2: I set up godly with Cleffa/Energy/Collector t1, with T3 double typhlosion. I believe he had T2/3 Yanmega but struggled to set anything else up as quickly as I did, so I swept through his field.

    Game 3: I have a good start with Cleffa/Collector/Cyndaquil/Energy, so I have 3 Cyndaquil in play T1 but he gets a T2 Yanmega hitting for damage, and my cleffa stays asleep on the second turn, and I whiff on anything after the Eeek's plus and Oak's theory so I'm already down 1 Cyndaquil. I'm also missing energy drops this time and he sets up a Zoroark and a Donphan both with energy. He KOs my cleffa and I Oak's again, this time into dual collector/energy. I don't ever see a typhlosion or draw and he overpowers my board. GG.

    I didn't mind losing as I didn't make misplays which would have cost me the game, and my opponent absolutely deserved the win. I believe he went on to make T16.

    Saturday was spent checking in on Kabir, Jacob and Joey but mostly playing side events, between my self, Jack(Well, playing Metagross you didn't really win anything), Connor and Kevin we had won over 40 packs and had some fun drafting with them later.

    Sunday was the pre-release which had huge time issues as well(we got pairing an hour late and they were for the wrong flight...). Watched the TCG finals, and was glad to see both Reshi decks not playing Ninetales ;). Then we get to the VGC finals which declined now that all 3 matches were up there at once, too confusing for me to focus on more than one at a time.


    Switching decks at 3 times only to decide on the original deck at 2AM
    Other people I'm obviously forgetting
    Winning 2 rounds...I guess
    Aaron for grinding in

    Canadians other than Jacob not doing so well
    Horrible time management
  2. MGS-58

    MGS-58 Member

    should have played lugia :nonono: Great job nonetheless!! :D

    Did u tell the guy throwing his head back to stop. I would be raging if someone did that to me.

    "Obviously I have Reshi for that but T2 Yanmega is still a huge pest to deal with especially when you aren't drawing into Typhlosions."
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
  3. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Lugia was no doubt the play, I am just not good enough for it ;). I didn't want to bother as he wasn't hitting me. That was the only person I full on dead drew(with typhlosion) against over the whole weekend so you're not the only one who had to experience my amazing draw skills.
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Yay GJ.

    Also, Ricky, you should've seen him on Sunday night, he was topdecking like a pro. =P
  5. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    that wasn't top decking that was you being bad =D.

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