Ruby/Sapphire and Sandstorm Packs -- rarity?

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  1. Quick Q: Is it possible for you to get only a non-holo rare and a random RH in Ruby/Sapphire or Sandstorm packs, or is there either a holo or an EX in every pack now?

    I've bought 12 packs of SS and gotten 7 packs containing a Normal Holo, Reverse Holo, and non-holo Rare, and 5 packs containing an EX Pokemon, Reverse Holo, and non-holo Rare. Is this luck or normal pack distribution?
  2. BJJ763

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    Luck. Holos are still 1:3 packs. EX were supposed to be 1:3 also but the first print run of R&S had them packed out as a regular rare. Later printing had EX packed out at 1:3. With SS, it looks like EX are packed out 1:3 again.
  3. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    Packed as a regular rare? That explains why I've pulled 3 Ex Pokemon out of 6 packs at a gas station I just noticed had R&S. Hmm, $4 a pack, but if I can keep getting Ex.... :)
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  5. League Leader Terry

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    Heh, out of 9 packs from that gas station, I've gotten 5 Ex. :) Unfortunately, one was Sneasel. :( The other ones were nice, though. Magmar, Electabuzz (was actually looking for those 2), Chansey, and Mewtwo (woo hoo!!!).

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