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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by GodTrainer, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    here is a most recent rulling on TA and TM NRG

    "== AQUA ENERGY / MAGMA ENERGY (EX:Team Magma/Team Aqua)

    Q. Aqua Energy & Magma Energy state that they can only be attached to a
    Pokémon of the corresponding team name. What happens if I play a card,
    or attack, or Pokemon Power, etc. that lets me move it to a Pokémon
    that is on the opposite team, or to no team at all?
    A. Aqua Energy & Magma Energy can only be moved onto another Pokémon of
    the same team name. You cannot move an Aqua Energy onto a Team Magma
    Pokemon or one without "Team Aqua" in its name (and vice versa). (Apr
    15, 2004 PUI Rules Team)
    == AQUA ENERGY / MAGMA ENERGY (EX:Team Magma/Team Aqua)"

    this rulling is incorrect as per stated

    there as been a long history of "attaching" and "moving" being two diffrent events. When you NRG trans NRG, your not acctualy attatching NRG (i know that this is how its been ruled) as the "attaching" refers to the placement of NRG from the hand or discard (i belive discard? bascicly out of play to back into play) and moving is something diffrent

    so the card says that you cant attach it to a NON same team pokemon


    It sayes nothing about not being able to MOVE it to a non same team pokemon

    SO SORRY PUI we got you on this one (unless you take the cheep way out and errata it)

    *ok time for a tangent, PUI you need to stop making ruleings based on the way "you think" cards should be played, if the card does not say it should be played a certain way SO SAD TO BAD we got you on something, and we should beable to take advangate of it. LOOK MORE CAREFULLY AT THE CARDS NEXT TIME BEFORE PRINTING! basiclaly i hate erratas that go against a good new combo, i swear the conversation over at PUI goes something like this

    "hey did you hear what the kids are saying bout that new card"
    "well they aparently found a loop hole and are working some really cool combos with it"

    *ok end tangent

    basicly the card should have had the line at the end

    "If Team (insert aqua or magma here) energy becomes attached to a pokemon with out (insert team name here) in its name, then discard Team (insert team name here) energy."

    but it dosent

    let us get away with the combo :D :D
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Team Compendium and PUI had a long discussion about exactly the points you are making.
    PUI is hanging their hat, so to speak, on the specific wording of the cards.

    For example, if the cards had said, "You may only attach [X] Energy to [specific restrictions]..." then they feel that you would be allowed to move it to a restricted Pokemon or evolve into a restricted Pokemon and the card would stay attached.

    However, the energy cards in question have this wording: "[X] Energy can be attached only to [specific restrictions]..."
    This wording, they feel, is totally different.
    In the first example, 'attach' is a verb and is only checked at the time of the action, the attaching from the Hand.
    In the second example, 'attached' is an adjective (grammarians, correct me if I've got this wrong). As such, it is a definition of a state of being (that of 'attached') and so is constantly checked.
    (Is it attached to a bad thing now? No,OK....Is it attached to a bad thing now? Yes...Discard!)

    I'm not saying that I agree with the way they choose to make this distinction. However, I can understand it and it does have a logic to it such that errata is not required.
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