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Discussion in 'Conventions' started by JandPDS, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    The Sakura-con Anime convention is April 22-24 in Seattle. As allways we will have our Pokemon tournaments Saturday April 23rd.

    The unlimited 60 card constructed event will have registration starting at 9:00 AM and the tourament starting at 9:30 AM. There is no entry fee but you must have your own deck cards.

    The booster event starts with registration at 12:00 noon and the tournament starting at 12:30 pm. The enty fee is $20.00 for the 6 packs of your choice. The cards of course are yours to keep and you will be contructing your 40 card deck fom the booster packs you choose. No trading. We will have basic energy for you to borrow for the event.

    There will be prizes for both tournaments in additon to Sakura-con Petal Points for the Sakura-con prize room. The winners of each age group will recieve petal points, others placings depending on particpation.

    You will need a Sakura-con badge to be able to particpate. So if you have ever played pokemon and you will be going to the con this year, we hope to see you there.
  2. Final Boss

    Final Boss New Member

    So Professor Oak and Bill are supporters from now on?
  3. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Bill is a supporter.

    Professor Oak, Impostor Professor Oak, and Impostor Professor Oak's Invention are still trainers.

    Professor Oak's Visit, Professor Oak's New Theory, and Professor Oak's Research are supporters.
  4. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Yes that is correct. Also there "MAY" be annother special pokemon event at Sakura-con but right now it is just a maybe. (hopefully it will happen)
  5. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Unfortunately the mysterious special Pokemon event Jeff is referring to was not approved by the powers that be.
  6. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    That is too bad. Maybe next year if we get started earlier we can make it happen, The submission deadline for events did pass in mid February so we knew it was a long shot.
  7. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    uck I want to go to this one year, unlimited event FTW
  8. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Oh I regret to inform you that it will be swiss not the single elimination that you prefer :wink:
  9. Final Boss

    Final Boss New Member

    Are we going to use the current TCG ruling or are we going to swtich to the new b/w rules?
  10. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    We will be playing "Current" pre-black and white rules, but I will allow black and white cards to be used if someone has them. I am ruling that all cards be played as written. so if your potion card says remove 20 you remove 20, if your potion card says remove 30 them remove 30.

    Only exception to this will be that all Bill cards will be considered to be a supporter.
  11. daniken

    daniken New Member

    Ok, so I've recently gotten back into Pokemon and thought I'd bring some decks to con with me for kicks and giggles. Seeing as how I've been out of the loop for a while I just want to ask question or two:

    1. Most of my decks are made up of old cards, like WotC old. Are these still acceptable?
    2. I recall reading somewhere in the tournament section something about character sleeves not being allowed in tournaments, I just received a bunch from Japan and I'm not to excited about the idea of going through and un-sleeving my decks.
    3. Lastly, concerning gym leader's Pokemon, can I play an evolved form on a base Pokemon if the evolved is not a gym leader version? i.e. playing "Arcanine" on "Blaine's Growlithe", would that be acceptable?

    Sorry, I know this isn't really the right place for my questions, but seeing as how Sakura-con is the only place I'll really be playing outside my game group I wanted to make sure.
  12. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    1. Since the 9 AM tournament is Unlimited, those old cards are still acceptable. I believe that the only card that is not allowed in an Unlimited tournament is Ancient Mew - it was a movie promo and it doesn't have English text for the attack, hit points, weakness, etc.

    2. Sleeves are allowed, but they must have a Pokemon theme and must have single color edges. If you recently bought your sleeves, they are likely legal.

    3. No, you cannot evolve "Blaine's Growlithe" into "Arcanine." If you read the text on Arcanine, it says it evolves from "Growlithe", not "Blaine's Growlithe." The gym leader's name must be present on both stages of evolution. If you read Blaine's Arcanine, it says it evolves from "Blaine's Growlithe."
  13. Final Boss

    Final Boss New Member

    David-How could you? Seriously?! They have to be pokemon theme sleeves. This is not a premier event you know. And this is suppose to be an anime convention where you can use any sleeves you want. Especially, anime sleeves.

    JandPDS- help me out here plweeeze?
  14. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Sorry Mike, but if it is a sanctioned tournament, then it must follow the tournament rules.
  15. Final Boss

    Final Boss New Member

    *Takes out a razor and shaved David's head* AGAIN!
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2011
  16. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Thanks for the reminder. I do need a haircut tonight.
  17. Gillig

    Gillig New Member

    I'd go but I am broke :(
  18. r3skyline

    r3skyline New Member

    Wow old bump
    Posted with Mobile style...
  19. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Sakuracon Pokemon 2012

    There will be Pokemon-TCG at Sakura con 2012. As soon as we recieve that everything is finalized I will post it herer on the Gym. But if you have particapted at Sakura Con in the past you know the format. Each year we have grown larger and larger its been fantastic.
  20. Stuart Hayden

    Stuart Hayden New Member

    I'm going to SakCon. I was going to play Pokemon while I was there but all of my decks were stolen on Monday.

    So, now I'm just going just to go.

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