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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dragonette, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. dragonette

    dragonette New Member

    my deck is powerfull and works good, but the thing is that it is slow in geting out my pokemon

    2 salamence-2 colorless direct hit-2 fires and water if you discard the water this att. does 100 damage to one of his/her bench pokemon or if you discard all the fire you do 100 to the deffending pokemon.sw
    1 salmence ex-:fire::fire::colorless:colorless-volcanic flame 150-discard the top 5 cards off your deck
    :water::water::colorless:colorlessdiscard all :water: energy you do 30 damage to all of the defending pokemons

    3 shelgon sw
    4 bagon-2 sw-2pk
    2 delcatty pk
    2 skitty cg
    2 magnemite pk
    2 magneton pk


    4 rare candy
    2 copy cat
    2 drakes stadium
    4 roseannes reasearch
    1 night maintenace
    3 er2
    2 super scoop up
    1 warp point
    1 speed stadium


    7 water
    7 fire
    4 dre
    2 scramble energy

    its a good deck like i said but needs some work i just wont your ideas and suggestons plz post on here if you have a good idea. ty
  2. Here:

    4 Bagon(SW)
    3 Shelgon(SW)
    4 Salamence EX D
    1 Swablu D
    2 Alteria EX D
    1 POrygon
    2 Porygon 2

    4 Scotts
    3 BeBe's
    2 Professer Elms
    3 Mentors
    4 Prof Oaks Visit
    2 Stevens
    3 Windstorm
    2 Lake Boundry
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Roseanes

    13 Water
  3. dragonette

    dragonette New Member

    i would still need fireenergy for the salamence ex
  4. Different Salamence
  5. dragonette

    dragonette New Member

    oo ok ill look up
  6. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Memory Berry!:smile: :thumb: :smile: :thumb: :smile: :thumb: :smile: :thumb: :smile: :thumb:
  7. Rin

    Rin New Member

    4 salamence ex is a little ridiculous. the game would be over after two salamence and one altaria. ex decks arn't very successful anymore. and colorless weakness is going to be pretty harsh because of togekiss. especially the x2 on the ex. altaria is a good idea though.

    i wish i could give more positive help.. but i'll keep thinking.
  8. adam1818

    adam1818 New Member

    i play it with togekiss and claydol it is a very fast deck

    SLOW DECK New Member

    Memory Berry and Unown Z are definitely cards to consider, but in reality Just Unknown Z.
  10. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Me and my friend both Top 8 with that set up but lost because of psychic lock at our S/P/T championship

    Both of us were (5-1) going into top 8 and i was 2nd seed and he was 3rd seed
    His only lose was to me and mine was to my friend who techs against us

    Here's the report
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