Salamence ex Deck (Modified Format)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dunsparce Fan 206, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    While I was looking over card scans, one that caught my eye was Salamence ex from Power Keepers. It has a really powerful attack that doesn't make you discard any energy from salamence, so you can use it every turn once he's charged up. The only problem is that this attack also makes you discard five cards from your deck. But what if you could easily shuffle those discarded cards back into your deck? That is the idea that this deck is centered around. So, without further ado, I present you:

    _____________ (working title, maybe 'Saggron' or 'The Blimp Menace' would be good :biggrin:):

    Pokemon (17):
    4 Drifloon (DP) or 3 Aron (PK) and 1 Lairon (MT)
    3 Drifblim (DP) or 3 Aggron (MT)
    2 Bagon (PK)
    2 Bagon d (DF)
    1 Shelgon (PK)
    1 Shelgon d (DF)
    3 Salamence ex (PK)
    1 Salamence ex d (DF)

    Trainers (24):
    4 Night Mantinence
    4 Energy Recycle System
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Holon Mentor
    3 Celio’s Network
    2 Switch
    2 Castaway
    1 Holon Adventurer
    1 Buffer Piece
    1 Cessation Crystal

    Energy (19):
    7 Fire
    6 Water
    6 Psychic or 4 Special Metal and 2 Basic Metal

    The strategy is pretty simple: use Salamence ex to do 150 damage per turn (after turn 3) and then restore your deck with Drifloon or Aggron and the various trainer cards.

    So, some of my questions about this deck are: should I use Aggron or Drifblim? Is the setup too slow and if so how can I help make it faster?

    Thanks in advance for your advice and [constructive] criticism. :thumb:
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  2. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Use Altaria ex with Salamence ex. Drop the other pkmn and replace it with a 3-3 Altaria ex line. You also will need a 1-1 Blastoise d line to counter blissy.
  3. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    ^^^ Yes, Blissey will be a HUGE problem! But don't forget, Salamence pwns Infernape and Lucario/Mario since it has resistances. But Infernape decks play Delcatty ex, so gg. Infernape is dying though, so that is not that great of a benefit anymore.

    You seem to focus a lot on restoring cards to your deck. I think you do this too much, those cards slow you down at the start of the game. I recommend some draw, preferably Bill's Maintenance or Copycat since they don't put you at a risk of drawing too much without putting anything back in. This deck will be VERY slow without any energy acceleration. I used to play a similar deck, and without Altaria ex, there is no hope. This format is all about speed. You'll probably have lost the game by the time you manually attach 4 energy cards and made it up to Salamence ex. You should really consider this. I'd remove the Drifloon line since you play a lot of trainers that recycle cards. Hope this helps!
  4. redostrike

    redostrike New Member

    I would also rather go for the swablu, altaria ex option, cause then you could go whit castforms (then you can maybe tech something you could tech in an groudon ex for blissy decks but that your own choise of course always look whats hot at your league/tourney area) And try to make room for an 1-1 or 2-2 Fearow line spearow is not that great for a starter but it's nice as it lets you draw a card. It's also a great starter agianst mario.
  5. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    A single Mantine DF tech could help reduce the chance of decking out, it puts an energy on top of your deck each turn. TGW is another viable option, since it lets you put your whole hand into your deck, then you don't even have to take any cards bacl since it says UP TO 3/6 cards.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Oh yeah, and once Gargchom Lv.X hits America, there is another combo!
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  6. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    ^ that is a scarry thought.
  7. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    maybe delcatt y ex for upstream just a thought
  8. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    I'd prefer 2 of each Salamence, the Drifloon 1-1 might be an interesting idea and a nice 'free retreat' placeholder, but then go for the Altaria ex and H. Castform draw.
  9. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Swampert ex+catty is the play. Stoise d is soo key for this deck to beating blissey (although, it can beat blissey without it). I played this last weekend, going 4-2 (5-1, but I pretty much gave up my round 5 game....), including 2-0 against blissey varients. It's truely beastly when set-up...but that is where the problem lies. It can be very inconsistant at times. On your list, ditch the energy recycle systems for 3 tv reporter and a memory berry (sick card with rage). Lose the celios for PETM. Tv>adventuer, so ditch the ad for another tv. Finally, I would consider dropping the censation crystal and 1 NM for 2 copy cat/wager (these can be life saving if your deck is running thin, and obviously double as draw power).
  10. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    Ok, so I took all you guy's advice and here's what I came up with:

    Pokemon (20):
    2 Bagon (PK)
    1 Bagon d (DF)
    1 Shelgon (PK)
    1 Shelgon d (DF)
    2 Salamence ex (PK)
    1 Salamence ex d (DF)
    2 Squirtle (CG#64)
    2 Blastoise d (CG)
    2 Swablu (DF)
    2 Altaria ex d (DF)
    1 Spearow (CG)
    1 Fearow d (CG)
    1 Mantine d (DF)
    1 Holon’s Castform (HP)

    Trainers (25):
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Holon Mentor
    3 Night Maintenance
    3 Professor Elm’s Training Method
    2 Switch
    2 Team Galactic’s Wager
    2 Castaway
    1 Copycat
    1 Energy Recycle System
    1 Buffer Piece
    1 Memory Berry
    1 TV Reporter or 1 Bill’s Maintenance or 1 Holon Adventurer <-- Which one do you think is best?

    Energy (15):
    6 Water
    5 Fire
    3 d Rainbow
    1 Double Rainbow

    Thanks for all your help so far. If I can afford all 5 ex's, maybe I'll use this in some tournaments. Is there anything else you think I should change (like maybe put back in a 1-1 Drifblim tech, even though this deck is pretty tech-ridden)?
    EDIT: oh yeah, is there any room for a delcatty ex tech (might work better than drifloon)?
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