Sale! $1-2 cards! Lots here!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Light Venusaur, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    Here is my selling list. I decided to keep some sets, and to break apart others. So this is a revised list, with LOTS added! If the total doesn't come to $4 or more when you order, $1 shipping, otherwise it's on me.

    There are 3 sections. The first are the $2 holo cards. ALL the cards are $2 The second section are ALL $1 holos. The third section are rares and promos, which ALL are 50 cents. BTW, ALL cards are MINT or in VERY good condition.

    NOTE: If you want to buy ALL my (un)commons in bulk, i'll sell ALL commons for 1 cent each and uncommons for 2 cents each. As for rares, if you want to buy in bulk, i'll sell those for 20 cents each.

    ***** $2 HOLOS BELOW *****

    Expedition HOLOS:

    Expedition REVERSE HOLOS:
    #5 Butterfree
    #11 Fearow
    #15 Kingler
    #21 Ninetales
    #22 Pichu
    #23 Pidgeot
    #24 Poliwrath
    #34 Ampharos
    #37 Blastoise
    #46 Feraligatr
    #53 Meganium
    #54 Meganium
    #58 Pichu
    #62 Rapidash
    #64 Typhlosion
    #66 Tyranitar
    #104 Cyndaquil
    Energy Search
    Power Charge
    Super Scoop Up

    Neo Genesis - Revelation Holos:
    Dark Ampharos
    Dark Crobat
    Dark Donphan
    Dark Gengar
    Dark Porygon2
    Dark Scizor
    Dark Tyranitar
    Light Arcanine
    Light Azumarill
    Light Dragonite
    Light Togetic
    Miracle Energy
    NR Ampharos
    NR Magneton
    NR Suicune
    ND Wobbuffet
    NG 1st edition Ampharos
    NG 1st edition Heracross
    NG 1st edition Togetic
    NG 1st edition Bellossom
    NG 1st edition Skarmory
    NG Bellossom

    ***** $1 HOLOS LISTED BELOW *****

    Base - Gym Challenge Holos:
    Blaines Arcanine 1/e $2
    Blaine's Charizard 1/e $3
    Erika's Venusaur 1/e
    Giovanni's Gyarados 1/e
    Giovanni's Machamp 1/e $2
    Giovanni's Nidoking 1/e
    Koga's Beedrill 1/e
    Koga's Ditto 1/e
    Lt. Surges Raichu 1/e
    Misty's Golduck 1/e
    Misty's Gyarados 1/e
    Rockets Mewtwo 1/e $3
    Rockets Zapdos 1/e $3
    Sabrinas Alakazam 2x
    Giovannis Persian 2x
    Sabrina 1/e
    Giovanni 1/e
    Koga 1/e
    Blaine 1/e
    Blain'es Moltres
    Brocks Rhydon 2x
    Erika's Clefable
    Erikas Dragonair
    Erikas Vileplume
    Lt. Surges Electabuzz
    Lt. Surges Fearow
    Lt. Surges Magneton
    Mistys Seadra
    Mistys Tentacruel
    The Rocket's Trap
    Lt. Surge
    Dark Alakazam 2x
    Dark Arbok
    Dark Blastoise
    Dark Charizard
    Dark Dragonite
    Dark Golbat
    Dark Hypno
    Dark Machamp
    Dark Magneton
    Dark Slowbro
    Dark Vileplume
    Dark Gyarados 2x
    Dark Dugtrio 3x
    Dark Weezing 2x
    Dark Raichu
    Rocket's Sneak Attack
    Here Comes Team Rocket
    B2 Nidoking (played)
    B2 Poliwrath
    B2 Mewtwo
    J Nidoqueen
    B Venusaur
    B Alakazam
    B Clefairy
    B Nidoking (played)
    B Magneton
    B 1st edition Machamp 2x (played) (1x Shadowless)

    RARES/PROMOS for 50 cents

    Pikachu #1
    Pikachu #4
    Mew #8 (Sealed and non)
    Computer Error #16
    Scizor #33
    Entei #34 (Sealed)
    Mew # 47
    Celebi #50
    Marill #?? (Sealed, forgot the #)
    Ancient Mew (Sealed and non)
    W stamped Brock’s Vulpix


    Neo Genesis – Neo Destiny: (Have multiples of some cards, just ask!)
    Dark Magcargo
    Dark Ariados
    Dark Omastar
    Dark Slowking
    Dark Ursaring
    Light Dragonair
    Light Lanturn
    Light Ledian
    Light Machamp
    Light Piloswine
    Unown G
    Unown H
    Unown W
    Unown X
    Raikou 1/e
    Elekid 1/e
    Houndour (Fire)
    Entei 1/e
    Dark Ariados
    Light Ledian
    Unown W
    Kingdra 1/e
    Radio Tower
    Imposter Prof. Oak’s Invention
    Arcade Game
    Thought Wave Machine
    Time Capsule
    Pokegear 1/e
    Mary 1/e
    EXP. ALL

    Gym – Base:
    Brocks Dugtrio 1/e
    Blaines Ninetales 1/e
    Giovanni’s Pinsir 1/e
    Giovanni’s Arbok 1/e
    Giovanni’s Nidoqueen 1/e
    Kogas Muk 1/e
    Lt. Surges Jolteon 1/e
    Sabrina’s Gengar 1/e
    Brocks Golem
    Brocks Onix
    Brocks Rhyhorn
    Brocks Sandslash
    Brocks Zubat
    Erika’s Clefairy
    Erika’s Victreebel
    Lt. Surges Electabuzz
    Lt. Surges Raichu
    Mistys Cloyster
    Mistys Goldeen
    Mistys Poliwrath
    Mistys Tentacool
    Sabrinas Venomoth
    Dark Alakazam
    Dark Arbok
    Dark Dugtrio
    Dark Gyarados
    Dark Hypno
    Dark Magneton
    Dark Slowbro
    Dark Weezing
    Dark Vileplume
    Dark Machamp
    Here Comes Team Rocket
    Rockets Sneak Attack
    J Venomoth
    B2 Victreebel
    B2 Beedrill
    B Beedrill
    Koga’s Pidgeotto
    Rocket’s Snorlax
    Sabrina’s Golduck
    Imposter Prof. Oak
    Chaos Gym 1/e
    Clefairy Doll
    B2 Lass
    Devolution Spray
    Sabrina 1/e
  2. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Yeah, yeah, I thought I was getting a list.

    To quote soslopoke, feh....
  3. Dark_Platypus

    Dark_Platypus New Member

    RARES/PROMOS for 50 cents

    Light Piloswine(des)
    Raikou 1/e(rev)
    Entei 1/e(rev)
    Kingdra 1/e(gen/rev)
    Mary 1/e(gen)

    total $5
  4. james

    james New Member

    i need some of your card how do i buy them
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Hey Joe, Long time, no hear from. We made a deal months ago for me to send you some cards, and you to send me some cards. Funny thing, I sent mine, but I didn't get yours. Just to jog your memory, I sent 4 skyridge rares, a w stamped wartortle, and a shadowless poliwrath. You were supposed to send a 1st edition blaine's moltres, an expedition reverse holo poliwag and an expedition reverse holo poliwrath. Apparently you still have the poliwrath and the poliwag from what I see in your list. We sent some private messages back and forth including one from you that wanted more cards from me. After a while you stopped replying to my private messages. I wonder what happened, Joe. Oh, and I think there's someone else that was wondering what happened too. Have you forgotten about Shining Umbreon as well? I expect a lot of these folks would like to see what happens between you and I before something else happens. Any suggestions? I'll edit this post when I see your cards in my hand, or a suitable replacement. Until that time I wouldn't advise anyone to do any business with you.

    By the way, I still have all the private messages in my folders to prove everything that was said in this post. What you do now is up to you.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2003
  6. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Hmmm, ... no reply yet after my previous post was up for over 3 days. Well what do you think everyone? Should I give even more details? Perhaps even Joe's full name and address? I guess 3 more days aren't long to wait considering I've already waited this long.
  7. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    hi how many celebi promos u have?
  8. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    How about it, Joe. Do you think you could give a reply and try to work this out? I know pride means a lot to people, personally I pride myself on being as good a trader as I can, but if I did something that another trader objected to, I'd be quick to fix the situation. Especially when my reputation is concerned. Perhaps you don't value your reputation quite so much, but I'm sure you wouldn't want it dragged in the mud either. Answer back, start paying attention to other people's concerns and I'll stop. Let me know.
  9. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    Well, I'd be happy to take a Celebi and Ho-Oh off your hands (50 cent ones). That's $2, I believe, including S&H?
  10. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    Hmm. Need Pikachus, And Celibi
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