San Diego City Championship, FRIDAY 11/29

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  1. SD PokeMom

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    :pokeball:San Diego City Championship:pokeball:

    **Friday** November 29, 2013
    (yes, Friday...the day after Thanksgiving! Why fight the crowds at the mall when you can battle your fellow Pokémon trainers? :lol: :thumb:)

    Registration Time:


    :pokeball:San Diego Games and Comics:pokeball:

    9910 Mira Mesa Blvd. Suite C, San Diego CA 92131

    Entry fee: $10 for Masters (cash only please), free for Juniors/Seniors

    Modified format. Decklist required; please be onsite with your decklist filled out by 10:15 am or you may be marked late and/or receive a R1 loss.

    DeckCHECKS will be required for all junior players, and for all players for whom this is a first constructed format tournament. All other players may opt out of the initial deckcheck but will still be held responsible for any issues with their deck's legality.

    Tournament prizes in each age group are as follows:

    • Masters – 36 TGC Booster Packs
    • Seniors – 18 TGC Booster Packs
    • Juniors – 18 TGC Booster Packs

    2nd Place
    • Masters – 20 TGC Booster Packs
    • Seniors – 10 TGC Booster Packs
    • Juniors – 10 TGC Booster Packs

    3rd & 4th Places
    • Masters – 10 TCG Booster Packs
    • Seniors – 4 TCG Booster Packs
    • Juniors – 4 TCG Booster Packs

    5th thru 8th Places
    • Masters – 4 TCG Booster Packs

    9th thru 12th Places
    • Masters – 2 TCG Booster Packs

    Raffle/door prizes TBA :)

    Please bring your Player ID!

    If you do not have a player ID we can assign you one that morning, or alternatively you can get one by following the instructions here:

    As a courtesy to the restaurants and other businesses in the retail complex, please use the parking structure located up the driveway across the street from SDGC.

    Hope to see you there! Any questions, please contact me via PM or at [email protected] com.
  2. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    trophies, promos and other product are here, hope to see you friday! happy thanksgiving all :)
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  3. Dragon100

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    those days.... its me Rishwyn

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