SceppyGrowth Eeveelutions [report]

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  1. Hamster92

    Hamster92 New Member

    SceppyGrowth Eeveelutions

    26 Pokémon

    4 Eevee LV.14 (MD)
    2 Leafeon LV.42 (MD)
    2 Leafeon LV.X (MD)
    1 Glaceon LV.44 (MD)
    1 Glaceon LV.X (MD)
    1 Umbreon (MD)
    1 Espeon (MD)
    2 Tangela (GE)
    2 Tangrowth (GE)
    2 Treecko (GE)
    2 Grovyle (GE)
    2 Sceptile (GE)
    1 Baltoy (GE)
    1 Claydol (GE)
    2 Phione LV.23 (MD)

    19 Trainers

    4 Bebe’s Search
    4 Roseanne’s Research
    2 Professor Oak’s Visit
    1 Team Galactic’s Wager
    3 Premier Ball
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Warp Point
    1 Lake Boundary
    1 Dawn Stadium

    15 Energy

    11 Grass Energy
    4 Multi Energy

    Now I'm gonna explain why I use the cards I use. Starting with the Pokémon.


    Leafeon LV.X (MD)
    The main focus is set on Leafeon. For absolutely every Energy you have on your Pokémon it attack plusses 10 damage. And its Power, Energy Forcing, works very well with both Leafeon's and Tangrowth's attacks. You use Energy forcing to give Tangrowth many Grass Energy and maybe som other Pokémon to to faster hit harder.


    Leafeon LV.42 (MD)
    I prefer Leafeon LV.42 instead of Leafeon LV.40 because of its attack, Leaf Guard. With Spiral Drain you just remove 1 damage counter from Leafeon. With Leaf Guard all damage done to Leafeon under your opponents next turn is reduced by 20. Leaf Blade can Sceptile do better because of its HP.
    Leaf Guard can be good to use sometimes instead of Verdant Dance.


    Glaceon LV.X (MD)
    The only reason of using Glaceon is to tech Infernape and Magmortar. Both uses Typhlosion because of Fire Starter, but with an Active Glaceon LV.X you may be able to destroy your opponents setup. Plus both Infernape and Magmortar has Weakness against Glaceon. Glaceon OHKO Magmortar with its Avalanche, but uses two hits on Infernape.


    Glaceon LV.44 (MD)
    The reason of using Glaceon LV.44 instead of Glaceon LV.46 is because you can THKO Infernape whithout being hurted by anything. One of the reasons Glaceon works perfect *** tech, beside the Poké-Body and that Infernape has Weakness to it.


    Umbreon (MD)
    Umbreon removes Leafeon's and Glaceon's Weakness and give them free Retreat Cost. Comes good when both of them are Pokémon LV.X and one Benched Leafeon LV.X and one Active Leafeon LV.X are very good because of Energy Forcing. And you don't want to waste Energy with this deck.
    Infernape does only need 2 Energy to OHKO Leafeon whithout Umbreon. With Umbreon it needs at least 3 Energys to OHKO Leafeon.


    Espeon (MD)
    Espeon gives Leafeon and Glaceon +20HP. Leafeon gets 130HP and Glaceon gets 120HP. Espeon is also good for teching Infernape. With Espeon and Umbreon added it needs at least 4 Energys for OHKO Leafeon.

    Eevee LV.14 (MD)
    Eevee for evolving to the Eeveelutions and get Benched Eevees with Call For Family. Its the reason I use Eevee LV.14 instead of Eevee LV.12.


    Tangrowth (GE)
    Someone needs to hold the Energys that makes Leafeons attack stronger. The best Pokémon to do that is Tangrowth. The criterias were an Grass Pokémon that can't be overloaded. With overloaded I mean for example not giving a Pokémon that neeeds 3 Energys to attack 4 Energys or more. Tangrowth needs many Energys to attack hard so in this case it works perfect. It also works good with Sceptile and can then be used as second attacker or something like that.

    Tangela (GE)
    Tangela is put in the deck only for evolve to Tangrowth. Maybe Vine Invite could be good sometimes.


    Sceptile (GE)
    The only reason i put in Sceptile was because of the Poké-Body. Sceptile are not going to attack, at least you don't have anything to attack with except of Claydol. Actually Sceptile is in the deck only for doubling the power of Leafeon's and Tangrowth's attacks. If it needs to attack sometimes, it would be the last attacker before Claydol.

    Grovyle (GE)
    Grovyle is put in the deck only for evolve from Treecko and evolve to Sceptile.

    Treecko (GE)
    Only for evolving it to Grovyle.


    Claydol (GE)
    Every deck needs speed and Claydol is the perfect Pokémon for getting some speed. I use many different Pokémon so Claydol is especially important. And it is always fun to resirculate your deck.

    Baltoy (GE)
    Only for evolving it to Claydol. Psychic Balance could be alternate when you don't have other Basic Pokémon in your hand og on your Bench. Retreat it as fast as you get a new Basic Pokémon in play.


    Phione LV.23 (MD)
    Phione were borned to be starter inn Eeveelutions. The meaning of it is to evolve all the Eeevees. To what depends on wich deck your opponent plays. Not only the Eevees are going to be evolved by this.

    We move on to the Trainers, Supporters and Stadiums.

    Bebe's Search
    I don't think Phione has too few Hit Points, but it could be easy to knock out, Use Bebe's Search when you miss some of the evolved Pokémon that didn't came out before Phione were knocked out.
    And Bebe's Search helps Claydols Cosmic Power a lot.

    Roseanne's Research
    Energy are very important in this deck, especially getting them in your hand. Leafeon's Energy Forcing let you put one more Energy on your Pokémons each turn. Having two Leafeon in play means you be able to put two more Energy on your Pokémons each turn. You need to load your Pokémons with Energy faster to hit harder.

    Professor Oak's Visit
    Don't use it too much when you have Claydol in play, but could be good when your having a rotten time of getting the cards you wants to your hand.

    Team Galactic's Wager
    Works very well with Claydol and actually Glaceon to. Especially when your opponent looses on "Rock-Paper-Scissor". If your opponent looses and has Claydol in play, of course he uses Claydols Cosmic Power to get two more cards to his hand. Bur if you have an Active Glaceon LV.X, he can't use Claydols Poké-Power and noone others either.

    Premier Ball
    Just for getting Pokémon LV.X faster in play and let Bebe's Search get something other that you need.
    Also good when you have two of the same Pokémon LV.X in your deck. One are in the Prize Cards and the other one in the deck. You get the one from the deck an plays it until its knocked out. Then you can get it back from the discard pile instead of waiting for drawing the right Prize Card.

    Night Maintenance
    Energy plays a big role in this deck. You loooses Energy when you looses Pokémons, but with Night Maintenance you could bring back 3 cards of Pokémon cards or Basic Energy cards to your deck and use them once again.

    Warp Point
    When you don't have time to wait for an Umbreon to get in your hand. Just use Warp Point for switching an Active Leafeon LV.X with an Benched Leafeon LV.42 and get two Leafeon LV.X faster. And you maybe destroyes a little of your opponent's plan.

    Lake Boundary
    Some of youe Pokémons don't have Weakness against anything, but your opponent's Pokémons has. So why not use Lake Boundary and double damage from your Pokémons attacks?

    Dawn Stadium
    Works perfect in this deck when you think of how you play your Energy's.

    And at last the Energys.

    Grass Energy
    Grass Pokémon is the mainattackers so many Grass Energys are important.


    Multi Energy
    Instead og using Energy types like Psychic and Darkness to let Espeon and Umbreon attack, I use Multi Energy. Since it produces every type of Energy at a time I think it works better than using separated Energy types.

    I really want to get help whit doing it better if it could be.
    Thank you for all help I'm getting ^^
  2. treyh37

    treyh37 Member

    i'd try and removed a few lines if you can while adding others and more trainers, ie you likely want 2-2 claydol and you have 5 stage 1 eevees but you can only have 4 eevees, you'll likely want a rare candy or 3 to get sceptile out quicker, might also want to swap a night maintenance for an energy restore, replace a premier ball with a quick or dusk ball, maybe a call energy or two as well.

    oh and be aware special energy cards shouldn't be put on tangrowth if possible cause powerwhip can't use them
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