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  1. politoed 186

    politoed 186 New Member

    pokemon 21

    4 turtwig

    3 grotle

    2 torterra

    1 torterra lv.x

    2 treecko

    1 grovyle

    1 sceptile

    1 chikorita

    1 bayleef

    1 meganium

    1 tangela

    1 tangrowth

    1 herracross

    1 pachirisu

    trainers 19

    2 celios network

    2 team galactics mars

    1 great ball

    1 leftovers

    2 rare candys

    1 pluspower

    2 dusk ball

    1 professor elms training method

    1 premier ball

    1 copycat

    1 felicitys drawing

    1 tv reporter

    1 buffer piece

    1 bebes research

    1 scott

    energys 20

    20 grass energy
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  2. deogg

    deogg New Member

    The big problem I see is that you're running THREE full evolution lines, and on top of that only two Rare Candies. Either go with JUST Torterra or JUST Venusaur. Also another problem I see is that you have VERY little draw power. Trainers, trainers, trainers! You have very little way of drawing more cards, or to evolve your Pokemon quickly.

    For my suggestions I'm going to assume you're using Torterra as your main attacker
    The Venusaur line. Running both AND trying to run Sceptile just slows things down big time.
    1 Grotle
    1 Trecko (if you're using Sceptile in a supporting role to help out your main attacker, a 2-1-2 line would work fine)

    2x Rare Candy (with running two Level 2 lines, 4 Rare Candies is a must)
    1x Torterra (a 3-2-3-1 Torterra line would probably be the best)
    Any of the following (and in multiples is possible):
    Prof Oak's Visit
    Great Ball
    *MAYBE* Premier Ball
    Steven's Advice
    TV Reporter
    Plus Power
    Warp Point

    Some other stuff that might help:
    Team Galactic's Wager
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  3. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    remove potions, rival, and 40% of the pokemon

    add more drawing cards like POV...
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