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  1. Skeith

    Skeith New Member

    Edit: I changed my deck around abit. I am not running Exeggutor any more.

    Pokemon: (22)

    3-2-3 Sceptile GE (1 from POP 4)
    3-3 Tangrowth GE
    2 Celebi MT
    2-2 Furret SW
    1-0-1 Blastiose d (CG) * as a tech

    Energy: (18)

    16 Grass Energy
    2 Scramble Energy

    Trainers: (20)

    x4 Celio's Network
    x3 Night Maintenance
    x2 Windstorm
    x3 Professor Oak's Visit
    x3 Rare Candy
    x3 Roseanne's Research
    x2 Warp Point

    Strategy: I would start out with Furret, setting up with Keen Eye, or Celebi getting Grass energy out of my deck as using Leaf Tornado to spread them out when she is about to KO'ed. Use Celio's and Roseanne's to bring out my Tangrowth and Sceptile and start sniping away. I put Blastiose in there because his Poke Power let's both active have no Weakness. This will take care of Magmortar decks from weakness. And Windstorm to blow away any cessation crystals. Scramble's for if I have one energy on Tangrowth then stick a Scramble to do his Stick and Absorb attack or equip it to Blastiose to do 60.


    Celebi (MT) (7/123)

    The best grass starter I could find. Leaf Tornado is useful when it's about to be KO'ed.

    Treecko (GE) (90/106)

    To get out my Sceptile's.

    Grovyle (GE) (40/106)

    Greeness and Poison Breath are useful if you can't find your Sceptile. Won't be out for more than a turn.

    Sceptile (GE) (8/106)

    It's poke body, Wild Growth, let's Grass Energy count for 2. So this is paired up with Tangrowth for amazing sniping. Leaf blade is half bad with 50 damage plus 20 with a flip of a coin.

    Sceptile (POP 4) (5/27)

    Also again it's Poke power, Energy Trans, let's move energies around to any pokemon. Tail rap does 50 with each heads so a possibility of 100 damage.

    Tangela (GE) (87/106)

    For getting Tangrowth. Vine Invite messes up set up for them because the constant switching of their Pokemon. Grass Knot does 20 + 10 for each of their retreat cost which is pretty nice.

    Tangrowth (GE) (10/106)

    Power Whip lets me snipe anything for how many energies I have on it. I usually put 5 for 100 snipe but for big hitters I might put like 6 or 7. Energy Trans let's move energies from each pokemon so this is helpful is I only need 10 or 20 more damage to KO a pokemon.

    Sentret (SW) (104/132)

    To get Furret.

    Furret (SW) (27/132)

    Keen Eye helps with set up immensely. Baton Pass isn't half bad.

    Only as Tech's:

    Squirtle (CG) (63/100)

    To get Blastiose out.I chose the 50 HP one because it'll last longer.

    Blastiose (CG) (2/100)

    It's poke Power, Shield Veil, let's both active pokemon have no weaknesses. This blocks weakness from Magmortar decks. Also there aren't that many Grass Weak decks.

    Energy: (16)

    16 Grass Energy

    2 Scramble

    Equip to Blastiose just incase he has to be brought out.

    Trainers: (20)

    Celio's Network (CG) (73/100)

    Let's me find my Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2 pokemon. The best search card out there.

    Night Maintenance (113/123)

    Let's me recyle KO'ed pokemon and energies.

    Professor Oak's Visit (SW) (122/123)

    By far the best draw card. You can also use TV Reporter but I don't like the discard.

    Rare Candy (SW) (102/106)

    Let's me evolve quicker. And let's me bring my Blastiose and Sceptile out.

    Roseanne's Research (SW) (125/132)

    Let's me get 2 Basic Pokemon, 2 Basic Energy, or 1 of each. I can't tell how many times this has saved me.

    Warp Point (DP) (116/130)

    Most of my Pokemon have high retreat so this helps out. Also can switch out your oppenent's pokemon, too.

    Windstorm (85/100)

    Cessation Crystal will tear this deck apart. So Windstorm discards it and saves your life.

    So after taking your changes even though there were so few and some of my friends, I made this one. I've yet to test this out but it looks pretty good.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2008
  2. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Honestly I Belice Eggs Is Not Neccssary as Your Having Enough Speed, ANd Anyway, Eggs is just anoyingh as it Can Just be left out and your opponenet can be snipuing the whole game so.

    -4 eggs Line
    + 4 Claydol Line For Replenishment

    - 2 Grass Energy
    +2 Fighting Or DRE
  3. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    Feraligator: 3/3 - I prized both my Tangela's

    That is the problem with your deck. You have too much different types of pkmn, and if you are a group of them prized (for example the 2 septile) your strategy is over.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    you must take a decision:

    Tangrowth or eggs. Depending of your strategy you may choice one of this lines for the deck
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2008
  4. Skeith

    Skeith New Member

    I used to run Claydol in this deck, but it just made it worse so I took it out. There would be not point of DRE because my attacks require basic grass energy not special.

    I see what your saying and it does make sense. I like Tangrowth because of sniping and it's usually what I get out first.

    So what about:

    3-2-3 Sceptile
    3-3 Tangrowth
    2-2 Furret
    2 Celebi
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Very good, MUCH simpler.
  6. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    So what about:

    3-2-3 Sceptile
    3-3 Tangrowth
    2-2 Furret
    2 Celebi

    That list is better. You reduces the chances that one of your main cards are prized.
  7. Skeith

    Skeith New Member

    I changed it around alot. I think it's almost near perfection. I'm going to test it out at my league hopfully it does well.
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