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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by deathangel556, Oct 29, 2003.

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  1. deathangel556

    deathangel556 New Member

    hey i was wondering if anyone can help me out with my sceptile tech deck hears the list for it so far

    4x treecko
    1xsceptile(lizerd poisen)
    3xsceptile(energy trans)
    2xsuicune(pure body)
    2xraikou(pure body)
    electabuzz(thunder spear)

    4xmulti energy
    4xrainbow energy
    8xgrass energy

    3xrare candy
    2xelms training method
    2x switch
    pokemon fan club
    hyper poton
    master ball
    professer oaks research
    desert shaman
    any help wil be cool :rolleyes:
  2. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    Take out the buzz and 1 Raikou. Electric ain't gonna be *that* helpful. Seeing as Sceptile is resistant to water... it makes it hard already for water to be ya. Take out moo moo milk and put in 3 Pokemon nurse. Hyper potion.. change it for shaman or oaks research and reverse the copycat line with the oaks research... oaks research is better. Take out rare candy, turn 2 sceptile ain't needed. Play more grovyle (4) and umm more shaman.

    Pretty blunt I know lol. Just a quick reply for ya, cards taht really should come out though are moo moo milk, hyper potion, master ball and buzz and work on the draw a bit.. it'll work better trust me.
  3. deathangel556

    deathangel556 New Member

    thanks and all for the advice hopefully i can maKE THE ADJUSTMENTS the reason i have the buzz is for poke mon the opponent trys to hide on the bench i do agree though on the who raikou and i forgot to say i was getting 4 nurse's soon
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