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  1. The_Matrix999

    The_Matrix999 New Member

    well after a TON of playtesting and tweakage i have put together a well rounded deck.after much discussion with Ron13 on aim i have come up with this list.

    SciZaur(cheesy name)


    3 scyther(promo)
    2 scizor(AQ)
    3 bulbasaur(EXP)
    3 venusaur(EXP)
    2 suicune(REV) awesome power!!!
    2 cleffa(promo)
    1 mantine(DES)
    1 entei(AQ)

    4 oracle
    4 double gust
    3 copycat
    3 elm
    3 bill
    3 gold berry
    3 pokemon breeder
    2 pokemon fan club
    2 power charge
    2 focus bands
    1 town volunteers


    4 metal
    4 rainbow
    3 warp
    2 grass

    ok well before i say the strategy this deck has mized the big three numerous amounts of times in playtesting and only lost to cargo once b/c mantine was in the prizes and lost while a few bads starts just like every other deck would. there are so many strategies to this deck depending on what deck you are playing against but the over all objective is to attach a metal to scyther first turn while hiding bhind suicune and a bulbasaur on the bench . then next turn breeder and oracle bill for 2 metal... send scyther active and evolve or vise versa and proceed to play 2 metals in one turn! so that way its turn 2 ad you have scizor with 3 metals on it.then with some mass tEcHaGe u can win or bomb it. now i do play smf quite frequently so i know what the furret does but just only feeds scizor more than furret can. so in my testing i find the following results against the big three.

    AGAINST GATR: just breeder to venusaur or get some grass and/or rainbows on the scyther during the firs turns of the game and they stand little chance.

    AGAINST SMF: if you can get the begining combo right its easy but when they drop muk its harder but all you need to do is band your tech entei and scorch the scizor.

    AGAINST ENTEI/CARGO: the hardest match for this deck so i can only hope to either (A) get a banded mantine (B)try to power a suicune (C) pray to high heaven the start with garbage and i get lucky.

    so there it is... its pretty tight for deckspace and im not bashing on furret but venusaur makes him obsolete in a way.

    comments, bashings,fixes welcome
    p.s poke-shackers bring a deck to playtest againt this weekend if you can...thanx
  2. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    I dont know I cant see this consistantly beating any of the Top 3.

    Entei cargo is just to solid and consistant it can deal with 1 mantine.
    SMF has muk and can oracle bill itself so it really is flips.
    Finally if feral gets built I think it could deal with you I mean you dont even ohko it.

    So you might wanna think about adding another mantine and a tech LC venusaur for Gatr it does help in situations. and for scizor I saw someone at FAT using moltres and it worked pretty good for them so you could try it.
  3. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Well, this deck has a little too many "bonuses" and Supporters. FOUR Oracles is never needed! And 10 Supporters can really paralyze you for a turn. Here's my fix:

    -4 Oracle (the regular draw/search power is enough)
    -2 Cleffa (promo)
    -1 Double Gust
    -1 Town Volunteers
    -1 Entei (AQ)
    -2 Suicune (NR)
    -3 Bill
    -2 Pokemon Fan Club (Pokemon Trader will do the job)
    -3 Warp Energy (Switch works better for your strategy)

    +4 Pokemon Trader
    +2 Cleffa (NG)
    +3 Switch
    +1 Mantine (DES) (Counter your greatest threat)
    +1 Copycat
    +1 Professor Elm
    +2 Grass Energy
    +4 Water Energy
  4. The_Matrix999

    The_Matrix999 New Member

    well while this deck is getting grilled on by you guys, you seem to forget the advantages like 3RD TURN HEAVY METAL! thats 90 for 3 heads>_<. and four oracles is need because its so versitile in this deck.sue me...and moltres might be useful but 20 to a scizor doesnt cut it and the second attack you have to discard for tails. entei is more useful in THIS deck. at least he can burn a scizor and not lose energy:/. plus this deck is speed.lion, losing the oracle wastes the deck completly and cleffa only helps when you have no bill so why would having eeeeek cleffa help? its awesome i agree but noit needed in this for muk he makes no difference to the deck because getting rid of him is easy.and its an almost perfect decklist IMO with needing only a few changes.why would i need trader if i have 4 oracle? i dont need it in here.
    monkeyman,the only problem against the big three is encargo but mantine handles it. i dont need any more mantine and it with a band it lasts and even if it dies scizor can kill it if cargo doesnt hit first.playin gatr isnt hard at all.just drop 2 rainbow on promo scyther or use venusaur do do 80 and paralyze.i thought about the tech lc saur but it is horrible in this deck.and IMO this deck can be the next archtype b/c its faster than furret hands down and and my scizor usually gets built on the second turn with 3 metal or at worst turn 3 with 4 metals and a rainbow.
    im not trying to offend anyone because i hold a large amount of respect for many on these boards but the points u guys have made hurts more than helps in this specific deck.
  5. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    Are you joking me? discarding 1 rainbow to KILL a scizor or having it live and kill your entei.

    And no it wont be the next archetype furret is more versatile and quicker. I mean turn 2 all I need is a furret in hand. turn 3 you need a venusaur built and 2 metal in hand thats a lot more requirements.

    I hope you realize you just said "3RD TURN HEAVY METAL!" Tell me what deck cant do this? Venusaur isnt needed for that =/

    I dont see how 1 banded mantine will beat a cargo. ok so you can kill 1 but the second one comes up and knocks you out but what makes it worse if they dont need cargo they can just ohko everything with a entei =( its not a good matchup Ive seen people play that sorta of deck.
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