Scizor/Furret countering Fire??

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Rav373, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Rav373

    Rav373 New Member

    Hello everybody, I'm thinking of building a scizor/furret deck. Have read other postings, and have heard some people use a mantine (dest) and Suicune (crystal body) to counter fire, and last Muk to counter any poke powers. I have thought of putting in AQ Octillery. But I'm a little unsure as to what to use with S/F deck to counter fire. I'm concern about Entei/cargo speed. So what should I use to beat them to the punch? Any suggestions would be appreciated! BTW this would be for modified format.
  2. Mr. Grass

    Mr. Grass New Member

    Politoed can be pretty fast with its combination of attacks, but it is a stage 2. You might consider some of the colorless using water basics like Psyduck, Wooper, Qwilfish, and Slowpoke. If you don't mind putting some water energy in the deck the latest Starmie can do great too. It's Core Blast is great against othe Scizors and Water Gun can take out big fires.
  3. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    The non-holo Suicune has a Pokemon Power that prevent it from being Double Gusted. It also has a free retreat, making it an ideal addition to the deck. I'd say, since Furret is Colorless ANYWAY, just make it a Scizor/Water deck. Furret won't care what Energy it uses, and the plethera of Water Pokes will just help defend good ol' Scizor while he powers up. (If oyu play Unlimited, try Rain Dance Blastoise, you can attach your Metal Energy for the turn, then Rain Dacne a lot of water down to your other Pokes) Use Suicune for Dbl Gust defense and something like LC Gyarados for enough damage to kill everything but Charizard.
  4. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I prefer Discovery Kabutops. Is a lot more powerful than Mantine. It only needs 3 nrg to do 80 half the time & will almost always do 40. It usually does 40 with 2 & sometimes with 1. It has a chance against other Scizors unlike Mantine & it still beats fire. Against everything else, Kabutops is another attacker to back-up Scizor where Mantine often will not be strong enough. The one downside are the weak fossils to get to Kabuto. But with Kabuto's power & Underground Lake, you usually will just have to get 1 Kabuto through to get them all. :D Scizor/Kabutops & Furret is a lot of pokemon but it works well for me.
    In my opinion Politoed would take too much energy to work with Scizor.
  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Mantine, only mantine.

    To use Suicune as a blocker is fine, but Mantine is where your bread and butter fire protection is secured.

    Suicune energizing should only be done if desperate. Most fire cannot stand up to either the speed and power of Scizor, or the 40 damagee (doubled to 80) provided by Mantine.

    Saw Ness play this at the FAT, masterful - and Mantine....

  6. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    yah Meganium is right its mantine or nothing baby. kabutops is just horrible vs feralasect and wastes way to much space to commit to just to beat fire.
  7. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Yes , Mantine is the way to go. You won't have enough room for a stage 2 pokemon, I have seen and played against both decks with an Encargo and a gatrsect, matine is better. I had the honor of losing a tight game to Ness @ the Prof. champ. and it was a smooth deck with great balance. Against a fast encargo, kabutops is too slow, plus your whole attack is reliant on flips. You could do no damage, then you're done for. Also, you have 3 different lines to evolve with kabutops, 2 stage1 and 1 stage 2. But, while I have seen them run with some success, I do think Matine is the way to go.
  8. Rav373

    Rav373 New Member

    Wow, these r awesome suggestions, looks like the majority is to go with Mantine, and Cune(TY all!!^_^)
    ,, Now what about Lc Muk, would u guys squeeze him in to tech against other poke power?
  9. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Honestly, not with a scisor/ furret/ mantine deck. I think you'd be trying to do too much with one deck.
  10. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    About when Aquapolis was coming out and I was scoping card scans to make a deck, I thought of a Scizor/Furret/Muk (LC) / Muk (AQ)

    I would use LC Muk to cancel Pokemon Powers, shutting off AQ Muk's High retreat thing, making it 1 retreat pokemon that Burns and Poisons, while Furret got the power moving on Scizor. The only problem it was way too much to put in in one deck. Oh well!
  11. mossy2k4

    mossy2k4 New Member


    Obviously the best set up for SMF is Scizor, Furret, Muk with Mantine for countering fire. You only need a 1-2 card investment in the Mantine, and it works flawlessly because Furret searches out the Water and Rainbow energies to get it to work. Suicune should be in the deck ANYWAYS, as it's simply amazing. Against Fire, you Fan Club for Mantine and Suicune, and then simply win. SMF has been a good deck well before Jason won with it, and it still is amazing.

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