Scizor LvX

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by Red Haired Shanks, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Red Haired Shanks

    Red Haired Shanks New Member

    Scizor LvX - 120 HP- Steel Type

    Place onto Scyther
    :pbody: Raging Anger
    If Scizor took 30 or more damage during your opponents last turn, Each of Scizor's attacks do 40 more damage to the defending pokemon.

    :metal::metal:Defense Impact:50
    during your opponent's next turn, any damage done to Scizor Is reduced by 30.

    :metal::metal::metal:Ultimate Crash:90
    Scizor does 30 damage to itself, and do 30 damage to one of your opponents's benched pokemon and switch that pokemon with their active pokemon. Flip a coin, If heads, Scizor has only +30 weakness your next turn.

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  2. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    only need one weakness :fire:, no DP card has 2
    the resistance should be :psychic:, as Scizor is immune to Poison
    the 2nd attack is too strong for 3 energy
    and you don't need to sayu "Lv X" in any of your text just say Scizor
  3. darkrai_90

    darkrai_90 New Member

    Too broken. Make 2nd attack cost more.
  4. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    I agree (unles it does more to you), and make the Poke-Body require more damage. 40+ or 50+ would work well.

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