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  1. finch1750

    finch1750 New Member

    2 - Scyther UD 36
    2 - Scizor Prime
    4 - Eevee UD 48
    3 - Umbreon
    2 - Teddiursa
    2 - Ursaring Prime
    2 - Spiritomb AR
    1- Smeargle CL
    1 - Jirachi RR

    3 - Darkness energy
    4 - Special Darkness energy
    3 - Metal Energy
    4 - Special Metal energy
    3 - DCE
    3 - Rainbow Energy

    3 - Bebe's Search
    2 - Interviewer's Question
    1 - Switch
    1 - Warp Point
    3 - Seekers
    1 - Judge
    2 - PONT
    2 - Pokemon Collector
    3 - Prof Elm
    3 - Expert Belt

    Scizor and Umbreon are basically self explanatory. Lock against powers/bodies and special energy. Ursaring is there as an extra attacker w/ the rainbow energy to have him ready off the bench. I run 1 Jirachi and 1 Smeargle simply since it is luck on who gets the better supporters, if any.

    I am going to replace judge and PONT with Lookers as soon as I can get some. This deck has worked well when it works. I have also thought about trying to work in Twins. I have had some trouble getting a consistent set-up and starters. I do not want to spend a bunch of money on certain staples like Uxie as I believe they will not be in rotation much longer and I am not competitive enough to justify the money for the time. This is basically for league play, maybe bigger tournys in the future as I am just getting back into the game.
  2. drakeleon

    drakeleon New Member

    First, your starters:

    1 Jirachi and 1 Smeargle is completely pointless. They are best when starting with them and you never will if there is exactly one of each in the deck. It provides no consistent outcome, and makes your strategy unreliable. Choose one and run 3-4 of it. If you pick Smeargle, consider Unown Q. Also, I would recommend you drop spiritomb entirely because you only run some stage 1s, so there is no need to trainer lock for evolution purposes. All he will do is sit out there and slow you down by a turn in a deck where your damage output is largely determined by attaching energy. Consider Skarmory CL for attaching special metal from the deck directly to the Scizor Prime. Your mileage will vary.

    Second, your Attackers:

    I would choose either Ursaring or Scizor Prime .I see no benefit to running both. Either one makes an acceptable attacker, and the Scizor is probably easier to set up/better, but it is completely your choice. Running both will just slow you down and make the deck inconsistent when either pokemon can easily achieve one hits on most things. I'd pull the DCEs out and the Ursaring. You don't need so many dark energy if you are going to run rainbow- four special dark is fine. Try 3-3 Scizor Prime, 3-3 Umbreon with 4 Sp Metal, 4 Sp Dark, 3 rainbow, 3 Metal and see what happens. Note that if you do this, you will be extremely vulnerable to lock by OTHER Scizor decks. Depending on your local meta, this may or may not be a problem.


    Drop Interviewer's. You don't get a consistent result, and it is otherwise useless. You should probably make it 2 warp point, 3 Seeker, 3 Professor Oak's New Theory (Or Looker's, but why?), 3 Collector, etc. Your supporter line is up to you, but try to run mostly three copies of each supporter you choose.

    There's a theme in all of the changes I am recommending: you want to run larger numbers of fewer cards to ensure consistency. Unless you are playing a super search engine deck like SPs, you are not going to consistently get your hands on a wide variety of cards you only run 1-2 of. If you run 3-4 of each one, you will get them almost every game, making your setup extremely consistent and putting victory within your grasp! Some cards (like warp point, etc.), you really only need 2 of, if they tend to be used mid to late game and are not something you want to play all the time/every game. Ultimately, it is up to you.

    Good luck with your deck. :)
  3. finch1750

    finch1750 New Member

    The rainbows are only for Ursaring, so I would drop those if I removed Ursaring from this deck. I never did plan to have Ursaring in this deck, but he was just taking up space. I would like to remove him actually as he was originally intended for a different deck all together. As for Skarmory, I know he searches energy, but if I am running so few energy in the deck is it really worth it to use an energy on him in the first place?

    So here's what your saying basically

    Ursaring -2
    Teddiursa -2
    DCE -3
    Spiritomb -2
    Interviewer's -2
    Eevee -1
    Rainbow energy -3 (My choice)
    Smeargle -1
    Switch -1

    Scizor +1
    Scyther +1
    Warp Point +1
    Collectors +1
    Jirachi +3
    Twins +3 (My chocie)

    My problem this whole time is now I have 7 spots left and no idea what to fill them with. Pokemon communication maybe? Vs Seeker? I also am running so few pokemon that will I reliably get a basic just to start a match, as that is a problem I have seem to run in to. Right now I am usually lucky to start with just one. That is actually why I ran 4-3 Umbreon was to have Call for Family and make Eevee a decent starter if drawn. I want to run a few more pokemon but only can think of TSS to fill the remaining spots.
  4. Scorpidad

    Scorpidad New Member

    This is not helpful at all, but that is not a problem I ever have, I usually have a deck that has 62 cards and need to decide what to cut.

    You can add in another Smeargle or two, and Unown Q would be a good addition so you can retreat the Smeargle after using Portrait. Or, use more Jirachi as you listed. I have tried both, and Smeargle seems better after the first turn. Whenever you get KO'd you can Portrait, then retreat for another attacker. For Jirachi to use two supporters, it uses your attack for the turn.

    There is another card that can help, that I run in my Scizor/Umbreon deck just for kicks. Espeon Prime, it can use Umbreon's attack with the dark energy, works with Psychic weakness, and adds 10 HP, just another option while attacking. But, it can't use the +10 damage on the Special Dark Energies.
  5. finch1750

    finch1750 New Member

    I could easily make a deck list of way too many cards, but I am limiting myself to PL on and trying to focus on HGSS on. This eliminates a lot of tech staples. It just seems with this deck I can't seem to find something with a purpose that works well. I tried Epseon prime for a while. But I didn't really like it for the fact it doesn't benefit from special darks and is useless if no Umbreons are out. Plus I don't play many psychic decks in my area, but maybe I could add it for other tournaments. The unown q is a bit much to spend to play them only for a few months and then have to figure something else out to replace it and change how the deck plays. I was contemplating teching in a 2-2 Dodrio UD line which basically gives everything free retreat. I have enough Smeargle and Jirachi so maybe I will just try one and change to the other after a few weeks to see what I like best. Maybe I'll run 3 Smeargle and 2 Jirachi just to increase my odds for starters and add a few more metal energy to power up a second scizor.
  6. toffeefi

    toffeefi New Member

    I agree with everyone's opinion regarding on the needed deck changes. Espeon Prime helps ALOT. This is a good counter against :fighting: decks. (Although Machamp,Donphan have pokepowers which is still useless against Umbreon.)

    Another idea that you should consider is - instead of YOU switching between Umbreon and Scizor, why don't you use Infernape 4 LV X and force your to opponent switch instead. Infernape has the ability to force your opponent to switch his Active pokemon with a benched pokemon. A lot of people would lean towards Blaziken FB lv X, but I prefer Infernape because I don't like the idea of using up my turn to switch my opponent's pokemon. On the contrary, Infernape can be easily countered by PowerSpray and Dialga G LV X, so it would really depend on your preferred play style. This tech is great against Vileplume/Dialga G.

    I prefer Smeargle over Jirachi. Smeargle slows down your opponent, which is the main theme of this deck. A stall/wall. You will need Unown Q to prevent your starter from getting KO'ed.

    Other ideas to consider would be:
    Electivire FB Lv X for super fast recovery (if your PUMPED UP Scizor get's KO'ed).

    Steelix Prime (with Lucian's Assignment) for another recovery option. The amount of Special Energies may become a liability since there's no easy way of recovering them from your discard pile.

    Maybe adding Life Herbs to increase Scizor's Vitailty.

    Instead of using Unown Q's, try 1-1Dodrio UD. This will give Scizor a free Retreat Cost as well. It will take more set up though.

    In summary: (This is just what I feel of doing depending on my play style. Pokemon Lines usually stay very similar from each player, T/S/S vary from each player though. You should play test and see what works and which doesn't!)

    - 2-2 Ursaring (4)
    - 1-1 Umbreon (2)
    - 1 Jirachi
    - 2 Spiritomb
    - 1 Basic Dark Energy
    - 1 Basic Metal Energy
    - 3 Double Colorless Energy
    - 3 Professor Elm's Training Method
    - 1 Switch
    - 2 Interviewer's Questions
    - 1 Expert Belt (3 is overkill lol)
    - 1 Seeker
    - 1 Bebe's Search
    Total: -23

    + 1-1 Scizor Prime (2)
    + 1 Espeon Prime
    + 2 Smeargle UD/CoL
    + 1-1 Blaziken FB Lv X (or 1-1 Infernape 4 Lv X) (2)
    + 2 Unown Q (or 1-1 Dodrio UD)
    + 1 Uxie LA
    + 1 Azelf LA
    + 1 Pokemon Collector
    + 3 Pokemon Communication
    + 1 Professor Oak's New Theory
    + 1 Warp Point
    + 2 Super Scoop Up
    + 1 Judge
    + 2 Palmer's Contribution (Great for recovery)
    + 1 Rainbow Energy
    Total: +23
  7. finch1750

    finch1750 New Member

    Sorry if this is totally stupid but how does Smeargle slow down my opponent?
  8. toffeefi

    toffeefi New Member

    You use his/her Supporter as the effect of Smeargles PokePower (and discards it!). In essence this may be a *bit* better than Spiritomb AR because it speeds up your deck as well, given the circumstance that you were able to use a useful supporter.
  9. Scorpidad

    Scorpidad New Member

    Smeargle does not discard the supporter it uses from your opponents hand. The only way I know to do that is with an attack, from Raticate.
  10. toffeefi

    toffeefi New Member

    Woopsi daisy, I stand corrected. :D
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