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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Scyther_trainer, Aug 23, 2003.

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    Hello, I have a ton of wants. Skyridge mostly, but since it seems that the new modified will be E-on, I don't want to be left without cards!!!
    So here's my want list.

    Please contact me to see what I have. I might post a have list later.
    Cards I need:


    H1/H32 Ampharos
    H2/H32 Arcanine
    H5/H32 Bellossom
    H7/H32 Electrode
    H10/H32 Exeggutor
    H11/H32 Houndoom
    H12/H32 Hypno
    H14/H32 Kingdra
    H18/H32 Nidoking
    H21/H32 Scizor
    H25/H32 Suicune
    H32/H32 Zapdos
    35/147 Steelix
    42/147 Victreebel
    144/147 Rainbow Energy
    148/147 Crystal Kingdra
    149/147 Crystal Lugia


    H1/H32 Alakazam
    H2/H32 Arcanine
    H3/H32 Articuno
    H4/H32 Beedrill
    H6/H32 Dewgong
    H7/H32 Flareon
    H10/H32 Gyarados
    H11/H32 Houndoom
    H13/H32 Kabutops
    H14/H32 Ledian
    H18/H32 Magneton
    H19/H32 Magneton
    H20/H32 Moltres
    H21/H32 Nidoqueen
    H23/H32 Politoed
    H24/H32 Poliwrath
    H28/H32 Starmie
    H29/H32 Steelix
    H30/H32 Umbreon
    H31/H32 Vaporeon
    1/144 Aerodactyl
    3/144 Arcanine
    4/144 Articuno
    9/144 Forretress
    10/144 Gengar
    14/144 Kabutops
    17/144 Magcargo
    18/144 Magcargo
    21/144 Moltres
    22/144 Nidoqueen
    35/144 Xatu
    55/144 Farfetch'd (yes, I'm missing uncommons!)
    58/144 Girafarig
    77/144 Mantine
    85/144 Pineco
    107/144 Swinub
    126/144 Friend Ball
    145/144 Crystal Celebi
    146/144 Crystal Charizard
    148/144 Crystal Golem
    149/144 Crystal Ho-oh

    EX: Ruby & Sapphire

    6/109 Dustox
    9/109 Mightyena

    I don't care about reverse-holos. and I will trade a reverse holo I have for the same card that is not reverse holo.



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