Second Kansas Masters w/ Vilegar

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    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    This was the second states I had ever been to, because of conflicts last season and the season before, so I was relatively nervous. Marcus, Chris, Nathan, Matt and I all drive up Friday afternoon and check into our hotel. I had already pretty much decided I was going to play Vilegar, mostly because it was the deck I was the most comfortable with and I knew the mirror relatively well. So we basically just playtest and chill until like midnight and watch movies till like 2. No one was stressing about our deck choices (excluding Marcus. When is he not stressing about anything ever..)

    We get up at like 8:30, get ready, and eat breakfast. We catch Kendle in the lobby and talk to him and he said that he was gonna play Lostgar. Not surprising. We get to Collector's Cache like just before 10 and we fill out our decklists and play last mintues games and chat and such. Pairings get posted a tad late, but whatever.

    Disclaimer: I don't really remember some (if not most) of my games, so I apologize in advance. Also, I am HORRIBLE with names, so if anyone can help me fill in who I played, that would be great!

    Round 1: ??? (Steelix/Scizor Prime)
    She opens with an Onix with a Skarmory on the bench, attaches and ends. I start relatively well with the generic Spiritomb/Collector play and start getting my Vileplume out asap. She attaches and evolves to Steelix Prime and hits my Spiritomb, putting it at 40. I do more setting up next turn and I end up just sacrificing the Spiritomb. She had been able to keep her hand relatively low, so I just shadow roomed her steelix. She gets another Steelix on her bench and Gaia Crushes my Gengar. I FINALLY get Slowking out and start stacking trainers in her hand. She KO's my Gengar, and I hit the fainting spell. THANK GOD. The rest of the game was literally just stacking trainers in her hand with Slowking and OHKO'ing stuff.

    Round 2: ??? (Gyrados)
    We set our basics down and he seems very upset. He keeps on saying he's going to get donked and asks me if I have it. I just say we'll see, and we flip over our basics. His magikarp to my spirtomb. Not exactly a donk. He goes first and attaches a rescue energy and sea sprays, flipping tails. I play collector, but my uxie AND crobat are both prized :frown: so I just go for gastly unown q and oddish and start setting up. He plays Volkner's for 3, gets nothing playable, and sea sprays for one. I evolve to Gengar, attach, Q Spirtomb, and retreat to shadow room for game. He shows me his hand of 3 Pokemon Resuces, 2 Rescue Energies, and another Volkner's. Sorry bud.

    Round 3: ??? (Mewperior/Blaziken)
    I start Gastly to his Blaziken and I pitch dark. He collectors for 3 Mew Prime, and calls for another blaziken. I collector for oddish spiritomb and Q, warp my gastly into spiritomb and start setting up. He retreats in to Mew, and gets a Rhyperior X in the Lost Zone. I continue to set up, and on his next turn, he Hard Crushes my spritomb for 250 damage. I'm fine with that. I Twins for something good and another Twins, and Poltergiest his Mew for exactly enough. He responds with another Hard Crush, KO'ing my Gengar. I flip for Fainting Spell. Tails. Crap. I feel really stupid and finally realize if I had just swarmed with Haunters I'd be in a much better position. So I get two Haunters out and my Slowking, stacking energies in his hand. He can't keep up and I win not long after that.

    Lunch break, Matt, Chris, Nathan, Marcus and I get chinese, and it was delish.

    Round 4: ??? (Dusknoir)
    I don't really remember much, but after I killed his first Dusknoir, it went downhill for him. Sorry bud.

    Round 5: ??? (Luxchomp)
    He starts Luxray call for garchomp and another luxray. My only basic in my opening hand was Azelf and I top an oddish, so I just lock up, expecting to get steamrolled next turn. He kills Azelf, forcing me to promote oddish. I top deck something useless and have to pass, losing the next turn. Sigh.

    Ok, I'm going to say the reason I don't remember anyone's name is that I've never met any of them, and I didn't plan on writing a report, so I don't write their names down. Just putting that out there before anyone asks, lol.

    Round 6: Jack (Dialgachomp)
    The matchup I was dreading. There isn't much to this match honestly. I have to dumbest start ever, with a turn on Vileplume, Gengar and Blissey. He can't really do much, even though he gets out a Dialga G Lv. X (which I end up leveling down) and he ends up scooping a few turns later. I'm sorry bud. I wish we had a legimate game. :/

    Round 7: Nathan (Luxchomp)
    So we both know we're going to cut, so the game was extremely casual. I forget to flip for fainting spell and stupid stuff like that, and just end up scooping. I wanted Nathan to have the undefeated record anyway, so he could look like a total badass. You're welcome Nathan. :)

    So standings are posted, and I'm the 6th seed. Yeeeeeeeah. I find out I'm playing some random guy playing Donphan, so I was extremely optimistic.

    Top 16: Ryan? (Donphan)
    G1: I have the trashiest hand of all time, with an Azelf start, like 4 energies, a twins, and something else awful. He goes first with a phanpy and passes. I top a collector to get a spritomb, gastly, and oddish, seeing that my Q, Slowking, AND Blissey are prized. THANKS AZELF. So my setup takes a turn longer, which puts me behind. He opens with like all supporters, so he's still able to set up under the lock. Coooooooool. The only reason I was able to keep up with him was because he kept on putting Smeargles on his bench and then Earthquaking, so I was able to get a bunch of easy KO's. I miss two fainting spells also. It gets to 1-1 prizes, and he's forced to go into fainting spell. I flip tails. /cry

    G2: Another trash hand with ANOTHER FREAKING AZELF START, but his is even more jankier, so I'm able to start getting set up with a top decked spiritomb. After I get a Gengar out, I sweep.

    G3: My deck does what it's supposed to do and I hit the fainting spell on his only Donphan. GG

    Top 8: Chris Beaty (Luxchomp)
    G1: I start Spiritomb/Collector and I'm able to get Vileplume out T1. He does stuff and calls for weavile g and luxray. I'm eventually get two gengars out and win.
    G2: Pretty much game one, but he starts like 4 trainers that he can't get out his hand. I steamroll him.

    Top 4: Marcus (Vilegar)
    I have to play Marcus :nonono: so I know it's the mirror so it's going to be really dumb and boring.
    G1: Basically Marcus gets everything out and is able to control the game.
    G2: There is a lot more to this game, but I end up winning.
    G3: It gets down to 2-2 prizes and time is called. All of our Gengars are gone, so the game turns into a Lock Up Toxic Fang Warp Energy fest. Probably the dumbest thing ever. I end up able to lock up something and I win. Longest games ever. Ever.

    Finals: Tim (Luxchomp)
    I'm surprisingly very calm going into the finals, but I'm extremely tired.
    G1: I start spiritomb to his dragonite FB, and start setting up. He cyrus's three turns in a row and gets ready to bright look my Vileplume. He does, and ends up KO'ing it. I don't remember mid game at all, but we end up 1-1 Prizes, he's forced into fainting spell, and I flip heads.
    SUDDEN DEATH (G1): Um, yeah. I heard Vilegar doesn't do too hot in the mirror. I don't really have much at all, and he does. Soooo I lose.
    G2: G1 took pretty much all of our time, and time is called relatively early. Nothing I could do. :/
    GG Tim, it was nice to meet you! :biggrin:

    So I get second. I got half a box of the best set EVER (sigh...), but I won't get my medal until like mid-April. :mad:
    The car ride home was full of jams and sleeping, so that was nice.

    Slowking and Blissey for being so freaking good
    Getting Second
    Marcus, Brit, Nathan, Colin, Tariq, and Jack for topping
    Jack getting second in Seniors
    Chinese food
    Fainting Spell

    Flipping tails
    Nathan getting a penalty in top 8 :(
    Chris and Matt not topping :(

    I apologize again for the lack of some content in my games. If I remember anything else, I'll be sure to add it! :D
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  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Great Job, too bad they weren't trophies this year.

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member


    Yeah I know..... and we're not even getting them until mid-April. :(
  4. conical

    conical New Member

    Good job on getting 2nd!
    I think I was your opponent that 4th round. I was playing Dusknoir, if that helps.
  5. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Nice Job and the guy you played in top 8 his last name is Beaty I guess it kinda sounds like BD XD lol.

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    conical: Yes! Thank you so much for telling me. I felt so bad for not remembering. I'll edit that now!

    Jared: Thanks man. LOL ok, I'll fix that.
  7. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    your welcome 1717
  8. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    For your Round 3: ??? (Mewperior/Blaziken)

    That person obviously was running what I would consider, a horrible variant :( (No offense if they are on the gym)
    I assume they were not running Delcatty? and wasted the space on Blaziken....

    And in your Top 8 vs. Beaty,
    I do believe he won the KS tournament last year.

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    Yeah, he won KS last year. As for the Mewperior thing, it's still a bad deck, with or without Delcatty.
  10. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Ah, underestimating the abilities of a proper MewPerior build...
  11. DIZZtheWHIZZ

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    Lol if you wanna call it that, sure.
  12. DonphanAtoZ

    DonphanAtoZ New Member

    GJ. I was the senior playing Chen.
  13. Fletcher

    Fletcher New Member

    Thanks for the X-0, Paul! Good job too. We should do it again sometime.
  14. DIZZtheWHIZZ

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    Donphan: Thanks man! GJ to you as well. :D

    Nathan: LOL no problem, brah. And we'll see about that. :)
  15. Riq

    Riq New Member

    great job!!! see at MO next week?!
  16. DIZZtheWHIZZ

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    Thanks Tariq!! And for now I am planning on going to MO. :)
  17. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Do you know if Vince is selling Emerald energys at MO states?
  18. DIZZtheWHIZZ

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    I have no idea.. you're better off asking Vince himself and/or STL players.
  19. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Ok I will then 17

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