seedot's top 8 Oregon report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by seedot ex, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. seedot ex

    seedot ex New Member

    So yeah Im in seniors btw. But we arrive in Oregon at around 2 in the morning.... so I get around 5 hours of sleep. funnn, I decide to play gigas. We have 76 seniors.

    R1 Percy w. Luxchomp
    Gets super close cause I cant draw into a dang fighting. This makes it where instead of one shotting his luxrays Im only doing 100. NOT COOL in the luxchomp match. I finally win though after like 10 minutes of overtime. Mesprit and giritina/judge helped wonders.


    R2 theme deck with celebi prime
    I get kinda of screwed over with a bad hand at first. Giratina start ftw. But finally I draw a collector. So in one turn I go from having a giritina active, and a regigigas benched with one energy, too an active gigas x gigablastering with powerlock. I win.


    R3 Liam with luxchomp
    I cant remember exactly how this game went, but all I know is he got rolling slightly before I did. Eventually I was in a predicament where he has only one prize left, and an expert belted promocroak with one energy on the bench. I need to take 2 prizes. My active gigas has 100 on it. His entire field has under 50 hp left besides from the promocroak which has full hp. So I am thinking crap I am going to lose because I can't kill anything to take a prize or else he kills me and wins. I also can't even leave my gigas active. I am thinking about this for a while when I get a stroke of inspiration or something :D. The only thing on my field that can take a hit from promocroak is a regiice. But his croak has a belt so I belt my regice, attach a water (it already had two energies) and kill his active with it. He cant return the ko. He scoops. Regice ftw. This was definitely the best game I played all day. gg.


    R4 Donphan ERL

    :( I dont run abomasnow. And the sad thing was in that game, I was surrounded on all sides by luxchomp, And I hit the one 3-0 donphan, WITH ERL. I lose.


    R5 random deck (typhlosion I think)
    Mesprit ftw.


    R6 ugh sorry I cant remember.

    Cant remember anything about this game (god I was so tired by now). I won though.


    R7 Katelynn with Luxchomp

    t2 gigablaster with all game mesprit lock. gg. had double pokehealers ready to go all game. She also had a kinda crappy start.


    So I know im in finals but I am just hoping that I won't hit the Donphan...

    t16 Matthew with sablelock

    Open with 5 energy in hand... Topdeck like an uxie. set up a bit but don't have a gigas or anything. Eventually set up and win after I topdeck a judge and draw into good stuff. He is at a disadvantage in this match though because his main attacker is garchomp and he doesnt run blaze.

    Game 2 is similar.


    T8 Liam with Luxchomp

    game 1
    Opening hand of regice, unown q, 2 pokehealer, 1 black belt, 1 vs seeker, and 1 energy. Only drew energy and ssu's for the rest of the gsme (which obviously was pretty short).

    Game 2

    Opening hand is 3 pokehealer, 2 uxie, 1 regice, 1 vs seeker. I draw into 3 energy and 2 rescue. And this is all after pile shuffling twice. gg


    So not bad at all for my first time playing competitively in a long time. Before this I have just been super busy with sports and stuff.

    the tournament organizers

    Bad hands
    david not showing
  2. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Good job, i trashed dat donphan for ya.
  3. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    No abomasnow?! In this format? Geez that's dangerous lol.
  4. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    i was that donphan if only i would've played you in top 8 then there would be a diferent oregon states winner :frown:
    oliver shame on you for lucsacking me way too many times
  5. seedot ex

    seedot ex New Member

    oliver- yahhh thanks for that and gj for winning
    Sam- Lol yah donphan was killer in that meta. grats for top 8 though and nice meeting you.
    Alex2k- Haha yeah I just decided to risk playing against donphan so instead I played honchkrow as my tech. I wanted to completely solidify my gyara and lostgar matchup which I thought would be played more over donphan.
  6. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    i can't believe wailord got t16 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    why do washington seniers play 3-1 uxie?
  7. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    Do bettteeeerrrrr :(
  8. gallade

    gallade New Member

    shoowwww uupppppp
  9. seedot ex

    seedot ex New Member

    Sam, wailord is pro. And lolol what do you have against 3-1 uxie? and David, I agree. Oliver, I also agree.
  10. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    Quinn's Wailord is sick.

    WA players use 3-1 Uxie because it is ridiculous against Machamp.

    GJ Steven!

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