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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PIKA-PIKA, Oct 24, 2007.

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    PIKA-PIKA New Member

    ok i am selling the rest of my exes

    pls make your offers by PM
    all cards are mint/NM

    Suicune ex TM 94/95 1x
    Blaziken ex TM 89/95 1x
    Blastoise ex RG 104/112 1x
    Deoxys ex DX 98/107 1x
    Manetric ex DX 101/107 1x
    Hariyama ex DX 100/107 3x
    Rayquaza ex DX 102/107 1x
    Rayquaza ex DX 102/107 1x ital
    Deoyx ex DX 97/107 1x ***
    Rayuaza ex DX 102/107 1x ***
    Dusclops ex EM 94/106 1x
    Medicham ex EM 95/106 2x
    Registeel ex EM 100/106 1x german
    Scizor ex UF 108/115 1x
    Lugia ex UF 105/115 1x
    Steelix ex UF 109/115 1x
    Polioted ex UF 107/115 1x
    Tyranitar ex UF 111/115 1x ***.
    Blissey ex UF 101/115 1x
    Raikou * UF 114/115 1x
    Rocket's Persian ex 116/115 UF 1x
    Flareon ex DS 108/113 2x
    Flareon ex DS 108/113 1x ***
    Banette ex LM 85/92 2x
    Mew ex LM 88/92 2x
    Walrein ex LM 89/92 1x
    Banette ex LM nem 85/92 1x
    Mightyena ex HP 101/110 ***. 1x
    Craudant ex HP 99/110 ***. 1x
    Mew ex HP 100/110 ***. 1x
    Groudon ex CG 93/100 1x
    Delcatty ex CG 91/100 1x
    Kyogre ex CG 95/100 1x
    Delcatty ex CG 91/100 1x ***
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