Semi-competitive Empoleon deck (DP-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SirKibbleX, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. SirKibbleX

    SirKibbleX New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post so I figure before I get to the decklist and strategy, I might as well go ahead and explain my current situation. I live in South Georgia and I'm an avid pokemon TCG fan, having played since the original game, but then quit before the release of Gym Heroes. So recently a bunch of my friends broke out our old cards and now we have all gotten semi-competitively back into pokemon and are now buying and playing with new cards.

    I'm currently not able to order cards online however (parents are stingy and paranoid), and only have like 4 friends with whom I can play the new CCG, so I don't have a lot of trading partners to get cards I need, and don't have a big colllection of tons of stuff yet. But we decided for fun we're going to start playing some money-tournaments(not a lot and best of 3) just to make it more exciting, so now I'm ready to get serious and make sure my deck is tough. So I am currently having to buy boosters/decks to get cards I might need, so any advice you give you about card replacements should be easily found or traded. DP-on, btw.

    Anyways, sorry about all that, here's the list (with strategy included in parenthesis):

    4 Piplup (2x DP, 2x MD, have no more DPs)
    4 Prinplup (2x DP, 2x MD, want at least 1 more DP)
    4 Empoleon (3x MD, 1x DP, may get a Lv.X from a tin if the blinds get high :thumb:)

    3-2 Monferno chain (DP-MD; This is to metagame 2 of my friends' grass decks, one of which is Torterra, one is Leafeon, but I don't know for sure if they'll be playing these in tourney matches; don't use any fire energy here).

    2-2 Baltoy/Claydol (One of my friends is NUTS he traded me a roseanne's and an infernape for one!, though sadly I now have no roseanne's:frown:)

    1 Phione (The only one in our area :frown:)
    2 Pachirisu (Very few in our area)

    1 Rare Candy (Only a few in our area == *)
    2 Rowan + 1 POV (*)
    3 PlusPower
    2 Felicity's (*)
    2 Quick Ball
    3 Warp point
    2 Bebe's Search (*)

    2 Call Energy (*)
    17 Water Energy, 1 Fire Energy (occasionally for Monferno; Energy heavy for consistency in our environment.)

    General Strategy:
    Try to open with a starter, using a water energy or call energy on phione to draw some basic mans (esp. Baltoy and a Chim and a Piplup, 0 energy attacks ftw.) Evolve with either RC, Bebe's, or Phione, and spread damage in general, plus sniping big threats with pluspower and warp point strikes. Claydol for consistency, and Felicity's to get rid of trash.

    So what can I add ? I have lots of Chatot's, Balls, Bronzong, Omastar chains, Eeveelutions, Manaphys, Corsolas and a few other generally 'good' cards that I just can't seem to get to work because of my lack of trainers and bizarre, tight metagame.

    I may also switch to an Infernape-based fire deck if you guys think I could make that work better in my environment with all the grass prevalent and me holding the powerful water decks that inspired those meta-counters; I have another 2 Infernapes and an Infernape lv. X.
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  2. sandy4123

    sandy4123 New Member

    try joining a league. is this dp on? if so you need to get roseannes research. find them in darkrai decks and electivire decks.
  3. SirKibbleX

    SirKibbleX New Member

    Alas there are no local leagues and neither my parents nor my older friends will carpool with me very far just to play Pokemon. We're kind of stranded as far as I can tell. But yeah, I've been considering getting a Darkrai or Electivire deck just for Roseanne's and also for some more energies. Maybe Lava Flow with TGMs and Bebe's would be better? I only have like 4 fire energies and 6 grass energies so far, and I could certainly use more energies for planning future decks (I'm going to be moving to ATL area in like 6 months so I may get more into the metagame then).

    I only have about $20 I want to spend on cards, and the buy-in on our 5-man round-robin tournament's going to be $10, so if I win 1st I'll get back $25 with our current prize structure ($15 for 2nd, $5 for 3rd, and a booster packs for whoever gets 4th and 5th), and actually make money. But with money on the line, people are going to be taking this seriously. So I might be able to buy 2 decks or an Empoleon tin and some packs or something, but I'm really thinking decks mainly. Any suggestions?
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  4. arcane

    arcane New Member

    Awesome that you're getting back into pokemon! League is usually the best place for anything you need though, you can trade there and the professors and league leaders will help ya with anything!

    But first off is your deck DP-on format or HP-on? If HP-on I'd add a few scrambles and a double rainbow or two perhaps for another poke line like bronzong or infernape (if you had 4 candies).

    If it's for DP-on then an omastar chain would probably do better for you, if you thinks it's not working with all the grass types you verse, you could try a 1-1-1 infernape line (with no fires just use like mach punch to spread/damage) although with 6 prizes it's kind of risky.

    but for your deck with what you've got I'd say:
    +1 chatot (when you or they warp point you can retreat for free, and refreshes your hand)
    -3-2 monferno line
    +2-2-2 omastar
    -3 pluspower
    -4 water (too many energies is biggest problem)
    -1 fire
    +1 night maintenance (if you have)
    +1 quickball (to make up for lack of bebe's search)
    +2 dusk ball (to grab the claydol or w/e)
    +2 other draw cards if you have any
    (definitely need minimum of 2-3 roseanne's research though for you to grab energies and basics)
  5. SirKibbleX

    SirKibbleX New Member

    I experimented with Omastar chains against some of my friends' decks and just random hand-pulling for testing and found that without rare candy I could never get an Omastar out in time to really be effective, plus I would always start with fossils and it generally just took up unnecessary cards, so I dropped it in favor of the monferno chain. I've been having more luck with that, and their lack of a retreat cost has been helpful as well, though I may still find room for a Chatot (probably -1 water for it). With so few call energies, bebe's, and starters, I can't always recover from a bad start with fossil.

    I've had a lot of luck with the pluspowers, though I'm not sure our rulings are all technically legal. We've agreed that on moves like dual slash, only attacks on the defending pokemon get the pluspower damage added, is this correct or does it apply to bench pokemon as well?

    Is Super Scoop Up worth it to save Empoleons and prevent a prize draw? Until I resolve consistency issues, I do sort of want to keep > 15 or so water energies to prevent being energy screwed.
  6. SirKibbleX

    SirKibbleX New Member

    Okay, I've gotten some new cards and our metagame has adjusted slightly after I kicked my friends' asses at our tourney yesterday : D

    So I've decided to update my deck. Here goes:

    4-4-4 Empoleon Chain (3x DP piplup, 3x DP prinplup, 3x Majestic Dawn Empoleon)
    2-2 Claydol
    2 Pachirisu
    1 Phione
    2-2 Bronzong

    4x Bebe's Search
    2x Roseanne's Research
    3x Professor Rowan
    2x Team Galactic's Mars
    2x Felicity's Drawing
    1x Team Galactics Wager

    3x Warp Point
    2x Pluspower
    1x Quick Ball
    1x Rare Candy

    14x Water Energy
    2x Call Energy

    Now I guess it's officially a crappy version of Empozong. Also, I finally managed to convince my dad to let me order some cards online (rare candies :D). What do you guys think I should add next or remove to add in my new candies?
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