`Sensei`s Sandstorm Pre-release Report

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Sensei, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. Sensei

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    Hey all!Here`s my Sandstorm Pre-release Tourney report.Despite a few "minor glitches",everything went great and I had a blast not only playing,but also with once again meeting old friends and new!The event was held at Dream Wizards in Rockville,Md.Last time I was here,Dave Brooks and I helped run and judge the Stadium Challenge Event they were holding.

    I get to Dream Wizards before 11am and meet up with RainbowRichards and his kids awaiting the opening of the store.After several others join us,the place finally opens and we all proceed into the store.I introduce myself to Mike(TO) and offer my services as I always do.He said he didn`t need any help so it looks like I`m actually playing for once!I know,shocking isn`t it? ;)

    After having a grand ole time talking to everyone and hanging around,they finally get things going(a bit late) and we get our 6 packs and commence to making our decks.Wow,did I get crud.I did manage to get two each of the Delcatty line along with a Zangoose,so I was happy about that but I only managed to get one usable trainer(not counting the Mysterious Fossils) in Wally`s training.Even though I had no "promising" color line at all,I decided to go with Fire/Psychic with a splash of other colored Pokemon for tech.

    After the time was up,we hand in our deck sheets and await the first round.It is announced that we will play 6 rounds but it turns out that after 3 rounds they announce we are only playing four rounds to everyone`s chagrin.I think this may have been decided since they started a YGO tourney and it was getting crowded.Sigh...what I have said in the past about holding two different game tournaments in the same place at the same time in the past?Oh well....these places and people just never learn.

    Anyways,here`s my deck list:

    Pokemon 20

    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty
    1 Zangoose
    1 kecleon
    2 Growlithe
    1 Arcanine
    2 Cyndaquil
    1 Quilava
    1 Ralts
    1 Wobbuffet
    1 Duskull
    1 Lunatone
    1 Cacnea
    1 Wailmer
    1 Kabuto
    1 Omanyte

    Trainers 3

    1 Wally`s Training
    2 Mysterious Fossil

    Energy 17

    1 Multi Energy
    8 Psychic
    8 Fire

    The deck worked better than I thought it might and the combination of the `Goose,Delcatty, and the Fire Veil Poke Power simply was an awesome force to deal with in Sealed.Auto Burn on a hit?Sweet.And with Arcanine as a cleaner,double sweet. :) Anyways,if I forget something in a match,or confused one match up with another,please lmk.I don`t remember too much of the details of any game,but I`ll put down what I remember.Oh.I just like to mention that I finally stayed at table 1 the entire time...finally!The few times I`ve played lately,it seems I get to Table 1 and then my deck craps out on me.Not this time!!!! :)

    Round 1 vs. Mahir Mahif w/Psychic deck

    Nice "kid" that ended up in 8th place.Really good sportsman that earned my respect.Don`t remember what he all used but my Delcatty`s got up and running along with the mean mongoose(Zangoose).Mahir put up a good battle but couldn`t stop the swarm I had going.

    3 points

    Round 2 vs. Brian Richards w/Rainbow deck

    Brian is RainbowRichards on the `Gym.He`s a great guy I`ve seen at the local SBZ`s and at Origins or Gencon and also has earned my respect as a great sportsman.Don`t remember the specifics,but I think my Delcatty and Quilava(or Arcanine) were the catalyst to winning this match after first going back and forth.The Poke Power "Fire Veil" on Growlithe and Arcanine was instrumental as well.That auto burn when damaged is too good.Great Match.

    6 points

    After the two rounds of Eric Brooks and I going undefeated,he suggests that we make a pact that if either of us win 1st overall,we`ll give the other 10 packs.We decide to think this over and decide after the third round.

    Round 3 vs. Jonathan Clancy w/Electric deck

    Jonathan is one of THE top people in my league that I run.Just like the other two above,he also is a great sport and is unmatched in his TCG card knowledge.I think he knows what virtually every card does.He was lucky enough to get Raichu EX so he had a sweet Electric deck that got him 6th place.Anyways,this was a real tough battle that went back and forth.I needed all my power guns in my arsenal to win this game.My Delcatty`s and the mongoose all fought valiantly and took some of his Poke`s out before being smacked silly.In the end,Arcanine cleaned up with Burn Up for the last prize.I even used a Ralts to smack a poke for 60 damage as a sacrificial lamb.Whew,very tough battle.Oh,once again the Poke Power of Growlithe/Arcanine came in handy.

    9 points

    Eric and I decide to make the pact I mention above.We also find out that they will now only run 4 rounds instead of the 6 they had initially announced.

    Round 4 vs. Eric Brooks w/?

    OK,before this,the judge goofed and put a win for Sean(CFK) after Round 3 and had Sean and I matched together instead of Eric and I.After going through the game(which Sean would have had the win with those amazing heads rolls),they realized the mistake and the 4 people involved(Eric,me,Sean, and Jason) were called over to discuss it with the TO and it was decided that we should pair up correctly and replay.So Eric and I are the only undefeated people in the Tourney after 3 rounds so we decide to ID and tie for the Top Two(where he would get 1st place due to Resistance) as no matter what anyone else did,we would have 1 point more with the draw.As I mentioned about the others,Eric is also a class act and great sportsman.Wow,the whole tourney I played some great players with great sportsmanship and had a blast.Awesome!

    10 points

    So Eric and I tie for first although he gets "1st place" due to resistance.He honors the pact we made and gives me the 10 packs which means we both walk out with an additional 26 packs along with the 6 we started with.Thanx Eric!Thats great for $20,eh?Ah well,even if I didn`t get the additional packs,the mere attending of these events and meeting old friends and new as well as having fun is what it`s all about!I`ve enjoyed many tournaments,both on the playing side and the Judging/HJ`ing,TO`ing side and look forward to many more!



    •Dream Wizards for holding the event.
    •Having fun with all my friends,old and new.
    •Eric Brooks for the pact we made and being a true friend.We`ll definately do it again if I`m playing.
    •All the people who attended!
    •The Great sportsmanship!!!!!
    •Sean and I rolling 10 tails in a row followed by him rolling 6 heads in a row:Too unreal


    •Dream Wizards for cutting the tourney short from 6 to 4 rounds.
    •Dream Wizards for holding another gaming tournament at the same time:Got real crowded.
    •The judge that goofed on putting in the win/loss for Jason/Sean after round 3(It happens).
    •All the people who did not show up for the event due to "no trips/big prize" mentality.
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  2. TheCrossFormatKid

    TheCrossFormatKid New Member

    Yeah, this was definately good times. Also, congrats on the 1st/2nd deal thingy, sensei shows his true skills as a pokemon master :thumb: . And on a side note, that dice thingy was wierd(as if you didnt know that). Cant wait till we meet again.
  3. FireFighter0958

    FireFighter0958 New Member

    great job sensei

    Great report sensei. I really need to look into a GBA and the new nintendo pokemon tournmants. Great job in the tournament. you still have the great skill you used to have in battling. It was nice for your opponent to split the prize with you. Good luck next tournmant
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    You mean those TC guys can actually play, too?
  5. GeorgeBush

    GeorgeBush New Member

    mike, i had a blast, thanks for making that pact with me. I know im up for doing it again as long as you are! :) also thanks for the kind words, and you did awesome yourself! for not drafting to good of a deck you did outstanding and that truely shows how good your skills are in this game! cant wait to see you all again.

    -eric brooks
  6. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    LOL `Pop! :lol:

    Thanx guys.Yep,it was definately a blast and can`t wait til the next one whether I play or judge.Either way,I always have fun.

    Eric,George Bush?That`s too funny.What happened to bubbiGuru? ;) :p


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