Share the Pain (E-Block + Nintendo)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Otaku, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Here's a deck for E-Block + Nintendo.​
    Share the Pain
    Pokemon x 16
    Electabuzz ex x 1
    Electrode F-29-# x 3
    Forretress E-09-# x 3
    Scyther ex x 1
    Pineco E-08-# x 4
    Voltorb F-21-# x 4
    Trainers x 24
    Copycat x 3
    Fast Ball x 3
    Juggler x 3
    Pokemon Fan Club x 3
    Power Plant x 2
    Strength Charm x 3
    Super Scoop Up x 3
    Switch x 2
    Town Volunteers x 2
    Energy x 20
    Boost Energy x 2
    Grass Energy x 9
    Lightning Energy x 9

    Strategy: This is a deck mainly about bench damage. Forretress can do 10 to all of your oppenent's Benched Pokemon for for CG. Now, combo this with something else that does a lot of bench damage at once, but that needs time to set up: E3 Electrode. Just a few turns (Boost Energy good :D), and you can then flood them with damage... and if you have Forretress and Electrode on the bench, the damage to you isn't as bad. Forretress Poke-Body, Exoskeleton, will block half of it, and you're going to suicide the other Electordes anyway. The ex Pokemon are there to open or play cleaner. As I have three Super Scoop-Ups anyway (in case bench damage on my side mounts up to quickly), so I added two ex's to help offset potential type problems: Metal and Fighting. Sadly, nothing to combat fire stuck out at me...
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    The only thing I could suggest as anti-Fire is the Water-type Lanturn line, which may or may not be such a stellar idea. The Lanturn doesn't need any Water Energies, which is a plus for this deck. Other than that, maybe drop one of each Basic Energy for Fisherman, but that's all I can think of, at least for now.
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