Shaw's Battle Roads Reports (3 so far)

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by ShawofMordor, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    AMBLER 9/23

    Hey guys,

    First report, I'm off to a pretty good start. I woke up around 9 after a long night at my friend's 20th birthday party, but managed to meet up with Billy F who just moved here from Marlyand and I was only like 5 minutes late. We walked to the train station and rode to the store. I looked at the three decks I had made and realized I hadn't tested any of them beyond a few league games. I had Kricktune, Empoleon/Lucario and Flygon-tech. I chose Empoleon Lucario because its a combo of two strong Pokemon I like. To be honest my list was really bad, I had only two Candy and two Crystal Shard which were just about useless. One scramble and two DRE also didn't go over so well. Anyway,

    Round 1 vs Luke D w/ Inferncatty

    So I just hate the Inferncatty matchup because its so fast and I always worry I'm going to get T1 donked. This time I start with Riolu and he with Skitty. I go first, Wild Kick, tails whiffff. He mentors then tail slaps, I evolve to Lucario and KO skitty, and then go through his stuff real quick.


    Round 2 vs Kyle M w/ Flygon-tech

    So he gets a decent setup and I do too. I don't remember too much, sorry, but in the end I did 100 to his Flygon d with 10 damage on it via Shard/PP and also KOd something on the bench and he scooped because he couldn't come back.


    Round 3 vs Tressely w/ Kricktune

    He mulligans twice and I figure I get this one easily because my setup is decent but then he starts with 3 Kricktots and 2 Kricktunes and a TWG. He goes first, CFF for the fourth Kricktot! I go, attach to something on my bench because obviously my active Piplup is effed. He evolves like three Kricktots and kills me. We go back and forth but he plays two TGW which I win both times and he gets energy screwed and I also flip heads (what!) twice (WHAT?!) for sleep.


    Round 4 vs Adam C w/ Blissy/Lucario

    Sooo Blissey is like rly good and even though he is weak to Lucario Adam pulls this one out pretty quickly via my crap setup.


    Round 5 vs Ryan ? w/ Inferncatty

    I need to win this to get into the cut, if I lose I'm out. Its Inferncatty I'm pretty happy. The game comes down to a point where he has a Monferno vs my Riolu and he Celio's for an Infernape and DOES NOT EVOLVE but instead does 30 to kill my Riolu. I sent up a Prinplup and evolved to Empoleon and KOd it. I would have killed the Infernape if he had evolved but it would have taken me another turn.


    Top Four vs Luke D w/ InfernCatty

    I like my Ape matchup even if it is stressful.

    Game 1:

    Skitty vs my Piplup. I go on him fast and he fights for awhile but can't come back.

    Game 2:

    I mulligan six times and he goes first and after his first turn he has Tauros active, three Chimchars on the bench and two Skitty. Next turn he has like Delcatty and Infernapes everywhere. I try to hold him off with my type advantage but he TSDs some stuff back to save him and he wins.

    Game 3:

    Back and forth but I take the lead and time is called. I was going to win anyway in two turns so I didn't feel too bad. Really great games, very close.

    T2 vs Adam C w/ BlisseyLucario

    This had me worried because he beat me in swiss. I win game 1 pretty quickly and then we fight over game 2 but he wins because I forgot he can Luc X and didn't play my Cessations. Stance gave him the momentum and lead to win. Game three he gets an energy draught and has to Feint for like three turns with his Lucario X. Since I used my Cessations this time he couldn't use Stance to help him out and I win.

    I won yay. I will probably get like 2 points for going 6-1 but whatever.

    BLUE BELL 9/29

    Soo #2. I wake up at my girlfriend's and realize I have to drive back into Philly to get Drew and Matt. Eventually I go, but only because I remembered I left some cards at my apartment. I pick them up and head back to the suburbs with them and we arrive about 30 mins before the tourny starts.

    Round 1 vs Drew G w/ Flyganium

    Awesome, Drew. I always have terrible luck with Drew. This time, not so much. Riolu vs Castform, he has another Casty and a Trapinch on the bench. He Delta Draws, I wild kick heads, he promotes his other Castform. He plays a Chikorita. I evolve to Lucario and start powering up an Empoleon and some other stuff. I KO Casty 2 and 20 to Chikorita. He promotes it and does more stuff. Eventually he concedes.


    Round 2 vs Joe ? w/ Tyranitar MT

    So I saw a Chikorita and got annoyed because of water resistance, but then saw a delta Larvitar so I figured Ttar ex d and was happy, but then he evolved into Tyranitar MT and I was like hmmmz I dunno. We go back and forth, he gets a TTar up after I take a few prizes and OHKOs my Lucario. I use up like three Pokemon to kill that TTar but then gain some momentum and eventually pull off the last prize for the win.


    Round 3 vs Matt G w/ Kricktune

    I start with Riolu, he starts with a few Kricktots. I KO a fast tot but get in trouble when I can't find a charm/pp and end up doing only 70 to a Kricktune. We go back and forth but eventually I keep taking prizes even though he plays 4 TSD and 4 TWG and I take my sixth.


    Round 4 vs Josh H w/ Crobat/Swalot

    Riolu vs Gulpin, he goes first and Amnesia. I pass. He evolves to Swalot, attaches DRE and does 40. I play Lucario, do 30 and then he plays a Charm and KOs me. My hand was like, every supporter EXCEPT Mentor.


    Round 5 vs Jenna ? w/ Nidoqueen/Dusknoir

    Yeah I got a fast start and she didn't have much. I went through her pretty quickly and took all six prizes before she did any damage.


    Top 4 vs Ian R w/ Mario

    Game 1: Riolu vs Riolu, he goes first, heads. I play another Riolu and a Piplup and attach to active. I wild kick, tails. He evolves, KOs, 20 to Riolu. I promote, let it die. Blah blah we go back and forth but I concede when I realize its gonna end up 5-6 in his favor.

    Game 2: Piplup vs Riolu, ehh not bad. I have in my hand, DRE, Fighting, Prinplup, Castaway, TVR, Steven's, and Steven's. I know that's eight, I drew the second Steven's. I go first, attach Fighting, peck for 10. He goes and Wild kick, HEADS. I look at my hand, bleh. I play the Steven's for 3, end up with a Copycat, another TVR and another Castaway. I evolve, play DRE, do 30. He evolves, charm, KO.

    Soooo that sucked. 4-2. Not going to the one tomorrow, too much to do. Northfield next weekend!


    Soo I take the train to Northfield and show up just in time. But not because we start an hour late. 3 Rounds, top 2 cut for Masters.

    R1 ?? with Ape/Magmortar

    His first tournament, I'm running Empoleon, I get a fast start and run through him. I take all six he takes 0.


    R2 Zach w/ Meganium/Torterra

    Ugh everything is resistant to water. I pull this one out with some sneaky Lucario tricks, he runs out of Pokemon.


    R3 Tony W w/ Tyranitar ex d / Surskit / Fearow d

    Soo Ttar ex, easy right? Not when he runs Surskit and I flip tails for sleep NINE TIMES IN A ROW. Plus his Ttar does 120 to my Empoleon with three energy. Nice! Anyway, A lot of Lucario damage spread plus the fact that he can't KO my stuff in one hit, barely. He ends up getting stuck because I KO a Tyranitar ex and his Fearow on the bench ends up with 50 damage. This is when he Surskits me for 9 turns while he powers stuff up. It doesn't matter because I have 2 Lucario benched and an Empoleon, I pull out Emp and Ice Wing for the KO.


    Top 2 vs Zach

    Game 1: I mulligan like four times. I get a Riolu and he gets a Chikorita. He goes first, 20 with High Jump or whatever. I go, nothing. He evolves to Bayleef and does 20. I go, nothing. He KOs me.

    Game 2: I start with Riolu and Lucario, OK. I start with heads on a kick, he puts me to sleep. I evolve and do KO and 20 to a Paras. He actives another Paris and I do 40 and 20 to it. He evolves it doesn't matter I Lucario X on him and KO, then kill his other Paras.

    Game 3: I have nothing. I mulliganed like three times so he has a bunch of extra cards. I have a Riolu and some Piplups, he goes first and does 10. I don't really remember but the game ended with him having like 2 Megamiums, a Torterra, two Parasect and a Swalot on his bench and my discard pile is like three Riolu and three Piplup. >.<

    So I get 2nd, I'm a little annoyed, but that's how it happens sometimes right??

    Two next weekend, lemme bring em home!
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  2. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    So when are the points going to be updated?????
  3. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Wow Shaw, very fast post. Congrads on your win and nice seeing you again.
  4. dimension

    dimension New Member

    congrats to our home store player...way to go shaw...great job, you gotta sign that card your win.
  5. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    Way to go buddy, way to start the season off strong.
  6. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

  7. Aardvarkvcg

    Aardvarkvcg New Member

    Congrats Shaw
  8. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Way to start a season Shaw :F

    BTW, you won't get 2 points you will get 1.229 :p
  9. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    like Bolt said OMG Congrats!
  10. Yeah. So you gonna keep the deck the way it is or make changes since you said it was really bad? Or does Bad mean good?
  11. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    AWESOME, Shaw! GL at the next BR's you go to.

  12. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    arg.. shaw so smexy :D.. GJ and you owe me my MONEY XD. lol.. reply to me on aim or pm me ;D.. but yea congratz and gj beating cap.
  13. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Nice win man. lol, winning with an untested deck AND a bad list?? Your crazy man. GL at your next BR.
  14. Xicious

    Xicious New Member

    I had that match dominated but someone pulls crystal shard and plus power from underneath the table and pulls a win out of his large intestine. Good job though Shaw.
  15. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Shaw, told you before, WTG. I also wanted to let you know that currently your #9 in NA for Masters. I assume there are a few tournaments still not uploaded, but still that's really cool. :thumb:

  16. and 14th in the World.
  17. Xicious

    Xicious New Member

    Shaw top 10 in NA... I think I read some book I found in the fiction section at borders saying something about some guy on some wood and the apocalypse and I distinctly remember seeing Shaw being 9th in NA as one of the signs that the world is coming to an end.
  18. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    As always, I believe in your ability to excel at anything you set your mind to, young man.

    My prayers are with you about that tumor.
  19. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    <3 all.

    I added a new one.
  20. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj Shaw...did Mario grabbed anothher win? lol.
    also lmk on AIM that you recieved my loot. cheers Jason.

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