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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by ShawofMordor, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    OK guys, 7 reports. They probably won't be too detailed since some were awhile ago, but I wanted to post something.

    I should have been able to go to like, 12 CCs, but other comittments kept me down to 7.

    Let's begin.


    New Holland with Lucario Empoleon

    I show up late, then lose, then win two, so I end up 2-2.


    Ambler with Lucario Empoleon

    I win, win, lose, lose, so 2-2 again.


    Northfield with Lucario Empoleon

    I lose, win, win, get into finals, but lose. So that's a T2 finish, but still 2-2 for the day.


    Newburgh with Magmortar/Absol

    I don't want to go but I promised Drew I'd take him, so I don't back out and go.

    I get a speeding ticket on the way up, 90 in a 65, costs me about a grand. Awesome.

    R1 - Drew w/ Gardy

    I get no hand, literally its like, a bunch of energy, I try to stall and come back, but it is impossible.


    R2 - Dawn w/ Kricktune

    I got another crap start vs 2 Tunes and a Tot on T2. I try to stage a comeback but it is impossible again.

    R3 - Don't remember.

    I think it was a random guy, and I got another horrible hand. The deck worked so well in testing.


    Yeah next time I'm just staying in bed.


    Blue Bell w/ Absol/Magmortar Redux

    I end up 2-3 again, what the heck?


    Conshocken with Gardy/Gallade

    R1 - Bolt w/ Magmortar

    I get a good start and Absol away anything he has.


    R2 - Rob w/ Gardy Gallade

    I get a fast Gardy and he doesn't play the Absol he has in his hand, because I can't KO it. But...I can because Gardy X's Bring Down, which he says no one ever uses.


    R3 - ???

    I lost, 2-1

    R4 - ??

    I won.


    Top 4 - vs Bolt w/ Magmortar

    Top 2 - vs Frank Diaz w/ GardyGallade

    So I lose the first game because he's really good, but then I get a great start vs his crap one in game 2 to win. It is now 1-1, and I'm like, wow I've never played a real mirror before but I could maybe pull this one out. Game 3 is decided when he plays 3 Wagers and I win all three. He can't get anything going and I win.

    So I won one, finally. Honch X in packs. Ehhh. I'm happy I won.


    West Chester w/ GardyGallade

    R1 - Bye


    R2 - vs Ben Sauk w/ Blissey Absol

    Close game, I thought he had it because he had T2 Blissey Boost, then another Boost next turn. I make a crazy comeback and he is one card away from another Boost after he plays Wager and I win. He can't keep up and I OHKO a few Blissey for the win.


    R3 - vs Bolt w/ Magmortar

    I brought Bolt and beat him in T4 yesterday, I know what to do. I start with Absol, discard stuff, power up a Gardy X and some Gallades, and just make sure I kill anything that can help him.


    R4 - vs Kyle w/ Banette

    This is pretty much an autoloss, but I get like a T2 Gardy X and start going aggro. He can't answer fast enough because anything he plays I kill. I win.


    Top 4 vs Kyle w/ Banette

    Game 1: I get a fast start and he has no energy, I get a Gardy X and start bringing stuff down. He can't keep up and I win.

    Game 2: I get a decent start but his is really fast, he gets a quick boundary and topdecks something amazing to save himself from another loss.

    Game 3: I start with Ralts, Gardy, Gardy, Gallade, Fighting, Fighting, Psychic. I draw a Quickball, get another Gallade. He wins like T2. =/

    So, Top 4. Bolt went on to beat Rob and then Kyle in Finals, I really wish I had won game 2 so I could have gone up vs Magmortar again.

    So those were my Cities, I went 9-12 and then finished with a 9-2 weekend. Guess I should have dropped Empoleon/Lucario a bit earlier and moved to the GardyGallade. Oh well.

    Can't wait for States.
  2. dimension

    dimension New Member

    seriously...who uses Bring Down??? :biggrin: Great job always I enjoy when you are there.
  3. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member


    hope to see u at dimensions soon
  4. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member

  5. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    lol we take the weekend hurhurhurhur
  6. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I found this very interesting. You went 2-2 in your first 5 cities when you were playing Lucario/Empoleon and Magmortar, but the second you play G&G, you win your first city, then top 4 the next one almost going onto the finals where you feel you could have beaten the magmortar deck. If this doesn't show how too powerful cards simply wrecks the creativity of the format, I don't know what does.
  7. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    He would not have beaten me! It was my turn to win!!
  8. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    maybe. i do have a streak going vs you tho

    @ prime. i cant disagree. i had beaten that magmortar deck 3x that weekend, not sure i would have lost to it twice in 2/3. g&g is really good, but there are counters. banette makes it really difficult to win, though probably because i didnt have any techs like mismagius or sableye.

    BUT i must add as a of those 2-2s was a 2nd Place finish. ;) thanks rob.

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