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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by hectagonman, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    So I woke up at around 10 noticing that registration already started so I quickly got ready and left. I decided to run my version of Ice Cream TRUK. It basically uses the same strategy except it has a lot of discard/hand disruption in it like Umbreon* and Absol.

    Round 1 VS Josh H.(Blissey/Voltorb)
    I start this match with an Absol and him with Chansey. He goes first and attaches energy. On my turn I play Celios to get Umbreon* and I play it. I Super Scooped it up 2 times and played it down again each time. So now he has 3 cards in his hand. I attach to Absol and Baleful Wind a Trainer+ an Electrode. From here it pretty much went downhill for him forcing him to topdeck. At one point in the game somehow the prizes were 2-6 him winning but I came back and won after setting up a few Blisseys/Weaviles

    Round 2 VS ???(Hippo?)
    I start with Absol and he starts with a Hippopotas. He uses Sand Attack and hits my Absol for 30:)nonono:) During my turn I play Absol on my Bench and Super Scoop Up my active one. I then attach to the new active Absol and do 50(Special Dark). He goes and Sand Attacks. I go and Roseanne's for 2 Chanseys. Then I roll to attack and I get to and I knock out his Hippo. He brings up a benched Hippo and Sand Attacks(SURPRISE /sarcastic) I go and retreat my Absol for a Chansey. I attach a Boost and play Tv Reporter discarding an energy. I then Happy Chance for 60 and the game.

    Round 3 VS Demetri F.(Magmortar/Delcatty)
    I start with Sneasel and a benched Chansey. He starts with a Skitty. He goes first and lays two Magamrs on his bench and attaches to skitty and hits a Tail Whip. I go and Mars, play Umberon*. He goes and attaches to Magamr and misses the Tail Whip. I go and Tv Reporter(Or Mars. I forget) and play Blissey and Weavile(I think....This match is kinda Blurry) and Shadow Charge two Special Darks on Chansey. He goes and plays Crystal Beach and misses Tail Whip. I play Mars and retreat my Weavile and attach to Blissey and Dark Engage Happy Chance for 70. From here he pretty much has no hand and gets killed by my Blissey.

    Round 4 VS Cameron(Pigeot/Blissey)
    I start with Absol and he starts with Pidgey. He goes first and attaches and Growls. I go and play Absol on my bench and Warp Point. I attach a Special Dark to my new Absol and KO his Pidgey for the donk.

    Finals Me Vs Cameron(Pigeot/Blissey)
    First Match
    Ughh I got killed. I start with Absol and two benched Sneasels and he starts with a Chansey and a benched Pidgey. I go first and Baleful a Holon WP. He goes and Celios for the Blissey. He then ends. I go and draw dead and decide to just TV Reporter. He goes and evolves to Blissey. He boosts and demolishes my Absol:)eek:) From here he just builds up Blissey until it is doing 80 a turn and I finally scoop after drawing dead and getting owned.

    Second Match
    I start with Absol and a benched Sneasel and Chansey. He starts with a Chansey and benched Pidgey I go first and Baleful garbage. He goes and rare candies to Blissey and boosts for 50. I go and Celio a Blissey and Evolve. I attach a Special Dark to Blissey and Baleful garbage again. He goes and attaches to Blissey and evolves to Pigeotto. He then Knocks out Absol. I bring up Sneasel. I Celio Weavile and Shadow Charge 2 Special Darks onto Blissey. He goes by doing the normal attach Happy Chance thing but he also evolved to Pidgeot. I go and Mars. I play Umbreon* and miss a few Scoop Ups. I end up boosting happy chancing for 60(Cess Crystal) He goes and attaches to Pidgeot and Happy Chances. I draw and Mars and attach an energy to Blissey and knock out Blissey. He brings up Pidgeot and Whirlwinds after attaching a Buffer Piece. I Tv Reporter and discard energy. Retreat Weavile attach Boost to Blissey Dark Engage and do 140 damage FTW

    Third Match
    Woohoo I got the prefect start. Absol active Sneasel and Chansey Benched and I had a Wonderful Hand. He starts with Chansey and benched Chansey. He goes first and attaches. I go and Mars. Play Umbreon* and Scoop it and Play it again. Then I Baleful an energy, He goes and Celios a Blissey and Boosts for 60. I go by Celioing a Blissey and evolve. I attach a Special Dark to Blissey. I then Blaful the last 2 cards in his hand. He goes by drawing dead and happy chancing for the KO. I go(I brought up Blissey) By using Mars. I then attach a special dark to Blissey and Happy chance for 50. He goes and gets a Roseanne's and gets energy. He attaches and does 50 to me. I go by Marsing(WOWOWOW) and attaching a Special Dark and Evolving to Weavile. Dark Engage Happy chance for 10 short of the KO. He goes and evolves to Blissey. I go and attach a normal dark to Blissey and Happy Chancing for the KO. He goes and draws dead. I go and attach a Boost and Dark Engage Happy Chance for 90. He goes and Scoops.

    Keep in mind I probably mixed up the finals matches together.

    18 Packs
    Ice Cream Truck

    Billy Gateloss
    Jordan Bowden
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  2. Umbreon* FTW. Nice disruption today. Does the Home town Advantage help you? You have two big wins on your turf.
  3. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    I guess so. I always do good in Grayson County.
  4. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Great Job Dude!

    Too bad I couldnt keep the OK players from winning masters (I finished 3rd)
  5. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Well then you should go to OK and win their tournaments.:thumb:
  6. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    UGH I HATE THAT KID lol. jk, awesome job Kevin. Seeing how you played at Tom Bean just gave me a feeling you had your win coming!
  7. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    I took out the Lickys. Runs about 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 times faster with a lot more disruption.

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