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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dek, Nov 5, 2003.

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    They say that it is very hard to use Shining Pokemon. Well, after battling at the February SBZ earlier this year, I battled a man who played Shining Gyarados AND Shining Tyranitar in the SAME DECK (he is also in the Professor program). I have become so inspired by his abilities, I have decided to create my own deck with Shining Pokemon

    =16 Pokemon=
    4 Phanpy- Neo 4
    3 Donphan- Neo1
    3 Magmar- Fossil
    3 Scyther- Jungle
    2 Cleffa- Neo1
    1 Shining Tyranitar

    =18 Energy=
    8 Fighting Energy
    6 Fire Energy
    4 Darkness Energy

    4 Berry/Oran (don't have Gold. sorry)
    4 Super Potion
    3 Power Charge
    3 Town Volunteers (maybe overkill. who knows)
    3 Pokeball
    3 Pokemon Trader
    3 Elm's Training Method
    3 Energy Stadium

    Th strategy is simple. Use PETM, Trader, and Pokeball to get the Pokemon you need. Now the tricky part here is powering up Shining Tyranitar. That's when Magmar comes into play. Use Smokescreen/Smog as a possible stall. Cleffa can also be a stall as well. When Shining Tyranitar is ready, Let him loose. Most likely, I will have him use Mountain Crush for a while, and then use Destructive Fire as a last resort. Ideas? Suggestions? Variations (must have Shining Tyranitar for variations)?
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