Shocker Alpha (unlimited)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dek, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. Dek

    Dek New Member

    For those of you that are in computers and gaming, you would probably know what an Alpha is. For those who aren't, an Alpha is basically a very, very, VERY early version of a program. That's why its called Shocker Alpha.

    Shocker Alpha

    4 Scyther- jungle
    4 Natu- Skyridge
    3 Xatu- Skyridge
    1 Rocket's Zapdos- G. Heroes
    2 Electabuzz- Base Set
    -=14 Pokemon=-
    4 Oak
    4 Potion
    4 Super Potion
    3 Switch
    3 Forest Guardian
    2 Oracle
    2 Bill
    2 Town Voulunteer
    2 Sprout Tower
    2 Pokemon Trader
    1 Relic Hunter
    1 Lightning Cube 01
    -=30 Trainers=-
    16 Lightning Energies
    -=16 Energies=-

    Before you all go :confused: , let me explain everything. The main goal of this deck (and hopefully the beta and final version) is to not only attack opponents head on, but to also bring any cards from your discard pile back to your deck. Thats why I added 2 TV, Rocket's Zapdos, and Skyridge Xatu. After the cards are brought back into the deck, (by some strange beam of luck), I would be able to then use pokemon trader, Forest guardian, relic hunter, and oracle to get those card back into play.

    one of the key cards in this deck is basically Xatu. Here's why...
    1. Warp Hole requires any energy
    2. It uses any Technical Machine (exactly why I added Lightning Cube)
    3. Warp Hole brings back ANY card from your discard pile back to your deck. (In Rocket's Zapdos' case, it would just be energies)

    As for Scyther and Electabuzz, those are there so I can actually deal damage :lol:

    PLEASE NOTE: When suggesting ideas, please dont suggest the use of baby pokemon/Elm. Although they are good cards, I really wanna make a deck that doesn't use those cards. (1. Babies are a little overused, 2. I dont own a single copy of elm)

    ALSO NOTE: This is just an Alpha. I will be taking some of your suggestions into consideration when making the Beta.
  2. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Okay, this is gonna be hard without Babies... so I'll make a modern Haymaker WITHOUT R. Zappy!

    4 Electabuzz
    4 Hitmonchan
    4 Scyther

    4 Computer Search
    3 Lass
    4 Oak
    4 SER
    4 ER
    2 Switch
    3 Gust of Wind
    4 Bill
    3 Pokemon Tower

    7 Electric Energy
    7 Fighting Energy
    3 Grass Energy
  3. Dek

    Dek New Member

    this isnt a haymaker deck. just because i have scyther and electabuzz in teh same deck doesnt mean im making a haymaker deck. Please dont post decks on my deck thread from now on.
  4. Dek

    Dek New Member

    cmon ppl, i really need help on this deck. any and all suggestions will be necessary.
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