Should the US 2011 National Championship be moved?

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by JandPDS, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    IF there is little to no hotel space left in Indanapolis due to 2 other major events taking place that very same weekend, maybe it is not to late to move this years Pokemon Championship to a City where people can actually find a place to sleep near the venue that Nationals will be taking place. I am sure there is time to find a new place to hold this event.
  2. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    That would totally screw over anybody who's already booked a room at an unrefundable rate.

    It won't move.
  3. niimou

    niimou New Member

    Or, people can familiarize themselves with the local transportation. Not a catch-all solution, I know, but an option I feel like many people forget about.
  4. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    It is too late. Those contracts are signed a year or more in advance. Gotta keep looking, I'm sure there are hotels around. Indy is a good sized city.

  5. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Theres one close by, but the rooms are around $350 a night. There are others, but not in walking distance from the conventrion center.
  6. Raen

    Raen New Member

    Yeah, basically this. Looks like people will have to go relatively far away. I know that I want to do that, although I planned on it anyway; staying somewhere with free parking and taking a bus to the Convention Center is so much cheaper than parking downtown :D
  7. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    Just saying, Pokémon made the right decision here. If they'd failed to secure the Indy location people would be mad about that instead. It's unfortunate that it conflicts with some other event, but it's certainly preferable to holding it in St. Louis again.
  8. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    ahh no i just won states and i had a chance to go

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    As much as I'd like the date to change, it's not going to happen. With the event only a few months away, there's no way they can change.
  10. Pokemon No Baka

    Pokemon No Baka New Member

    They will not move it. With signed contracts that I'm almost sure would force them to pay for the space even if it's not used, moving it is not financially feasible. In addition once it’s been announced some players start booking right away. If they were to move Nationals they would face likely lawsuits from people trying to recoup some or all of their losses.

    That being said, I wonder why research wasn't done to prevent this sort of thing from happening. (Maybe it was thought it wouldn't have an impact?) It will keep players away, because not only can you not book a decently-priced hotel anywhere near the Convention Center, but if you rent a car… where are you going to park? Public transit is an option but not one everyone is comfortable with, plus it’s not always 100% reliable and with the other conventions booked it may also be quite full. Perhaps a cab between the hotel and Convention Center would be ideal, but that costs money too.
  11. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    Absolutely not. People have already been making plans. That really wouldn't be fair to anybody.

    And it would be REALLY hard to find another venue at this late date.

    P!P could get around the venue problem by throwing in with another game con (Gencon or Origins) but Pokemon players would have the same logistical problems that already exist in Indy as all the hotels for those events are already booked.

    I'm not sure how P!P does their event planning, but I know a person who does this for a living and she told me that avoiding conflicts with other major events is one of the hardest things to do.

    With that being said, on Hotwire the "University Place Conference Center & Hotel" is showing up for $98 a night. It doesn't look like a HORRIBLE walk across the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2011
  12. Prodigiosus

    Prodigiosus New Member

    I stayed at University Place last year, from Hotwire. It's actually a really nice hotel, a mile away from the convention center. They also had a shuttle bus to take you to the convention center. I walked / ran most of the time between the hotel and the convention center. It was pretty cheap, and the hotel was excellent quality.

    CFOURCOLTSFAN Active Member

    why would you move it?
    yes it conflicts w/ two other events but tbh indy is used to being a jampacked city and imo it's more that way ;)
    i love going to GenCon and literally everywhere you go its busy it's great for just randomly talking to people(idk what other events it conflicts w/ but) and @GenCon it's all gamers and its fun. I mean yes it might be crowded but not really since indy is used to have to hold a lot of people.
  14. Pokemon No Baka

    Pokemon No Baka New Member

    There are some alternatives outside the city that seem feasible. University Place looks nice but I'm not comfortable walking a mile with my 7 year old daughter in a city I've never been in before. But researching has been fun and more challenging than usual. And I don't mind taking a cab into the city. ^_^ Now if I can only get the time off...

    SPIRE_FAN New Member

    ever heard of priceline? we book are's like a little before the event no 8-10 months in advance. And dude getting to the event is easy
  16. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Street parking last year was free on the weekend. It was a little bit of a walk, but worth it for the (zero) cost.
  17. Pokemon No Baka

    Pokemon No Baka New Member

    With all the extra people in the city that weekend I wouldn't count on being able to FIND street parking. But free is good. ^_^

    This is a bit odd. I went to the Convention Center website and clicked on the calendar. They have the Pokemon Championships listed (YAY!) but not the IBE, another event that is reported to be taking place there. They estimate the IBE will draw over 300,000 people (over it's 11-day course, hopefully not all at once!)

    So I went to the IBE website. Some of the information is updated and some isn't. It claims they are in the Convention Center for 2011.

    I think THEY are the ones who have the big 'ol hotel blocks. Working with Sakura-Con, I understand that if they don't fill up the blocks they will be released to the general public. At this point perhaps patience will be rewarded.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2011
  18. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    Take it to Seattle.

    That would be so freakin' awesome.

    For me, at least.
  19. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    Darn right! The West Coast doesn't get enough major events. (do I need to put a /sarcasm tag in?)
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh Steelers New Member

    There's worlds in San Diego. :p
    Well, we San Diego players can say that.
    So no complaining, they got Nationals, we got Worlds. lol
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2011

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