Silver's Trading Corner W: Gengar Prime, Uxie X H: TONS!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by SilverSceptile2072, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    From Fort Worth, TX


    1. All PokeGym rules apply.
    2. If you have a negative ref, you send first. But since I'm new here, I'll send first.
    4. I can ship to USA, Canada, and a few parts of Europe.
    5. All cards must be mint or near mint.
    6. Have fun and Happy Trading!

    Uxie LA x1
    PKMN Collector x3
    Pikachu M Lv. X x1
    Mew Prime x2-3
    Misty's Tears xX(Doesn't matter)
    Virizion Battle Strength Theme Deck
    Sandie x1
    Krokorok x3
    Krookodile x1

    Merchandise wants:

    Reshiram Deck Box
    Reshiram Sleeves (60 count)
    Blastoise (Pokemon Organized Play) Binder
    Walking Starter JP Sleeves (60 count)

    More stuff later.

    Current Trades:
    coolio5210 - he received/didn't receive

    Shiny Shinx
    Mesprit Lv. X (JP)
    Ampharos ex
    Empoleon FB League Promo x2
    Metal Energy League Promo
    Underground Expedition League Promo x2
    Steelix League Promo
    Flygon RR x2(1 RH, and 1 regular non-holo)
    Mewtwo Movie Promo
    Luxray GL (NON Lv. X)
    Blastoise UL Prerelease Promo
    Snorlax Col Prerelease Promo
    Nidoqueen RR
    Palkia X (Promo)
    Roseanne's Research League Promo
    Claydol League Promo
    Absol Prime x2 (1 EN, 1 JP)
    Spiritomb League Promo
    Butterfree FB League Promo x2
    Ancient Mew
    Flying Pikachu Reprint
    Gible Cities Promo x2
    Electivire TR Prerelease Promo
    Holo Reward Energies (Opened but in great condition, doesn't come with fire and dark energies)
    Alph Lithograph UL
    Charizard G X (PACK)
    Gabite States Promo
    Rare Candy (GE)
    Expert Belt x4 (2 regular, 2 League Promo)
    Milotic C League Promo x4
    Crobat League Promo x3
    Dragonite Movie Promo
    Mow Rotom
    Arceus (DP50 Promo)
    Donphan League Promo x2
    Kingdra Prime x1 (a little bent but in excellent condition)
    Mime Jr Col x2
    Holo Reward Cynthia's Guidance(and something else but IDK what it is)
    Espeon Prime
    Leafeon UD Prerelease Promo
    Electric Arceus
    Dragonite FB League Promo
    Kirlia Prerelease Promo
    Mewtwo X x2 (1 Promo, 1 Pack)
    Rayquaza C X (Pack)
    Empoleon X (Non error, pack)
    Raichu Prerelease Promo
    Charmeleon Reprint
    Pichu Prerelease Promo
    Milotic Prerelease Promo
    Tropius Prerelease Promo
    Arceus X (Meteor Blast, Pack)
    Fan Rotom
    Articuno Reprint
    Moltres Reprint
    Flareon ex
    Scyther Reprint
    Squirtle Cities Promo
    Dusknoir X (JP)
    DCE x1 (Base Set)
    Darmanitan Prerelease Promo

    Sleeves(ALL SEALED):
    HGSS Sleeves

    I have tons of Rare Holos, Rares, Uncommons, Commons, T/S/ST Cards, just ask and I might have them.

    Also ask for any Pokemon Figurines as well, I have many.

    Happy Trading!

    Last edited: May 21, 2011
  2. rizor

    rizor New Member

    Yeah I Have:

    x2 Mime jr.COL
    x1 Gallade 4 lv.X
  3. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    What would you like for them?
  4. rizor

    rizor New Member

    Hmmmmm I Am interessed:

    Scizor Prime
    Kingdra Prime
    Flygon lv.X
  5. mewyoshi

    mewyoshi New Member

    I'm interested in your blastoise ex.

    I have 2x mime jr. col
    can you cml for more?
  6. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    Could you please cml for these:

    Pichu Bros
    Kingdra ex
    Jolteon ex
    Flygon ex
    Sceptile ex
    Blastoise ex
    Flareon ex
    Vaporeon ex
  7. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    CML for...

    Shiny Shinx
    Ash's Grovyle
    Pichu Bros

    I can check my binders for other cards if needed (my list is skimpy XD)
  8. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    rizor: Make an offer please.
    mewyoshi: I saw Shiny Deoxys Col.
    Aphotic: Saw nothing. Sorry.
    PokemonTrader: Only saw Ash's Pikachu.
  9. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    Would you trade Pichu Bros for Ash's Pikachu?
  10. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    Do you trade to germany?
    would you do:
    Ultra Ball Playmat (sealed)

    Raichu Prime
    Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND Full


    i also have an older JPN Charizard Deck box (it is from jpn ex crytstal guardians) if interested. i also need your scizor prime and blastoise ex.
  11. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    PokemonTrader: PM me your address, deal.
    Ace-: Yea I can trade in Germany. Also other than the Ultra ball mat, I also saw:

    Gengar Prime x2
    Lost World x1
    Uxie LA League x3
    Rescue Energy xX

    I'll think about your offer.
  12. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    2x Mime Jr. CoL

    1x Sealed Player Rewards energies

    Let me know, thanks.
  13. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    Are you interested in the deck box? which charizard deck box do you need? are you looking for the new deck box (red, looks like the charizard sleeve) or any other JPN Charizard Deck box?
  14. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

  15. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

  16. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    Ace-: Then NVM. And the cards are between Near mint to Mint.
  17. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    Would you do

    2 lost world
    2 uxie la (lp)

    for your

    1Ray&deoxys complete
    raichu prime
    blastoise ex
    scizor prime
  18. JimboPro

    JimboPro New Member

    2x Mime Jr CoL
    2x Zangoose CoL

    Raichu Prime

    it's worth a shot !
  19. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    Would you My:

    1X Lost World
    1X Mime Jr. Col Reverse Holo

    For Your:

    1X Flygon LV.x???

    LMK thanks!!!
  20. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    JimboPro: Sorry, already getting Mime Jr from another trader.
    for some reason: Sorry, getting Mime Jr. from someone else, but I am interested in your Gengar
    Prime or Palkia G Lv. X though.
    Ace-: Hmm...what about your Gengar Prime?

    ---------- Post added 02/27/2011 at 03:48 PM ----------

    Bump. Added more wants. :3
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