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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Prof Donphan, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. Prof Donphan

    Prof Donphan Member

    I' ve tested this deck against a Gardevoir Ex deck and lost 1 over 6 games.
    It's not perfect.... and needs some fixes.
    There's not evolutions.
    Here' s the deck

    Pokemon 14

    4 Kecleon
    4 Zangoose
    3 Wynaut
    3 Wobbuffet SS

    Trainers 28

    4 Claw fossil
    4 Forest Guardian
    4 Switch
    3 Potion
    3 Oran Berry
    3 Hyper potion
    3 Lady outing
    2 Fisherman
    1 Town volunteers
    1 Lanette search

    Energy 18

    5 Psico
    3 Fire
    3 Fighting
    3 Water
    2 Grass
    2 Lightning

    Stall with claw fossil, then look at opponent's weakness and search with Lady outing or Forest Guardian the energy to give Kecleon for his PokeBody. Then... cross fingers and flip for 80 damage.....
    Build up Zangoose in the middle game to make 60 damage against an Evolution pokemon or Wobbuffet against Pokemon EX and make 50 damage.

    Wait for your fixes!! Thanks
  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    I know you're keen on having no evo lines in this deck, but Kecleon screams "Pair me with Expedition Holo Ampharos!". Gives you more versatility, lets you use (n' abuse) pokemon nurse. Lotsa other neat combos, too.


    4 Mareep (your choice)
    3 Flaafy
    3 Ampharos (holo, expedition)
    3 kecleon
    2 wobuffett (see note under zangoose)
    2 zangoose (Or, if you prefer, something even bigger and uglier, like any of those pokemon -ex out there that enjoy pokemon nurse more than zangoose and its 70 hp).
    2 Dunsparce (SS)
    total: 19

    4 switch
    4 copycat
    3 lady outing
    4 Pokemon Nurse
    4 (anything you want...more healing? More card draw? More energy?)
    4 Fast Ball
    1 town volunteers
    total: 24

    2 grass energy
    3 psychic energy
    3 water energy
    4 lightning energy
    2 fighting energy
    3 fire energy
    Total: 17

    Works similarly to the older "Amphy/Ho-oh" decks. I designated the energy amounts based upon what's strong in my area. If everyone where you play gets all drooly over fire, up the water count. Four gardevoir decks in your area? Up the psychic energy for more kecleon fun. Just wait for them to tip their hat while you stall and build with dunsparce/zangoose, etc., then activate kecleon, transfer up the energy you need to attack weakness, and have fun. When they knock that bad boy out, push up the next, transfer more energy, and keep it up. This will also allow you to conserve a bit of energy while they fiddle with putting up gardevoirs, nosepasses, delcattys, dunsparces, etc. You just use amphy/kecleon to respond to their moves.

    Other stuff to consider:

    Sandstorm elekid?
    Energy search?
    Energy switch?

    Up to you. Amphy has some potential in this format, and I think one of its symbiotes could be kecleon.


  3. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Try Multi Energy.
  4. The_Matrix999

    The_Matrix999 New Member

    i like keckleon becase hes so good but use steelix from skyridge
    he isnt a huge hitter but works wth the any energy theme.tyranitar works to i just didnt have enough so you might want to try that
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