Skull Charge v. Armor Fortress

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by sixquack, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. sixquack

    sixquack New Member

    So my kids want to know... which is the better deck to start with for building a competitive deck Skull Charge or Armor Fortress. What hand ful cards would you swap out to make both decks better? Would it be an option to buy both decks and combine the best of both to make a solid deck? OR... would it be best to use their allowance to buy some booster packs?

    Armor Fortress Deck List:
    1x Bastiodon
    1x Shieldon
    4x Armor Fossil
    1x Walrein
    2x Sealeo
    4x Spheal
    2x Dodrio
    2x Doduo
    4x Bronzor
    2x Totodile
    1x Mantine
    2x Bebe's Search
    2x Fossil Excavator
    1x Quick Ball
    2x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    16x Water Energy
    8x Metal Energy

    Skull Charge Deck List:
    1x Rampardos
    2x Cranidos
    4x Skull Fossil
    1x Kricketune
    3x Kricketot
    2x Masquerain
    4x Surskit
    1x Ariados
    3x Spinarak
    2x Graveler
    4x Geodude
    2x Bebe's Search
    1x Dusk Ball
    2x Fossil Excavator
    2x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    14x Grass Energy
    10x Fight Energy

    My son wants the Armor Fortress deck just get his hands on some metal energy. We started playing with the first D&P set so getting our hands the 'newer' energy cards has been a bit more difficult.

  2. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    This probably should have been posted over in the "Single Cards: Strategy, Rulings, & Collecting Questions" forum.

    Armor Fortress has the metal energy & both Walrein and Bastiodon are underrated ... meaning that you would do fine with this deck ... but I'm thinking that Rampardos is the pokemon that I would build around if I really had to choose between the two.

    However IMHO DP1 Royal Frost would be even better. Empoleon is great. The deck has metal energy. The trainers and secondary pokemon are slightly better in both of the DP2 decks but RF would probably be better to start with for the full season.

    Needless to say, no matter what you pick, a lot of changes will need to be made over time.
  3. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Moving to "SCAS"
  4. merman

    merman New Member

    Personally i think the Armor Fortress deck is a much better buy. Bastiodon is great. High Hp, /excellent/ pokebody and decent attack that can spread bench damage. Walrein is a very playable card however i do not think it works for this deck in particular. and i especially like that it comes with 2 Dodrio which are great to spread damage (works well with bastiodon). The one mantine can be used for other water decks as well.
    If your looking to buy just to build a deck though, i would highly reccomend setting your priorities on getting the basic trainer cards such as celio's/bebe's research, holon mentor, and draw power cards such as tv reporter and stevens advice. With these you can pretty much build any deck around them.

    As for taking other cards out and adding others in i would do this.

    4x Bastiodon
    3x Shieldon
    4x Armor Fossil
    2x Mysterious Fossil
    2x Omanite
    2x Omastar
    3x Dodrio
    3x Doduo

    3x Bebe's Research/Celio's
    4x Fossil Excavator
    3x Holon Mentor
    1x Nights Maintenance
    3x TV Reporter
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Stevens Advice
    1x Scott

    12 Metal (8 basic 4 non basic)
    4 Boost Energy
    Strategy- Spread damage with bastiodon and dodrio and then devolve pokemons for the win

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